Report on performance of Resolution 35 / NQ-CP in the second quarter 2017

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No: 1680   /PTM – VP

Report on performance of

Resolution 35 / NQ-CP in the second quarter 2017

Ha Noi, July 14,  2017



The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) would like to report on the implementation of the tasks assigned in Resolution 35 / NQ-CP dated 16 May 2016 by the Government on supporting and developing enterprises to 2020, solving difficulties, obstacles and recommendations of enterprises in June 2017 as follows:


In order to prepare for the meeting of the Prime Minister to meet the business and preliminarily review the implementation of Resolution No 35 / NQ-CP for 1 year, from February 2017 to the conference, VCCI has gathered 188 new proposals from enterprises and business associations transferred to the ministries, localities to resolve. By the end of May 16, 2017 (before the meeting of the Prime Minister with businesses), the ministries handled, resolved and answered 108 recommendations and informed to VCCI (reached the rate of 57.4% for resolving), there were still 80 recommendations that have not yet been responded. In which, There were some recommendations under the jurisdiction of the Government. After the Prime Minister's Meeting, VCCI continued to receive written notices on responding to business’ recommendation from ministries and sectors such as Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Home Affairs, People's Committees of Ha Noi City, Bac Giang, Thai Nguyen and Thanh Hoa Provinces.

However, there are still some recommendations that VCCI has not yet received the notice of answering to enterprises which are mostly under the responsibility of ministries, branches and localities, including the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communication, Vietnam Social Insurance and People's Committees of Provinces / Cities: Lang Son, Hai Phong and Thai Binh Provinces. In addition, there are some general recommendations as proposals proposed to the Government that  do not arrange the responsibility of which ministries and branches for reply or under the jurisdiction of the Government. All recommendations and responses have been submitted by VCCI to the website of VCCI in accordance with the requirements of Resolution 35.

In addition, in May 2017, VCCI received documents from 5 ministries, sectors and localities to respond 6 recommendations of enterprises (summarized in the Report No. 1389 / PTM-VP dated July 13, 2017 of VCCI on implementation of Resolution 35 in May 2017). In June 2017, VCCI received 37 documents from 9 ministries and  sectors and localities that answered 75 recommendations of businesses. These recommendations were mainly collected by the Government’s Office through the system of receiving and responding to the recommendations of enterprises on the Government’s Electronic Portal as follows:

1. The Ministry of Science and technology

1.1- An Official Letter No. 1893 / BKHCN-UDCN dated July 12, 2017 responded recommendations of Huyen Nam Co., Ltd on the public provision of guiding documents as well as information on technology maps (in reply to the Official letter No. 5389 / VPCP-DMDN dated May 25, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

 1.2- An Official Letter No. 1996 / BKHCN-TDC dated June 20, 2017 responded 2 recommendations of Hitacom Vietnam Limited Company for commenting and recommending some contents of legal documents including: Decree No. 58/2015 / TTLT-BCT-BKHCN dated December 31, 2015 regulating quality management of domestic steel and imported steel; Circular No. 27/2012 / TT-BKHCN dated December 12, 2012 of Ministry of Science and Technology regulating the state inspection of imported goods quality (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5405 / VPCP-DMDN dated May 25,2017 of the Government Office.

1.3- An Official letter No. 2030 / BKNCN-SHHT dated June 22, 2017 responded 5 recommendations of the European Business Association in Vietnam in the field of intellectual property (in reply to Official Letter No. 5406 / VPCP-DMD dated may 25, 2017 of Government’s Office)

1.4- An Official Letter No. 2092 / BKNCN-SHHT dated June 18,2017 responded 2 recommendations of the Green Earth Joint Stock Company on Intellectual Property Development Program and the policy of supporting enterprises in accordance with Circular No. 12 / 2017TT-BTC guiding the submission and procedures for supporting investment capital of equipment of projects on implementing environmental protection and application (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5754 / VPCP-DMDN dated 2 June, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

2. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

2.1- An Official Letter No. 881 / TCLN-CTVN dated June 15, 2017 of the General Department of Forestry responded the recommendations of the Quang Binh Business Association proposing to solve difficulties for timber exporters and importers in Quang Binh Province. The concerned agencies shall have to issue documents specifically guiding the CITES certificate issuance and issue at border gates or locations that enterprises located, be impossible  to issue in Hanoi.

