Which cases doesan investor has to plant forests instead?

Thu, 20 Jun 2019 15:53:00

Ms. Dang Ngoc Tran (in Thua Thien-Hue Province) would like to ask: In the planning of the industrial park, there are some forest areas (certificate of land use right) that have been converted into non-forest land. When implementing the project, the investor compensated for the assets on the land of forest trees, so does the investor has to plant forests instead?

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Establishing branches and representative offices must arrange chief accountants?

Thu, 20 Jun 2019 15:48:00

Branches and representative offices of foreign companies operating in Vietnam are accounting units, so they must arrange chief accountants. For non-governmental organizations, if they are accounting units, they must also arrange chief accountants according to the provisions of law.

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How to determine the cost of investment supervision and evaluation?

Tue, 18 Jun 2019 18:33:00

Under the provisions of the Decision No. 79 / QD-BXD dated February 15, 2017 of the Minister of Construction, the project management costs include investment supervision and evaluation costs of investors.

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Time for determining revenue when transferring real estate

Tue, 18 Jun 2019 18:31:00

Time of determining taxable turnover is the time when the seller hands over the real estate to the buyer, regardless of whether the buyer has registered property ownership, land use rights, and established land use right at competent State authorities.

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Guidance on timber extraction procedures for plantation

Tue, 18 Jun 2019 18:28:00

When exploiting planted forests as production forests, forest owners who are households, individuals and population communities do not follow the procedures stipulated in the Decision 186/2006 / QD-TTg. but only applying the provisions in Article 6 of the Circular No. 21/2016 / TT-BNNPTNT.

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Has not paid maintenance fees on the system to be bid?

Tue, 18 Jun 2019 18:24:00

Mr. Nguyen Khoa (in Da Nang City) is participating in appraising the results of contractor selection and finding the consultancy unit to prepare bidding documents and assess the bids that have not been paid on the National Bidding Network.

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Is it necessary to report back to the tenderer?

Fri, 14 Jun 2019 17:56:00

For a joint venture or consortium contractor, only one partner must buy or receive the bidding documents, even if the partnership has not yet been formed when purchasing or receiving the bidding documents.

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Is the Law on Technology Transfer 2006 still valid?

Fri, 14 Jun 2019 17:54:00

The Yoon & Yang Co., Ltd. is about to sign a technology transmitssion contract from Korean partner. In the contract of sending partners with terms, the law applicable to this contract is Korean law.

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Instruction for submitting financial reports online

Fri, 14 Jun 2019 17:52:00

From March 23, 2018, the General Department of Taxation has upgraded and implemented the application to assist taxpayers to prepare financial statements by supporting the tax declaration application and sending the online tax declaration application, electronic tax application or through T-VAN service providers.

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Projects under VND 15 billions are not required to sign management entrustment contracts

Fri, 14 Jun 2019 17:50:00

For projects with a total investment of less than VND 15 billions, the investor directly signs a project management consultancy contract with a specialized project management unit that is qualified for implementation without signing a project management entrustment contract is appropriate.

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Projectsappraisal rightof State capital under VND 15 billions

Wed, 05 Jun 2019 16:44:00

The agency of Mr. Vu Van Thanh (in Hanoi) is a public non-business unit under the Ministry which uses the State budget to invest in maintenance, repairation and upgrading of facilities to meet operational needs. action of the agency. His agency is decentralized to decide to invest in projects with total investment of less than VND 15 billions.

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Should the procedure be simplified with the construction package under VND 3 billions?

Wed, 05 Jun 2019 16:41:00

The Quang Binh Business Association recommended to simplify bidding procedures for small-scale projects under VND 3 billions to reduce time in bidding, speeding up construction progress.

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Is the package of software construction a consultancy service?

Tue, 04 Jun 2019 16:05:00

Mr. Chung Hoang Long (in Tra Vinh Province) works at the business unit directly under the Department. The Department is preparing a plan to select contractors using regular funding, including a package of software and database construction for professional work, which cost about VND 100-200 million.

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Eligibility for a member of the condominium management board

Tue, 04 Jun 2019 16:03:00

The law on housing does not stipulate that the candidate or nominee to the Board of Management must have a certificate of completion of a fostering course on professional knowledge of operation and management of condominiums organized under the regulations of the Ministry of Construction.

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The basis for calculating the leave according to the working seniority

Tue, 04 Jun 2019 15:58:00

Mr. Luong Duy Phong (in Ho Chi Minh), born in 1962, is a principal specialist; worked at the Banking Inspection and Supervision Department of Ho Chi Minh City. Mr. Phong has a working process and paid social insurance for nearly 37 years continuously from December 1980 up to now.

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Which case does the automobiles not have to pay road charges?

Tue, 28 May 2019 11:43:00

Business automobiles and only used within their own land area are not subject to road charges.

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Answering questions about Property Auction Law

Tue, 28 May 2019 11:41:00

Through the Receiving and responding System to businesses' recommendations, Mr. Nguyen Cong Luong (in Ha Tinh Province) would like to request authorities to clarify some contents as stipulated in Article 5 of the Law on Property Auction.

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The professional PMU must have a bidding certificate

Tue, 28 May 2019 11:32:00

Mr. Vu Duc Binh works at the Traffic Project Project Management Unit, a non-business unit under the Department of Transport of Yen Bai Province (with legal status, headquarters, seal and own account), directly manage the implementation of projects assigned by the Department to represent investors.

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