Report on performance of The Resolution 35 / NQ-CP in First Quarter 2019

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No: 0742/PTM – VP

Report on performance of

The Resolution 35 / NQ-CP in First Quarter 2019


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  Hanoi, , 12th April 2019


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) is pleased to report on the implementation of the tasks assigned in the Resolution 35 / NQ-CP dated 16 May 2016 by the Government on supporting and developing enterprises to 2020 forFirst Quarter 2019, particularly is as follows:


Recommendations assemblageand settlementof businesses in first quarter 2019

In quarter 1 2019, VCCI made a statistic and had 108 new recommendations of businesses and business associations. The resolution of recommendations as of March 31, 2019 was as follows:


Number of recommendations received

Number of recommendations solved

Number of recommendations were not solved
















Details in Appendix 1 and 2 were attached to the report



64 (achieved 59,3%)

44 (achieved 40,7%)


The classification by ministries, branches and localities showed that: ministries and agencies received many recommendation  in first quarter2019 that included: The Ministry of Finance: 27 recommendations; the Ministry of Planning and Investment: 18 recommendations; The Ministry of Construction; 12 recommendations; The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs: 9 recommendations; The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment: 7 recommendations; The Ministry of Industry and Trade: 7 recommendations; The Ministry of Health: 5 recommendations; The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the State Bank, the Ministry of Transport all received 2 recommendations. Separately Group 10 of this ministries received 91 recommendations, accounting for 84.2% of the total number of recommendationsin the first quarter 2019. A number of other ministries, branches and localities also received recommendations from businesses such as the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the Social Security Office of, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Tay Ninh, Quang Ngai, An Giang, Da Nang, Bac Giang Provinces ...

The main contents in the recommendations of businesses and business associations mainly proposed forguidance of the provisions of law to implement. In addition, there were a number of recommendations on law development and some specific cases of businesses. Some main contents includedas follows:

- The Ministry of Finance received recommendations from businesses with the main contents proposing for guidances on the implementation of the law in the following matters: Making comments to amend the Circular No. 72/2017 / TT-BTC dated July 17, 2017; policies to support prices of irrigation products and services; policies to support fisheries development; preferential corporate income tax policies; VAT policies for information technology consulting services ... In addition, businesses proposed to guide the implementation of tax and customs administrative procedures, including: problems in converting VAT declaration to direct method due to late submission of the form 06 / GTGT; how to write VAT invoices for investors to sublease land; duty of tax declaration of business location; problems in implementing procedures for terminating the branch of the company; problems in the process of examining the cost of common items under construction and installation bidding packages; invalidating the tax code of the business; settling VAT refund dossiers for exported goods; personal income tax policy when hiring business individuals as employees; procedures when the hospital returns the goods; tax refund policy for natural rubber products; classification of HS codes for Chinese soil cultivators ...

Businesses also refleced some cases of slow resolution, caused difficulties for businesses and production activities such as: the New River Co., ltd reflected the Hai Phong Customs Departmentthat had delayed giving back classification results; the VNIS Vietnam Co., Ltd reflected the District 1 Tax Office, Ho Chi Minh City caused trouble for the company when implementing or changing the business address of the branch, from the date of December 2018 to the present; The Nikel Ban Phuc Mining Company Limited sent the Second Complaint and Objection to the Decision No. 1782 / QD-HQHN dated November 26, 2018 on the determination of taxes on export and import goods of the company. First complaint was submitted from December 2018, but so far it was notresponded.

Especially, there was a recommendation on the policy of application of investment incentives for industrial product manufacturing projects to support development priorities of the Denso Vietnam Co., Ltd.. From the company's point of view, the tax authority did not allow the company to enjoy the CIT incentive policy for industrial production which supported development priority that actually the company should be entitled to the provisions in the Law No. 71/2014 / QH13 effected from January 1, 2015, amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Tax Law (Law No. 71). This caused the loss of confidence of investor with preferential policies of the State and adversely affected Vietnam's development of supporting industry.

