Report on a performance of the Resolution No. 35 / NQ-CP in third quarter 2018

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No: 2436 /PTM – VP

Report on a performance

of the Resolution No. 35 / NQ-CP in third quarter 2018


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HanoiOctober 24 2018



The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) is pleased to report on a performance of tasks assigned in the Resolution 35 / NQ-CP dated 16 May 2016 by the Government on supporting and developing businesses until 2020, in Third Quarter  2018 as follows:


1. The assembling and settling businesses’recommendations

In third quarter 2018, VCCI recorded 224 new recommendations from businesses and business associations (an increase of 79 recommendations, equivalent to 54.4% compared with the second quarter 2018), as follows:


Number ofrecommendationsreceived

Solved recommendations

Recommendations that weren’t solved
















The details in Annexes 1 and 2 are attached hereto



145 (achieved64,7%)

79 ((achieved35,3%)



Classification according to Ministries, branches and localities showed that ministries and agencies received many recommendations in third quarter 2018, including: Ministry of Finance: 47 recommendations; Ministry of Planning and Investment: 45 recommendations; Ministry of Construction; 26 recommendations; Ministry of Transportation: 17 recommendations; Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs: 13 recommendations; Ministry of Industry and Trade: 13 recommendations. Separately, these 6 ministriesreceived 161recommendations, accounting for 71% of the total number of recommendations in third quarter. Other ministries and localities received recommendations from other branches and localities. Numbers of provinces and cities that had many business recommendations such as Hanoi City, Dong Nai Province and Ho Chi Minh City...

- The main contents of the recommendations of businesses and associations include the following issues:

+Requested ministries and sectors to guide the implementation of legal regulations in such fields as bidding (the majority of monthly recommendations to the Ministry of Planning and Investment). The transportation (the quarter is the issuing of transportation business licenses to local transport businesses or the direct transportation business without 100% foreign capital); announcedtechnical regulation and conformity; labor (issuing work permits to foreigners, building wage scales and tables in businesses ...); Social insurance (maternity leave, welfare, bonus and welfare funds in the post-equitization business ...); taxpolicies; preferential policies; addressing the problems of businesses after equitization ...

+ Many businesses had problems when implementing tax and customs procedures such as issuing and using electronic invoices; allowing for retail invoices; refunding of value added tax; taxable form of transferring income from abroad; issuing value added invoices for receiving donations; declaring and deducting value added tax; Customs procedures for goods in transit at the first entry border gate; the actual inspection of goods of customs ...

+ The Ministry of Finance's Circular No. 44/2017 / TT / BTC dated May 12, 2017 continued  receiving many recommendation from businesses and business associations to propose amendments to the following contents: Price bracket for calculation of royalty tax for groups, the same physical and chemical resources; land price, sand leveling; construction sand prices, raw stone price (stone after blasting) ... This showed that the Circular has got many regulations needed to review and modify to be more suitable with the operation of businesses.

+ Businesses had many recommendations on investment, management and operation of apartment buildings such as selecting investors for commercial housing construction projects; apartment warranty; operation of the management of the apartment building; fire prevention for apartment; design the common ownership, private ownership of the apartment as well as the order and procedures of certification by the competent agency for these areas

+Drafted decree replacing the Government's Decree No. 86/2014 / ND-CP dated 10 September 2014 on the conditions of automobile transportation business despite the fact that the Ministry of Justice still has the appraisal stage. Continued receiving many recommendations of business associations (the Taxi Association of Hanoi,Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh Cities) and businesses on the contents: the signing of contracts between transport businesses and business enterprise of bus station; The reception of passengers at head offices, branches and representative offices of transport businesses; State management of e-commerce cars of 9 seats or less; the businesses must provide transportation contracts to the Department of Transport; transport business vehicles have their own colors to facilitate the identification and management ...

+ The issue of determining land rent and solving problems related to the business production of enterprises continued receiving many recommendationsthat were the cases were extended andnotresolved definitely such as: Recommendations of Hanoi Shoes Joint Stock Company; Recommendations of the Tu Dinh - Lao Cai Joint Stock Company; recommendations of Daklak Import-Export Investment Joint Stock Company; recommendations of the Vietnam Petroleum Institute; recommendations of Bao Khang Food Company Co., Ltd, Dong Nai Province; recommendations of Dai Loc Agricultural Products Joint Stock Company; Recommendations ofthe Amata Bien Hoa Urban Joint Stock Company; Recommendations of the Viet Nam Sepzone - Linh Trung Co., Ltd ...

