Sachsen (Germany) enterprises welcome skilled labor from Vietnam

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The Director of the Saxony Industrial Association (Germany) hopes for further cooperation with Vietnam, especially in the field of education and training for skilled labor in the mechanical engineering industry.

Vice Chairman of VCCI Hoang Quang Phong meets the Director of the Industrial Association of Saxony (Germany)

On March 20th, Vice Chairman of VCCI, Hoang Quang Phong, had a meeting with Ms. Katrin Hoffman, Director of the Saxony Industrial Association, Germany, and her delegation during their visit and work session.

During the meeting, Vice Chairman of VCCI, Hoang Quang Phong, expressed his pleasure at the interest shown by the business community of Saxony towards the Vietnamese market. As a dynamic region with a developed economy in the Federal Republic of Germany, he hoped that VCCI and the German business delegation would further enhance exchanges to identify cooperative mechanisms so that businesses on both sides could capitalize on development opportunities.

Ms. Katrin mentioned that the Iron and Steel Industry Association within the Association was established in 1818, comprising 30 organizations including universities and businesses. The region is also strong in industry with 250,000 inhabitants, particularly in automotive manufacturing support. Additionally, it is a major research center, housing universities and research institutes specializing in machinery manufacturing.

The cooperative relationship between Vietnam and the state has existed for a long time, with hundreds of Vietnamese students in the 1980s. This forms the basis for both sides to expect deeper cooperation in the future.

According to Ms. Katrin, the Association hopes that through VCCI, cooperation in education and employment exchange can be promoted, allowing businesses in Saxony to accept young Vietnamese people for training and work at localities and companies in Germany.

The two sides exchanges many cooperation opportunities, especially in the field of human resource training in the coming time

Vice Chairman of VCCI, Hoang Quang Phong, believes that this is an area of great interest to Vietnam, not only in vocational education but also in high technology fields such as automotive. The experience gained from many Vietnamese students studying abroad has proven to be highly effective. Meanwhile, Germany is a leading country in the automotive industry with major brands from which Vietnam can learn.

Mr. Hoang Quang Phong acknowledges that Vietnam's mechanical engineering sector is still weak and greatly needs to learn modern techniques from Germany. Therefore, he proposes that both sides continue to accelerate cooperation exchanges in the near future.

Ms. Katrin appreciates VCCI's support, stating that workforce shortage is currently a challenge for Saxony and warmly welcomes Vietnam's initiatives in addressing this issue. She suggests that both sides promptly finalize the establishment of cooperative mechanisms and agreements for implementation. If the cooperative model proves to be effective, it can be expanded in the future.



By: According to Truong Dang (Business Forum Magazine)/ Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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