- The Ministry of Planning and Investment mainly receivedrecommendations from businesses, recommended guidance on the implementation of policies and laws, included the majority, which was to provide guidance on bidding law for the following contents: Letter of participation of bidders; responsibility for evaluation of bids; authorized in bidding activities; guided implementation of bidding package; guided the appointment of shortened contractors; guided the evaluation of bids; changed the work done in the partnership after winning the bid; guided the payment of unit prices and exchange rate fluctuations in adjusted unit price contracts.

Some contents proposed by other businesses included: Problems in the implementation of the Law on Investment in 2014; addedtrades for businesses thatwere not included in WTO commitments; problems when submitting additional business lines; guided the transfer of a part of contributed capital to foreign individuals; problems of investor registration procedures for new construction of ICD Logistics Center in Hanoi ...

The amendment of the Enterprise Law and Investment Law received great attention from the business community. In quarter 1 2019, there were many comments of businesses, business associations and experts with the draft Enterprise Law and Investment Law. The comments included: a new list with a few industries that limited the percentage of foreign investors' ownership of shares; reformed state-owned businesses; legal institutions for individual business households; general meeting of shareholders; operational mechanism of the supervisory board in businesses ....

- Recommendations sent to the Ministry of Construction all suggestedfor guiding the implementation of the law on the following contents: Granting operational capability certificates and operation licenses for topographical survey and project measurement; the calculation of design consultancy costs for irrigation works; guiding the formulation of detailed planning dossiers of investment and construction projects; adjusting package contracts in case of force majeure; settlement of reserve value in the package contract; adjustment of construction contract extension according to norm 1172; procedures for adjusting works; using electronic signatures, digital signatures in construction design drawings; determining the area recorded in the certificate for the resettlement apartment; guiding the management of investment projects and conditions to be investment owners of projects with capital from the state budget.

- The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs received recommendations from businessesrequesting for guidance on the implementation of the law on contents that included: how to calculate wages according to actual working days; displacement of workers' location and layoffs process; paying unemployment insurance directly to employees during pregnancy; granting occupational safety cards in private enterprises; handling violations of enterprises' activities under the employment service operation permits; disciplining workers; paying labor insurance for foreign workers; determining the need for using foreign workers; applying the form of intra-corporate transfer ...

- In the field of natural resources and environment, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment received the recommendations included: Guiding the conversion of land use purposes from commercial and service land to residential land; problems when implementing investment projects, business of industrial infrastructure; proposing guidance on making state budget estimates for land valuation; guiding the provisions of law on the lease of workshops on land assigned to the annual fee collection; calculating methods of the grant of mineral exploitation rights ensuring national unity; recognizedauthority to auction results of land use rights.

In particular, with the recommendation of the Hiep Thanh Company that the Ca Mau Provincial People's Committee had not issued a certificate of land use right and house ownership for houses and residential land at 18 Ngo Quyen Street, Ward 2, Thanh Hoa. Ca Mau street that awarded to auction winners since 2013. The company repeatedly sent applications to Ca Mau Provincial People's Committee and sent them to ministries and central agencies to definitely resolve. The Government’s Office also sent a written request to the Ca Mau Provincial People's Committee to definitely resolve the business. However, so far the case was not resolved with the reason that Ca Mau Provincial People's Committee had asked for guidance of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment but it was notresponded by the Ministry, so it was not resolved.

- The Ministry of Industry and Trade received recommendations of businesses on the following contents: Proposed guiding necessary capital in accordance with the law for application for business license for leasing machines and PIM measurement machines with HS code was 9030; procedures for establishing representative offices in Vietnam for foreign investors; guidelines on the right to distributing software products of foreign-invested enterprises; retail license with foreign invested businesses; certification of conformity of textile products according to the Circular 21/2017 / TT-BCT ...