 2.2- An Official Letter No. 5027 / BNN-CN dated June 19, 2017 of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development responded the recommendations of some enterprises producing and trading in animal feeds for considering the abandonment of the list of feed products that are allowed to circulate in order to reduce time and expenses for businesses in the direction of the fees for registration of animal feed and implementing the registration of this list through the network from third Quarter 2017.

2.3- An Official Letter No. 5375 / BNN-CN dated June 29, 2017 of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development responded the recommendation of Mr. Nguyen The Duc who is Director of VietGap Tan Thanh Cooperative on the proposal for compulsory agricultural products for sale on the market that must access the origin (in reply letter to No. 6163 / VPCP-DMDN dated June 14, June 2017 of the Government’s Office).

3. The Ministry of Transport

3.1- An Official Letter No. 6175 / BGTVT-VT dated June 9, 2012 responded to 3 recommendations of Vinasun Company relating to the operation of Grab Taxi Co., Ltd and Uber Vietnam Co., Ltd that included: Classification of Grab operations, Uber and similar companies are the type of business, passenger transport by taxi; the compliance with Grab's tax obligations, Uber; the compliance with regulations on competition, promotion (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5289 / VPCP-DMDN dated May 24, 2017 by the Government’s Office).

3.2- An Official Letter No. 6377 / BGTVT-VT dated June 14, 2017 responded 2 recommendations of Hitacom Vietnam Limited Company on the procedure for granting ’ business license of transportation was too cumbersome and proposed to transfer the authority to issue the business license of automobile to the Department of Planning and Investment for issuance together with the business license (in reply to Official Letter No. 5405 / VPCP-DMD dated May 25, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

3.3- An Official Letter No. 6536 / BGTVT-VT dated June 16, 2017 responded 5 recommendations of Diem Dien Shipping Association and An Luu Solidarity Association on some issues related to transportation services included: VAT rate for shipping services from 10% to 5%; strengthening the management of SB ships running along the river and river routes; allowing the III vessels to have equipment satisfactory with the requirements of the Registry Department for going directly from Hai Phong to Da Nang; Reduction of port fees, maritime fees, pilotage fees, mooring charges, tying  buoys, especially is cruise ship fees in the central region. (In reply to the Official Letter No. 5681 / VPCP-DMD dated 1 June 2017 and Official Letter No. 5959 / VPCP-DMDN dated June 8, 2017 of the Office of the Government).

3.4- An Official Letter No. 6783 / BGTVT-VT dated June 22, 2016 responded 5 recommendations of Mai Linh Group Corporation on the requirements: requested Grab and Uber meet the conditions of transport business as the traditional taxi: Declared and posted the charge according to the charge meter mounted on the vehicle; adjusted the level of taxation equality between types of taxi business; Declared prices when valuing and adjusting prices for Uber and Grab as prescribed; requested stick brands for identification of Uber and Grab vehicles; intensified the regular inspection and control of the observance of provision of law on modes of transport of e-commerce contracts in Vietnam, including Uber and Grab.

4. The Ministry of Planning and Investment

4.1- An Official Letter No. 4784 / BKHDT-QLĐT dated June 13, 2017 responded to Nguyen Tung Medical Equipment Trade Limited Company's recommendations for the validity of the contractor (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5802 / VPCP-DMD dated June 5, 2017 of the Government Office.

4.2- An Official Letter No. 4986 / BKHDT-PTDN dated June 20, 2017 responded to the proposal of Real Estate Association of Ho Chi Minh City on the amendment of the Law on Procurement in the direction that it will receive comments to amend and supplement the Decree No. 30/2015 / ND-CP (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5382 / VPCP-DMDN dated May 25, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

4.3- An Official Letter No. 5187 / BKHDT-PTDN dated June 26, 2017 responded 2 recommendations of Mr. Dinh Hong Quan, who is Director of Bac Giang Mechanical and Chemical Company Limited on: Proposing a meeting of the Government’s Prime Minister with the small and medium enterprises in Vietnam Mechanical Association; Proposed access to capital with NGOs or other organizations that have common ideas of environmental treatment (in reply to Official Letter No. 6071 / VPCP-DMDN dated 12 June, 2007 of the Government’s Office). .

