Promoting the role of FDI enterprises in practicing sustainable development in Vietnam

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On March 20, VCCI Chairman Pham Tan Cong had a working session with Mr. Anil Viswanathan, Managing Director of Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam.

Chairman of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Pham Tan Cong and Mr. Anil Viswanathan, General Director of Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam

In a conversation with Mr. Pham Tan Cong, Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Mr. Anil Viswanathan, CEO of Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam, stated that the corporation has continuously innovated to stay ahead of the ever-changing consumer preferences and market demands. Additionally, Mr. Anil assessed that there are still plenty of opportunities ahead and expressed great hope in Vietnam's development potential.

As an active member of VBCSD (Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development), Mr. Anil mentioned that Mondelez Kinh Do has implemented various programs with the aim of strongly promoting sustainable development in Vietnam. Among these initiatives, the "Trash Right" project is an integral part of Mondelēz International's sustainable packaging development strategy in the Southeast Asia region.

In Vietnam, the "Trash Right" program is implemented with the primary goal of contributing to the establishment of a circular economy for plastic waste by empowering the community, especially the younger generation, to participate in waste sorting and recycling. The program also aims to raise awareness of environmental issues, equip people with knowledge and skills to handle waste properly, thereby facilitating efficient waste collection and contributing to sustainable development and the circular economy.

The company has achieved a recycling rate of over 97.5% for packaging and is striving to research and develop to achieve the goal of 100% recyclable packaging sooner than the corporation's target by 2025.

Mr. Anil further stated that Mondelez Kinh Do is committed to sustainable development, focusing on three pillars: sustainable sourcing, sustainable packaging, and sustainable environmental initiatives. Additionally, they plan to install solar panels at both factories in Vietnam to reduce CO2 emissions, implement programs to reduce wastewater and food waste throughout the supply chain...

The CEO of Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam affirmed that they will continue to closely collaborate with VCCI and VBCSD in activities to promote the circular economy through the corporation's platforms, thereby continuing to create sustainable employment locally and minimize environmental impact.

Working session between VCCI Chairman and General Director of Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam

Listening to the insights from the CEO of Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam, the Chairman of VCCI highly appreciates Mondelez Kinh Do's active participation in VBCSD, thereby contributing to raising awareness of sustainable development in Vietnam.

Chairman of VCCI, Pham Tan Cong, believes that Vietnam's economy is currently experiencing good growth momentum; along with this, Vietnam is on track to achieve the goal of becoming a developed, high-income country by 2045. This opens up significant opportunities for foreign businesses to exploit the market potential, especially in the snack food industry.

Vietnam has entered the threshold of the group of developing countries with high average income, which is also the time to make significant changes in all areas such as legislation, enterprises, people, culture, etc.

In his role as an active member of VBCSD, the Chairman of VCCI hopes that Mondelez Kinh Do will continue to share experiences on building sustainable business development strategies and enhance cooperation with VCCI to promote understanding within the Vietnamese business community about the importance of achieving sustainable development goals.

Chairman Pham Tan Cong believes that through the VBCSD member network, VCCI members, and VCCI's media units, a platform can be built to implement a social campaign to raise awareness among the public about sustainable consumption. Furthermore, this platform can help businesses establish sustainable networks, supply chains, and apply and practice responsible and sustainable production and business models.

According to CAM ANH (Business Forum Magazine)


By: According to CAM ANH (Business Forum Magazine)/ Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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