Especially, the recommendation of the Vietnam Sport Joint Stock Company reflectedthe Dong Da Power Company to sign a power trading contract with the Delicious Company (signed a business cooperation contract No. 22/2015 / HD- Business cooperation to joint venture business cooperation at 4B Hang Chao - under the cooperation of the Vietnam Sport Joint Stock Company) to supply three-phase electricity to the Delicious Company for production and business at the location No. 4B Hang Chao without informing and without the consent of the legal owner was the Vietnam Sport Joint Stock Company. After the Vietnam Sports and Gymnastics Joint Stock Company had worked many times directly and sent a recommendation to the Dong Da Electric Company, the Hanoi Power Corporation, but they were not resolved, it had to send recommendations to Government’sOffice. So far, the Government’s Office had twice sending a dispatch to the Electricity of Vietnam to propose to direct and resolve businesses’recommendations, but The Vietnam Sports and Gymnastics Joint Stock Company was not yet received the reply. The case was not resolved yet.

- The health sector received a number of recommendations with the following contents: problems in implementing the provisions of the Decree No. 36/2016 / ND-CP dated May 15, 2016; 169/2018 / ND-CP dated December 31, 2018 of the Government; the target groups of regulation adjustments of the Circular No. 41/2018 / TT-BYT dated December 14, 2018: "Promulgating national technical regulations and regulations on inspection and supervision of quality of clean water used for daily-life purposes"; requested for instructingprovision of  national pharmacy connection information ...

The outstanding recommendation in the health sector was a recommendation on the lack of rationality when applying the Circular 43/2012 / TT-BYT on November 24, 2018 guiding the expiry of the Decree 38/2012 / ND-CP that expired to guide the Decree 15/2018 / ND-CP (Decree 15 was issued to replace the Decree 38). This application caused difficulties for businesses in labelling goods for food products. If the promulgation of the Decree 15 replacedthe Decree 38 considered a bright spot of the Ministry of Health in the reform of administrative procedures, facilitating businesses, the authorities still use the Circular 43 / 2012 / TT-BYT on November 24, 2018, guided the Decree 38/2012 / ND-CP, which was typical for hindering and making business of many businesses getting stuck in goods circulation.

- Recommendations sent to the major localities suggesting to overcome specific difficulties faced by businesses in production and business activities such as: Proposedsolving difficulties for businesses in project implementation. of Mount Sam cable car, Chau Doc City, An Giang Province; proposed solving problems when bidding and implementing package SP 1/01 / ICB "Building drainage and wastewater treatment system in Sapa", Lao Cai Province; difficulties in limiting and licensing freight cars circulating in inner city areas.of Ho Chi Minh City; inadequacies in the merger of Dung Quat Hospital into General Hospital of Quang Ngai City; determination of Location allowed foreigners to own houses in Bac GiangCity.  …

  1. Respondingrecommendations of ministries, branches and localities

In first quarter 2019, the VCCI received 91 documents responding to business recommendations of 21 ministries, branches and localities, down 34% compared to fourth quarter 2018 (fourth quarter 2018 received 138 documents). These documents were fully posted by the VCCI on the VCCI’s Website.

Through monitoring of the VCCI, from January 1, 2019 to the end of March 31, 2019, 44 recommendations of businesses and business associations were not yet responded by ministries, branches and localities. Many recommendationswere transferred from the Government’s Office and the VCCI since the beginning of 2019, but they werenot resolved. Ministries and agencies had many unrespondedrecommendations that included: the Ministry of Finance 12 recommendations, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment 7 recommendations; the Ministry of Health 5 recommendations; the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs 4 recommendations; the Ministry of Planning and Investment: 3 recommendations; The Ministry of Industry and Trade: 3 recommendations ... 4 other ministries and sectors had 4 recommendations. For localities, there were 7 provinces and cities directly under the central government that were not responded to recommendations of businesses in Ho Chi Minh and HanoiCities, Tay Ninh, Quang Ngai, An Giang, Da Nang and Bac Giang Provinces.

Details of unrespondedrecommendations and responsibilities of ministries, sectors and localities were presented in Appendix 2 and Appendix 4 attached to the report.

Proposing the Government’s Office that continues urging ministries, branches and localities to give a complete responses to the recommendations of businesses.