4.4- An Official Letter No. 5279 / BKHDT-QLĐT of June 29, 1977, responded the recommendations of the French Construction and Trading Co., Ltd guiding the implementation of the Law on Bidding (in reply to the Official Letter No. 6310 / VPCP-DMDN dated June 19, 2017 of the Government‘s Office.

5. The Ministry of Industry and Trade

5.1- An Official Letter No. 672 / QLCT- P2 dated May 31, 2017 of the Administration Department for Competition, Ministry of Industry and Trade responded 2 recommendations of Daeho Vietnam Steel Limited Company, including: Exemption of the scope of application of safeguard measures against Non-alloyed hot-rolled carbon coils steel of HS 7213.91.90 and 7213.99.90 codes for use in the manufacture of screws and tubes; Proposed new safeguard tariff for cold rolled steel products with HS 7217.10.10 and 7217.10.29 codes .

5.2- An Official Letter No. 1131 / XTTM-QLXTTM dated 13 June 2017 of the Trade Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, responded  recommendations of Canon Marketing Vietnam Co., Ltd to announce the promotion program nationwide to each provincial Department of Industry and Trade. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is amending Decree No. 37/2006 / ND-CP dated June 4, 2006 to facilitate enterprises in carrying out administrative procedures in the field of sales promotion. (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5741 / VPCP-DMD dated 2 June, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

5.3- An Official Letter No. 1128 / XTTM-QLXTTM dated June 13, 2017 of the Trade Promotion Department under Ministry of Industry and Trade responded to the recommendation of Cuu Long Trading Joint Stock Company for spending promotion in cash for customers under Legal does not prohibit the spending promotion in cash (in reply to Official Letter No. 5745 / VPCP-DMD dated 2 June, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

5.4- An Official Letter No. 800 / XNK- CN dated June 20, 2007 of the Import-Export Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade responded 2 recommendations of Hitacom Vietnam Limited Company for its inadequacy of some documents in the field of import and business of the enterprise including: Joint Circular No. 58/2015 / TTLT-BCT-BKHCN dated December 31, 2015 regulating quality control of domestic steel and imported steel and Circular No. 58 / 12/2015 / TT-BCT dated June 12, 2015 regulating the application of automatic import licensing regime for some steel products (in reply to the Official Letter No.5045 / VPCP-DMD dated May 25, 2017 of Government’s  Office).

5.5- An Official Dispatch No. 5425 / BCT-TTTN dated June 20, 2007 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade responded the recommendations of Homart Co., Ltd. In Ho Chi Minh City requested to support the implementation of the project on building a supermarket chain of the company nationwide (in reply to the Official Letter 5804 / VPCP-DMDN dated June 5, 2017 of the Government’s Office)

6. The Ministry of Finance

6.1- An Official letter No. 8013 / BTC-QLCS dated June 16, 2017 of the Ministry of Finance responded 2 proposals of the Association of real estate in Ho Chi Minh City including: Promptly issued a decision on amending, supplementing or a decision on replacing the Decision No. 09/2007 / QD-TTg. Decision No. 140/2008 / QD-TTg, Decision No. 86/2010 / QD-TTg of the Government’s Prime Minister. Currently, the Ministry of Finance is amending Decision 09 and will amend the Decision 140, the Decision 86 after the Law on the management and use of public property that has legal effect); proposed the Government’s Prime Minister to direct amendments to the Law on Land regarding the auction of land use rights; amended the Law on Procurement on the regulation of bidding for projects that using land. At present, the Ministry of Finance has submitted to the Prime Minister’s proposals for amendment some contents of the Law on Land  in accordance with the recommendations of Real Estate Association in Ho Chi Minh City (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5328 / VPCP-DMDN dated May 25, 2017 of the Government’s Office.