  1. Evaluation of the business community:

The business community highly appreciated the gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter of 2019, achieving a fairly high growth rate of 6.79%, a stable macroeconomy, and the lowest inflation control in the 2017-2019 period. Investment and business environment were improved, new established businesses increased the highest in the last 5 years. Unemployment and underemployment tended to decrease. Social security was concerned about implementation. The production capacity of the economy wasexpanded, created momentum for our country's economy to develop in the next quarters.

However, the number of businesses suspending business in the first quarter of 2019 was 14,761, up 20.8% over the same period last year. The number of businesses ceasing operations and awaiting dissolution procedures was 15,331 businesses. The number of businesses completing dissolution procedures in the first quarter of 2019 was 4,116 businesses, increasing by 23.9% compared to the same period last year, in which 3,737 businesses had capital less than VND 10 billion, accounting for 90.8 % This showed that the business community still faced many difficulties in production and business activities.

In the first quarter of 2019, the business and social community highly appreciated activities to create a favorable business environment for businesses such as:

- The Government’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc signed an issuance of  the Resolution No. 01 / NQ-CP, 02 / NQ-CP of the Government. At these 2 Resolutions, the Government proposed a system of solutions to drastically improve the business environment and competitiveness of the economy; strongly developed the private economy, created conditions for the formation of large-scale businesses and technology businesses, especially high-tech businesses, information technology, electronics and telecommunications. At the same time, set out specific objectives on improving the business environment, national competitiveness, innovation and creation index, new business development, rate of dissolved businesses, electronic payment and provide online public service level 4, and require ministries, branches and localities to take drastic measures.

The business community was very confident with the solutions and drastic administration of the Government, our economy in 2019 continued to achieve the proposed growth targets.

- The drastic action of the working group of the Government’s Prime Minister to simplify, reduced business conditions and specialized inspection procedures had a positive impact on creating an increasingly favorable business environment. for businesess,faced to difficulties of scrap importers, the working group had a meeting to check the actual situation of importing imported scrap used as production materials at Hai Phong Port. After the inspection, the working group affirmed that it would report to the Government and the Government’s Prime Minister to amend 4 related decrees so that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment can amend the regulations under its authority. During the time when the documents and the Government’s Office was not fixed, the working group would propose to include this content in the Resolution of the latest Government’s meeting to remove immediate problems for businessess importing scrap materials.

- The National Steering Committee for ASEAN one stop shop, National one stop shop and taking advantages for trade set a target for 2019, completed the implementation of 61 new administrative procedures on the National one stop shop. (including 18 transfer procedures from 2018 to 43 procedures in 2019); prepared to exchange information on ASEAN Customs declarations and plant and animal quarantine certificates with ASEAN countries according to the ASEAN common plan; preparied to exchange information of customs declarations and electronic C/O with Eurasian Economic Union and Korea. ASEAN one stop shop, National one stop shop and trade facilitation were implemented in accordance with the plan, which will greatly facilitate import and export activities of businesses.

- Many ministries, sectors and localities developed and promulgated the Administrative Reform Plan for 2019, in which clearly stated specific tasks in the fields: Institutional reform; administrative reform; public financial reform; administrative modernization; strictly prohibiting self-imposed administrative procedures in contravention of regulations; caused troubles for people and businesses in handling administrative procedures; reformed organizational structure and developing, improving the quality of cadres, civil servants and employees implementing administrative procedures.


In the first quarter of 2019, the VCCI deployed the assigned tasks as follows:

1. Implemented activities to contribute to administrative reform, facilitate businesses; created a favorable environment to support start-up businesses and innovative businessesensured business rights, equal rights to access business resources and business opportunities; reduced business costs for businesses and protected legitimate rights and interests of businesses:

- Completed 27 comments on draft legal documents, notably there were some legal documents included: Law on promulgation of legal documents (amended); Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Investment Law; Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Enterprise Law; Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on promulgation of legal documents in 2015; Insurance of the Business Law; Law on Amendment to Intellectual Property Law; The Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on the promulgation of legal documents in 2015 and many legal documents under other laws.

- Led and coordinated to organize many important forums, conferences, seminars and dialogues to discuss, propose and review policies and laws with the Party and the State related to economic development - society, improve investment business environment, improve provincial competitiveness index, reform administrative procedures and support the development business community to actively contribute to the process of improving the quality of Institutional system and favorable environment for the business community to develop. Some outstanding activities were such as:

+ Coordinated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment to organize a workshop to consult businesses on the draft Law on amendment of Investment Law and Enterprise Law. For the Investment Law, the draft revised many important issues such as investment procedures, the authority to decide investment policies, the legal status of foreign investors, abolished 26 business lines with articles ... Draft Law on Enterprises would amend regulations relating to state-owned enterprises, organization, operation, corporate governance, abolished business seals, reporting regime, requested for change of information business registration information ... A problem mentioned by many experts at the seminar was the legal institution for individual business households. The amended Enterprise Law should aim at solutions to promote the transition from individual business households to businesses, created a mechanism to encourage business households to transform into businesses, enhanced the quality of management to gradually form. The private business community was strong enough to become a driving force for the economy. Comments from the workshop were received and summarized by the VCCI and sent to the Drafting Committee.

+ Organizeda Business Law Review Conference in 2018 and published the Business Law Flow Report 2018. This was an initiative of the VCCI to record a picture of Vietnam's business law for 6 months or a year, It began in early 2018. The report reviewed the legal regulations that had a great impact on the business community in Vietnam in each period. These regulations were gathered from the opinions of business associations, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and economic experts. The scope of the report focused on the legal regulations on business issued at the central level in 2018. Beside statistics, the report tried to analyze, comment and evaluate to draw experience for business law building in the next phase.

+ Organizeda Forum "Responsible Business - Foundation for Breakthrough" on the occasion of the 109th anniversary of the International Women's Day, March 8 and commemorating 1979 years of the Hai Ba Trung uprising. Attended and directed the Forum were Mr. Truong Thi Mai who wasa Member of the Politburo, a Secretary of the Party Central Committee and a Head of the Central Commission for Mass Mobilization as well as leaders of some ministries, branches, localities, business associations and more. 300 female entrepreneurs at home and abroad. Currently, the number of enterprises owned by female entrepreneurs accounts for about 25% of Vietnamese businesses. Businesswomen were present in almost all areas of social life such as finance, banking, high technology ... and achieved remarkable successes, building many famous brands in the country and so on. Gender such as Vinamilk, Vietjet Air ... The mark of Vietnamese female entrepreneurs through impressive figures affirmed their great contribution to the country's economic, social and development goals.

+ Conference organizers in Hanoi published a report on "The level of enterprise satisfaction with the implementation of administrative procedures in import and export in 2018". The report reflected the assessment of the business community for the implementation of customs administrative procedures in 2018 and recommendations of the business community to the Customs sector in the coming time. According to the report, the satisfaction level of the business community with respect to administrative reform efforts in the field of import and export has been very modest compared to 2015. Specifically, about access to information and the quality of information sources, 91% of businesses surveyed said that the information provided was consistent (compared to 77% in 2015), 90% of the information was available and easy to find (81% in 2015). The effective support of customs authorities was also positively assessed with the rate of over 80% of businesses saying that the support from specialized agencies was "largely and completely on time and effective". This survey would continue to be implemented in the coming years to promote administrative reform in the import and export sector to facilitate and average to promote business development.

+ The VCCI’s leaders and professional departments participated in law development and policy commenting in areas such as: Labor (salary, agreement on overtime, child and human labor juvenile, disabled labor, vocational training associated with meeting labor market demands, labor safety ...); social insurance (solutions and sanctions for debtors, social insurance evasion; monitoring mechanism, social criticism of mass organizations; mobilizing the participation of overseas Vietnamese to participate in building distribution channels coordination and introduction of Vietnamese goods in the host countries, seminars consulting experts on the draft report on the results of investigation and surveys of needs, risk of export fraud through C / O ...