6.2- An Official letter No. 8022 / BTC-QLCS dated June 16, 2017 of the Ministry of Finance responded the proposal of the new technology joint stock company on the collection of land rent according to the assignment of Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City to work directly with the company for resolving (In reply to the official Letter No. 5388 / VPCP-DMDN dated May 25, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

6.3- An Official Letter  No. 7985 / BTC-CST dated 16 June, 2007 of the Ministry of Finance responded to 5 recommendations of the European Business Association in Vietnam including: Introduction of tax incentives to encourage households and businesses. Reduction of energy use and installation of renewable energy systems; Use tax tools to control air quality and pollution from coal, cement and other pollutant sources; On the content of the Decree 12/2015 / ND-CP, it is necessary to clearly define the criteria for enjoying the tax rate of 0% for export services; regarding excise taxes on types of wine and brandy (in reply to Official Letter No. 5406 / VPCP-DMD dated 25 May, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

6.4- An Official Letter No. 4098 / TCHQ-GSQL dated June 21, 2017 of the General Department of Customs, Ministry of Finance responded the recommendation of Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thoai, Beyoso Company Limited - Ho Chi Minh City on procedures for adjusting the imported goods’s names due to errors in the customs clearance process (In reply to the Official Letter No. 5742 / VPCP-DMD dated May 25, 2017 of the Government’s Office)

6.5- An Official Letter No. 4313 / TCHQ-GSQL dated June 28, 2017 of the General Department of Customs, Ministry of Finance responded 5 proposals of the European Business Association in Vietnam including the specialized inspection for goods with low value imported via courier service; accelerated the implementation of administrative procedures on the National One Stop Portal for all kinds of goods requiring specialized permits.

Updated in both Vietnamese and English on the National One Stop Portal of Vietnam; to organize seminars and train the business community about the procedures in the National One Stop Portal (in reply to Official Letter No. 5406 / VPCP-DMDN dated May 25, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

 6.6- An Official Letter No.8253 / BTC-CST dated 22 June, 2007 of the Ministry of Finance responded the recommendation of Mr. Van Nhan Linh on amendment of some provisions of the Law on Corporate Income Tax (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5406 / VPCP LDDN dated May 25, 2017 by the Government’s Office.

6.7- In Official Letter No. 8332 / BTC-CST dated June 21, 2017 of the Ministry of Finance, responded the recommendation of Mr. Le Dinh Dung on equality of corporate income tax on publishing activities (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5746 / VPCP-DMDN dated 2 June 2017 of the Government’s Office).

6.8- An Official Letter No. 8828 / BTC-HCSN and 8624 / BTC-HCSN dated June 28,2017 of the Ministry of Finance responded 2 recommendations of Can Tho Vocational College on contracting telephone fees and levels of allowance for teachers (in reply to the Official Letter No. 6167 / VPCP-DMDN dated June 14, 2017 of Government’s Office).

6.9- An Official letter No. 8575 / BTC-CST dated June 28, 2017 of the Ministry of Finance responded 3 recommendations of the Association of An Lu solidarity Transportation: 5% reduction in value-added tax rate to reduce difficulties with the shipping industry; Regarding the level of late payment of tax payment; reduction of port fees, maritime fees, pilotage fees, anchorage charges and buoy, especially for tugboats in the central region (reply to Official Letter No. 5959 / VPCP-DMDN dated 8 June, cover).

6.11- Official Letter No. 8668 / BTC-QLCS dated June 29, 2017 of the Ministry of Finance responded to 2 recommendations of Coffee 721 Co., Ltd on: Amount of land rent of Agricultural production and exemption of value added tax 5% for rice (in reply to Official Letter No. 5407 / VPCP-DMD dated May 25, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

6.12. An Official Letter No. 4391 / TCHQ-GSQL dated 30 June, 2007 of the General Department of Customs; the Ministry of Finance responded the recommendations of Phu Lan Joint Stock Company (who is representing for 10 woods import enterprises from Africa). Requested the clearance of consigned timber lots at Hai Phong Port in the direction that enterprises must supplement CITES certificates according to new regulations.

7. Some other ministries, branches and localities:

7.1- An Official letter No. 3379 / UBND-TC dated June 13, 2017 of the People's Committee of Hai Phong City responded 3 recommendations from Hitacom Vietnam Limited Company for the collection of fees for the use of infrastructure and public services constructions, public facilities in Hai Phong Seaport’s border gates including: Legal basis for promulgation of the Resolution No. 148/2016 / NQ-HDND of the People's Council of Hai Phong City; The collection of charges for use of infrastructures, service works and public facilities in the Hai Phong Seaport’s border gate caused overlapping and duplication with other charges; the collection of charges are against the Government's goal of improving the business environment and enhancing national competitiveness. (In reply to Official Letter No.5045 / VPCP-DMDN dated May 25).

7.2- An Official Letter No. 153 / BXD-QLN dated June 6, 2017 of the Ministry of Construction responded the recommendations of Binh Tan Consumer Goods Production Co., Ltd regarding the interest rate of loan applicable to investment enterprises in social housing construction.

7.3- An Official Letter No. 4548 / NHNN-TD dated June 16, 2017 of the State Bank of Vietnam responded 2 recommendations of Binh Tan Consumer Goods Production Co., Ltd, including: Recommended to the State to support policies on reduction of loan interest rates for Binh Tan Consumer Goods Production Co., Ltd; to reduce loan interest rates for investors of social housing projects.

 7.4- An Official Letter No. 3272 / UBND-KT dated June 16, 2017 of Phu Yen People's Committee announced the results of 2 recommendations of Mr. Luong Viet Tien, who is a Director of An Viet Nong Company for supporting implementation of clean agricultural investment projects include: Requested for a loan from a package of VND 100 trillion under the program on loans for encouraging the development of hi-tech agriculture and clean agriculture under Resolution No. 30 / NQ-CP dated 07 March 3, 2017 of the Government; The company wants to access funds from Small and Medium Enterprises Development Funds of Ministry of Plan and Investment and SME Credit Guarantee Fund in Phu Yen Province (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5682 / VPCP-DMDN dated June 1, 2017 of the Government Office).

7.5- An Official letter No. 2556 / BHXH-BT of Vietnam Social Insurance dated June 21, 2017 responded the recommendation of Ms. Le To Quyen, owner of Hong Hai Dang Trade and Tourism Co., ltd in Phu Quoc Island on the social insurance of Phu Quoc Island to collect arrears of social insurance premiums of the Hong Hai Dang Company. The Vietnam Social Insurance assigned social insurance of Kien Giang Province to meet Ms. Le To Quyen and completely resolved the recommendation (in reply to the Official Letter No. 5958 / VPCP-DMDN dated June 8, 2017 of the Government’s Office).

8. Recommendations of VCCI aggregated and submited to the Government’s Office in May 2017:

- In May, VCCI gathered 27 recommendations from businesses to the Government’s Office. On June 23, the Government’s Office issued an Official Letter No. 6544 / VPCP-DMDN announcing the opinions of Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue to the concerned ministries, branches and localities for study and settlement. Until June 30, 2017, VCCI has not received written responses of ministries, branches and localities.

- VCCI shall continue to monitor the resolution of the authorities to synthesize reports to the Government and notify enterprises.

.- In May, VCCI received 62 recommendations by the Government’s Office that received through the system of receiving and responding to recommendations on the Government's E- portal. So far, there are 17 precommendations that have not been answered (with the list attached). VCCI requests the Government’s Office to continue urging the ministries, branches and localities to respond enterprises. Some ministries, branches and localities did not inform the VCCI, so it has caused difficulties in monitoring the resolution of the VCCI.


In June 2017, VCCI carried out the following tasks:

1. Implemented activities contributing to administrative reform, created favorable conditions for enterprises; created a favorable environment to support start-up and innovative enterprises; ensured rights on business, equal access to resources and business opportunities of enterprises; reduced business costs for businesses and protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises:

- During the month, VCCI completed the comments and continued to comment on drafts: The Law on amendment and supplement of some articles of the Law on physical training and sports; The Decree on  amending and supplementing some articles of Decree 60/2014 / ND-CP on printing activities; The Decree on conditions for production, assembly and import business and automobile warranty and maintenance services; the Decree on guiding the implementation of the Law on Product and Goods Quality; Decree on amending and supplementing the Decree No. 37/2006 / ND-CP detailing the Commercial Law on trade promotion activities. The Circular on regulating the stamp of prevention and anti-counterfeit printing, illegal copying of publications; The Prime Minister's directive on continuing the implementation of Resolution 35-NQ / CP with the spirit of: Accompanying with businesses. Review and recommendation on business conditions in the fields of industry, transport, science and technology; Decision of the Government’s Prime Minister that promulgates the scheme on renewing and intensifying the application of information technology in law dissemination and education in the 2017-2021 period; The Circular of the Minister of Justice promulgating the criteria for evaluation on the effectiveness of dissemination and education of law.