- Continued implementing the project of Enhancing Provincial Competitiveness (PCI), promoting activities to share good practices in managing the provincial economy. Continued the consultancy, support and guidance to promote activities sharing good practices in provincial economic management, support provinces and localities to implement activities to improve competitiveness and improve provincial business environment in localities.

- Collaborated with the United States Agency for International Development Assistance (USAID) to publish the 2018 Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) Report. The report was developed from the survey results of 11,000 private businessesfrom 63 provinces and cities and over 1,500 foreign-invested enterprises (FDI) in 20 provinces and cities. The report assessed some areas that needed further reforms such as: business registration procedures were still difficult, administrative procedures still had problems, transparency was slowly improved, quality of human resources and support businesseswere not high ... 2018 was the second consecutive year that Quang Ninh Province was ranked No.1 in the PCI rankings. The TOP 10 PCI for the first time had the participation of Hanoi in the 9th position, improved 3 grades compared to 2017. This was the 14th year that the VCCI published the Assessment Report and the ranking of executive quality economy of provinces and cities in Vietnam. All contents of PCI 2018 report in Vietnamese and English wereposted publicly at and

- Continued implementing the action program for Business Integrity Implementation and activities to support sustainable business development, implementation of the Circulatory Economic Program.

+ The Executive Board of the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD) had a meeting with the Government’s Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, reported to the Government’s Deputy Prime Minister of 2018 operation results and action plan 2019 Council. Following conclusions of the Government’s Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, the Chairman of the VCCI and the Chairman of VBCSD, on behaft the Executive Board, he received the Government’s Deputy Prime Minister's opinions and exchanged some orientations of VBCSD's activities in the coming time , which emphasized the need to revise the Sustainable Business Index (CSI) closer to businesses of all economic sectors.

+ Coordinated with the United Nations Development Program in Vietnam (UNDP Vietnam) to organize a workshop to consult the parties to finalize the draft of the Research Report "Applying internal control mechanisms and Code of conduct in Vietnamese businesses: current situation and some recommendations ”. The results showed that only 50% - 60% of businesses that understood the internal control and code of conduct as well as the important role for the sustainable development of businesses. Implemented the project program, UNDP would support the business community to develop a guideline to apply the code of conduct and internal control mechanisms, and provide training and technical support for businesses looking to apply those tools. This was one of the key activities of the Corporate and Government Integrity Initiative

+ Coordinated with Heineken Vietnam to organize training on Circulating Economics in Ho Chi Minh City. Conducted research activities to build secondary materials market in the paper and plastic industry.

+ Coordinated with the International Labor Organization (ILO) to hold a workshop on "Responsible Supply Chain in Asia - Involvement of Strategic Partners" to encourage and ensure social responsibility practice and responsible business ethics in the business community.

2. Implemented trade and investment promotion activities, programs and projects to support the competitiveness of businesses and business associations:

- Leaders of the VCCI participated in trade and investment promotion activities and promoted international integration at the national level; coordinated to organize many domestic and foreign trade and investment promotion activities, train businesses including many outstanding activities such as:

+ The Chairman of VCCI attended the Tokyo B20 Summit with the theme "Social 5.0 for sustainable development" from March 14-15, 2019 at Keidanren, Tokyo, Japan headquarters. Attended the conference were Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo ABE, senior officials in the Japanese Government, speakers from economic organizations of G20 countries and international economic organizations such as WTO, WEF, World Bank. , OECD, ICC, CBI, USCIB, MEDEF, American Chamber of Commerce ... and many leaders of large corporations in G20 countries. The B20 meeting represented the voice of businesses and the G20 regional economic world, which made many important recommendations and great expectations for G20 leaders in difficulties and challenging times for increasing the world economy and globalization. The delegates approved the "General Proposal B20" and presented recommendations to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to submit to the G20 Prime Minister Conference scheduled to be held in Osaka in June 2019. On this occasion, the Chairman of VCCI had a meeting with Keidanren on the organization of the Asian Summit in October 2019 in Hanoi and with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) on working with JCCI held an Investment Promotion Conference in Tokyo in June 2019.