- Coordinated to organize the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) in mid-2017 with the theme of "Moving forward together - the foreign investment sectors and domestic private sectors in the new context of the global economy" . The forum was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue; representatives of ministries, branches, international organizations, trade associations, donors, diplomatic agencies and the Vietnamese business community. The Mid-term Forum 2017 will focus on finding solutions to link the domestic private sector to the foreign direct investment (FDI) sector and to the global economy. Meanwhile, representatives of the research and investment groups of VBF on investment and trade; bank; supporting industry; automobile industry; electricity and energy.

Reported the impact of a number of global policies such as Brexit, TPP, Donald Trump policies, EVFTA, RCEP, the Fourth Industrial Revolution ... to the Vietnamese economy and the foreign investment capital inflows into Vietnam. How to maintain and attract private sector funding in the current context and to link the foreign investment enterprises with the domestic oenterprises effectively. In addition, the Forum also assembled assessments on solutions to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement through the review of the Law on Investment and Law on Enterprises after two years of implementation together with other laws such as Law on Real Estate Business and Law on Housing; Law on Securities; Labor Code; Law on Tax , ... and feedback from international organizations.

- Organized a workshop on "Business conditions and business freedom in Vietnam" in Hanoi on June 30, The seminar attracted about 150 participants including experts, associations, enterprises, agencies, newspapers and dozens of delegates to discuss and contribute to the improvement of the business environment of Vietnam. At the workshop, VCCI consulted a brief review of business conditions in Vietnam including 2 parts: "Conditional business lines - Identification and Recommendations" and "Business conditions of the number of branches and trades under the management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Science and Technology - Identification and Recommendation". The report that VCCI is developing shows that in the list of 143 conditional businesses in the appendix of the Law on Investment, there are currently 16 unsuitable lines of business such as service activities of commercial arbitration organizations.

Dealing debt trading; production and repair of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders; rice export; trading in temporary import and re-export of frozen food; trading logistics services; warranty service; car maintenance, shipping agency services; management and operation services of condominiums; management and operation of cremation facilities; production of helmets; production and distribution services; popular movie; traveling; performing arts and fashion shows services ... In addition, there were also 10 business lines that VCCI assessed, the scope of control was not appropriate such as food business under the specialized management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade; franchising; trading seafood; trading aquatic food and animal feed; trading plant protection drugs; Trading foods in the field of specialized management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

- Organized a workshop on "Transformation of business households into enterprises - Current situation and solutions" for business households in Hanoi. Along with the development of economic sectors, the private sector, in which business households have been growing in numbers (according to statistics of the General Statistics Office until 2015, the country has over 4.75 million of business households) and have make a tremendous contribution to creating jobs and providing services to the economy. There are many families’ businesses have turned to enterprise’s model, but there are households that be still operating under the model of households’ business, even the households’ business have been operating with the size and turnover pretty great. Therefore, the seminar was organized in order to share between speakers and delegates. Found solutions to create a common voice in development of a favorable business environment, mechanisms of equitable and effective implementation, helped the number of household’s business which wish to grow into businesses increasing rapidly. The workshop proposed some solutions to support households’s business transformed into enterprises such as the State should prioritize the amendment of regulations on accounting and taxation suitable for small and medium enterprises; Reviewed the entire legal system to abolish the regulations that created obstacles and excessive legal burden on this type of enterprise in order to eliminate the anxiety of business households when they are transformed into enterprises; regarding tax policy: Exemption of license fee for 3 years for small and medium enterprises when changing the business’s model; supported small and medium enterprises aimed to develop their production and business so as to comply with the principles prescribed in the Law on Small and Medium Enterprise Support; used electronic invoices, electronic invoices with the tax office's code; Small and medium enterprises transformed from households’ business will inherit all rights, obligations and legitimate interests of business households according to the provisions of law.

- Coordinated with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to hold a conference on "Policy dialogue on environment and sustainable development" within a framework of activities under the "Month of Action for the Environment" in response to World Environment Day 2017. Attending the conference were leaders of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and some central ministries; Leader of the General Department of Environment; Representatives of People's Committees, Departments of Natural Resources and Environment of provinces and cities in the South; Representatives of the Management Board of Economic Zones, Industrial Zones, Southern business associations and 300 representatives of enterprises in the southern provinces. The conference focused on two areas: improving the legal system on environment and sustainable development in Vietnam and urgent environmental issues in the south in the current period. The conference provided the opportunity for frank dialogue between state management agencies on the environment and businesses, in order to provide suitable solutions for the business community to meet the environmental requirements in the context of the association, integrated into the international economy, created favorable conditions for enterprise development, promoted economic development in parallel with environmental protection towards the goal of sustainable development.

-Carried out an Action Program to Promote Integrity in Business: Developed a plan and prepare training materials for the organization of training courses for enterprises on code of conduct in order to meet the requirements of the Code of Conduct Anti-corruption.

+ Continued working with ministries, sectors (Government Inspectorate, Internal Affairs Department ...) to report, propose and recommend measures to support the promotion of business integrity in business.

- Continued to coordinate with localities to organize post-PCI activities: PCI Diagnostic Workshop in Lang Son Province (June 29); Coordinated PCI workshop in South Central and South East (June 2).

- Updated information and advice on trade remedies in the world and in Vietnam, updated the situation and made recommendations regarding the negotiation of the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and the FTAs. Vietnam (FTA Vietnam - EU, FTA Vietnam - Korea ...), RCEP.

- Continued monitoring and guiding the professional activities of the employers’ 'representatives for VCCI branches in the locality, the employers' councils at the local business associations when participating in the mechanism. The three sides of industry relations, especially involved in the settlement of labor disputes and cases of strikes or strikes not in accordance with law. At the same time, training courses on labor protection, occupational safety and hygiene in the provinces were organized.

 + Attended the first session of the National Salary Council to discuss the region's 2018 minimum wage increase on June 27, 2017. Various wage increases were offered for discussion by the parties. However, according to a research by VCCI, the minimum wage has gradually approached the GDP growth rate but still nearly double the CPI. Moreover, Vietnam is paying social insurance, health insurance, voluntary insurance and trade union fees paid by employers are highest as compared to other countries in the region. When raising minimum wage, the costs, especially  are labor costs will increase accordingly.. Therefore, the adjustment of the minimum wage applicable for 2018 should be considered at the appropriate level as well as ensure actual wages for employees, while ensuring the production and business activities of enterprises and create more jobs for employees, especially in the context as from January 1, 2018 onwards, the monthly salaries that pay for social insurance premiums are salaries, allowances and other supplements prescribed by the Labor Code as stated in the labor contract.

+ Organized a conference on propaganda and dialogue on social insurance, health insurance and voluntary insurance in Quang Ninh Province from June 29-30, 2017; Organized a policy consultation workshop on social insurance, health insurance, voluntary insurance between Vietnam Social Insurance and FDI enterprises in Hochiminh City on June 16, 2017; Organized a meeting to exchange and share international experiences on the role of the Coordination Committee for Enterprise’s activities and the Professional Quality Advisory Committee in Vocational Education on June 20, 2017 in Hanoi.