+ Coordinated to organize the Vietnam - Argentina Business Forum in the framework of the official visit to Vietnam of the President of the Republic of Argentina. The forum was attended by the President of Argentina and the Government’s Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, the Chairman of VCCI and representatives of ministries and agencies and numerous businesses of the two countries. The official visit of the President of the State of Vietnam together with the business forum activity created a new driving force, promoted cooperation between the two countries, especially in the fields of economy, trade and investment. On this occasion, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Argentina Chamber of Commerce and Service to promote trade and investment promotion activities between the two countries, and especially to work towards established the Vietnam - Argentina Mixed Business Council.

+ Coordinated to organize the workshop on "Increasing labor productivity for improving the national competitiveness of Vietnam" in Hanoi to exchange and contribute opinions on the report on labor productivity in Vietnam by the Institute of Research. Economic and Policy Research (VEPR). According to the Report, the average productivity of Vietnam in the period 1991-2015 increased less than 3 times (2.88) in the past 25 years. Vietnam's labor productivity was still low compared to other countries in the region, the gap in labor productivity between Vietnam and other countries continued increasing. Regarding solutions increasing labor productivity, the VCCI emphasized on the reform of education and training, improved the quality of human resources. At the same time, it was necessary to launch a movement to increase labor productivity in all areas of the economy through an initiative to implement the "national labor productivity month", honoring productive businesses and organizations,high labor and efforts to improve labor productivity; build a long-term national productivity improvement program with many activities such as organizing the annual National Forum on Productivity, announcing the award of Top 100 businesses and organizations that improved high productivity in year…

+ Coordinated to organize a Conference on "Vietnam - Japan Economic Dialogue" on the occasion of the visit and working in Vietnam of the Chairman of the Japan - Mekong Business Cooperation Committee and the business delegation sought opportunities working in Vietnam. At the seminar, business representatives of the two countries proposed many solutions to further promote trade and investment relations between Vietnam and Japan in the coming time. Also within the framework of the visit, the VCCI supported Japanese business delegation to meet the Government’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

+ Organized the launching ceremony of the Vietnam Industrial Network (VNGN), under the Central Council of Vietnam Business Associations. The formation of VNGN represented the goal of transferring business rights among family business generations in Vietnam. This activity not only created a playground for the next generation but also suppored the successful transfer process. At the inauguration ceremony, the VCCI also announced the Decision to change the name of VietnameseFamily and BusinessCouncil into Vietnames Family Business Council and decided to establish a successor club under theVietnamese Family Business Council.

+ Organized the Start-up Festival 2019 and launched the Start-up Program 2019. This was the 17th year of the Start-up Program organized by the VCCI in order tocontinue to develop the start-up network and support speeding up with 5 greatactions: Training senior lecturers and training according to international standards; consulting and developing the system for  supporting local entrepreneurship, including specialized personnel training facilities along with facilities and mechanisms to support the government; connecting supply and demand and creating ecosystems for start-up activities; directly supporting projects, supporting start-up programs at the national level as an organization, managing the startup community in Vietnam; participated in developing a policy environment for start-up activities in Vietnam. Within the framework of the Festival of Entrepreneurship 2019, the Organizing Committee awarded 6 best projects for the National Start-up Contest 2018, and organized investment connections between businesses and authors.

+ The VCCI also actively cooperated with partners to organize many other investment and trade promotion activities such as: A Forum on "Initiative to act for a world without waste"; a Dak Nong Trade Investment Conference; a CyPrus Workshop - Ideal destination; a Seminar on Business Opportunities with the US market; a Seminar on "Nepal's business and tourism potential"; a Seminar on "Business and investment opportunities with Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia markets"; Vietnam – A Canada Business Talk with the theme "Vietnam - Canada commercial advantage" in Hanoi and Da Nang ...

- Organized 76 training courses for 4672 businesses on brand-related topics in business development strategy, policiesmanagement skills, improved association management skills , management and leadershipskills for middle managers, online digital marketing skills, communication and negotiation skills in business, training experts on skills to deal with non-tariff barriers ...

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to report to the Government.

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