2. Carried out trade and investment promotion activities as well as programs and projects to support the raising of the competitiveness of enterprises and business associations:

- Organized the Vietnam-Czech Business Forum on the official visit of Mr. Milos Zeman, President of the Czech Republic to Vietnam. In spite of a stronger tendency, the bilateral trade has not reached the expectation of the two sides. Speaking at the forum, President Milos Zeman suggested that Vietnam - the Czech Republic should open direct flights, this would be a favorable condition for the business community of the two countries to have the opportunity to meet, visit and understand each other more often, more quickly and  narrow the distance between two countries. The flight would provide Czech access to more than 90 million people in the market as well as other ASEAN markets. Meanwhile, Vietnamese enterprises is also more favorable when approaching the Czech market and the EU market. At the forum, there were 14 businesses from the two countries signed seven contracts and memoranda of understanding, in which, outstanding was the economic contract for the construction of the Marina Cam Ranh Bay Resort and The Anam Resort Mui Ne of East Sea Travel and Air service group and Indovina Company with worth of US$ 20 million; Conditions for supplying goods and setting up exclusive distributors in Vietnam between Clinex and Dapharco with a value of $ 3.5 million over five years.

Organized a meeting of the Press Conference - Business in 2017 on the 92nd anniversary of the revolutionary press in Vietnam to promote the cooperation and accompany between businesses, businessmen and press agencies as well as the staff of newspapers in the propaganda, support, development of business community. The meeting was also an opportunity for businesses and newspaper regulators to exchange and discuss the role of the press and the cooperation between the press and the business community in the new era. This is also a practical activity organized by VCCI over the last four years to acknowledge the media and journalists on the occasion of Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day.

.- Collaborated with the Council of Entrepreneurs and Families to organize the "3rd anniversary of the founding Vietnam Council of Entrepreneurs and Family" and the workshop entitled "Professionalising the family’s enterprises." Family’s enterprises played a very important role in Vietnam's economy, and it showed that 100 largest family’s enterprises in Vietnam have contributed about a quarter of the country's GDP, has played a pioneering role in boosting the economic recovery after the crisis, boosting the spirit of start up. The Vietnam Businessmen & Families Council have brought together prominent businesses and businessmen in the Vietnamese business community to help family’s businesses successfully achieve their development’s goals.  At the ceremony, to honor individuals and collectives of members of Vietnam Family Business Council in building and development of the Council in particular, as well as actively contribution to the development of the Vietnam economy. In general, VCCI awarded the medal "For the cause of enterprise development" and Certificate of Merit "representative Entrepreneurs, Families’s Enterprises of Vietnam" for some members of the Council.

VCCI cooperated with the Central Propaganda Department to organize a voting program on  the press writing about the Business - Entrepreneur and the 5th Business Environment who have overcomed difficulties and the noble hearts to society. They are the cornerstone of the global entrepreneurial image, the example of community and society. At the same time, the voting program helped journalists to find more excellent writers in the newspapers. In addition, the voting program on Entrepreneurs, Businesses and the 5th  Business Environment were also implemented in the spirit of honoring enterprises and entrepreneurs such as Resolution 09-NQ / TW dated December 9, 2011 of the Politburo on development  and promotion of the role of Vietnamese businessmen in the period of accelerating industrialization, modernization and international integration.

- Other activities: Continued to prepare activities for APEC 2017; Organized a press conference to introduce activities related to enterprises organized by VCCI towards the senior week of APEC 2017; organized an Roadshow to introduce APEC in Japan; Organized the workshop on "Private economy - driving force of local economic development"; Organized a workshop to meet Vietnamese-Korean enterprises, Vietnam-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum (Shandong), Vietnam-Indonesia Business Matchmaking Conference

3. To summarize difficulties and problems of enterprises:

In June 2017, VCCI continued to coordinate with ministries, localities and business associations to bring together new business’s proposals. The list of new proposals is presented in the attached appendix.

In addition, VCCI also monitors the recommendations submitted by the Office of the Government as well as summarizes the situation of dealing with these proposals by ministries, sectors and localities. The summary table in Annexes 2 and 3 is attached of this report.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam would like to report to the Prime Minister

C/C :

As above;

Standing Committee;

- PCP (DMDN Dept);

- The Ministries of Health; Transport; Constructtion; Finance; Natural Resources and Environment; Diplomatic; Justice;State Bank of Vietnam;

The Supreme People's Procuracy of Vietnam;

- People's Committee of Thua Thien Hue, Lao Cai, Ha Noi and Long An Provinces

Saved: Archives and Admin (for synthetics).   

By: Translator: HaiYen - Business Information Center (BIZIC)


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