+ The Japan Business Association in Vietnam made many recommendations on content of the drafted decree replacing the Decree No. 55/2013 / ND-CP detailing the implementation of Clause 3, Article 54 of the Labor Code. Regarding the licensing of subleasing of labor such as: Foreign investors get the business of subleasing labor? and if they are allowed to do business, the conditions of the foreign investor must be fulfilled when doing the business of subleasing the labor; The term of the subleasing of labor increased to 24 months instead of 12 months; supplemented the list of occupations permitted to sublease labor ...

+ Many business associations in the field of food processing (Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers, Vietnam Dairy Association, Transparent Food Association, Ho Chi Minh Food Association, the Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Association The American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, the European Business Association in Vietnam) and businessesrecommendedon difficulties in implementing the Circular No. 12/2017 / TT-BKHCN of the Ministry of Science and Technology such as the right of businesses to complain about the results of testing the quality of goods; The request for re-testing of the quality of goods at the designated testing establishments shall be the case where the results of first-time goods inspection are not in good quality.

Although the Ministry of Construction responded many times, many businesses still continued reflecting difficulties of businesses when implementing the Project on "Roadmap to Use White Amiang to Stop The Poduction of Roofing Amiang from 2023 ".

2. Responses to recommendations of the ministries, branches and localities

In the third quarter 2018, VCCI received 91 written requests for businesses’recommendations from 21 ministries, branches and localities (90 documents had received in the second quarter 2018),In which, there were 19 documents in July; 30 documents in August, 42 documents in September. These documents were fully disclosed on the VCCI website as provided in Resolution 35.

According to the VCCI, from January to September 31,2018, 112 recommendations from businesses and business associations that were not submitted by ministries, branches and localities, in which 92 recommendationsreceived bythe Government’s Office and informedto the VCCI and 20 recommendations received by the VCCI and transferred to the ministries, branches and localities. These recommendations were answered by the Ministries of Transport; Justice; Finance; Natural Resources and Environment; Agriculture and Rural Development; Science and technology; State bank of Vietnam, Industry and Trade; Medical; Planing and Investment; Police; Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and the People's Committees of Hanoi; Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh Cities; Hai Phong City and Lao Cai Province; Phu-Tho; Tuyen Quang; Bac Kan; Kien Giang; Tay Ninh; Vinh Phuc; Hai Duong; Dong Nai; Nam Dinh; Lang Son and  Bac Ninh Provinces.

Although the ministries responded to businesse’srecommendations very positive, but the volume of recommendations answered by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning and Investment were still quite a lot. However, the main reason for these two ministries received a large number of recommendations, many complicated and prolonged cases that want to solve needs to amend the legal documents. In general, the People's Committees of provinces and cities directly under the central government responded quite late, in addition, some ministries such as: Health; Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs; Natural Resources and Environment responded to many recommendations not on time. (See Appendix 4 attached to the report)

3. Assessment of the business community:

Business community highly appreciated the information on socio-economic situation in September and 9 months of 2018 that wascontinued positive changes. Restructuring the economy and transforming the growth model into more substantial. Large balances of the economy were guaranteed. Macroeconomic stability, inflation was controlled. Monetary, credit and securities markets developed steadily. Gross domestic product (GDP) in third quarter 2018 maintained at a high increase, estimated at 6.88%; The first nine months were estimated at 6.98% which is the highest in seven years. This positive information has created confidence for the business community to continue boosting production and business in the fourth quarter 2018, contributing to the target GDP growth in 2018 reached or exceeded the planthat be set forth. The survey by the General Statistics Office for the group of businesses in the processing industry showed that 52.5% of businesses rated the trend of quarter IV as better than the third quarter; only 11.7% of businesses had a forcast of more difficulties and 35.8% of businesses said that the business situation will be stable. The FDI sector is the most optimistic when 92.3% of businesses had a forecast of the production and business situation in Q4 to be better and stable compared to the previous quarter.This ratio is 87.5% and 86.9% respectively.

In third quarter 2018, plus the business and the social level of the high performance and the cuting the shrinking, business conditions, subsidiary permission of the Government and a number of ministries and branches, such as:

- The Prime Minister promulgated a Directive No.20 / CT-TTg on enhancing the reform of specialized inspection, reducing and simplifying business conditions. The directive evaluated some ministries and ministerial-level agencies that did not paid much attention to this task. In order to substantially reform the specialized inspection and reduce the business conditions, the Prime Minister's Directive required each ministers and heads of ministerial-level agencies to thoroughly grasp the reform of inspection activities. The reduction of business conditions is one of the important solutions to promote growth, liberate social resources.

- In the Government's regular meeting in September 2018, the Prime Minister requested ministries and agencies to finalize the draft of decree on business conditions to be promulgated in October, ensured implementation ofcutting 50% of business conditions as planned. Ministries will issue circulars to cut specialized inspection procedures, promoting customs clearance.

- Reported on the issuance of documents related to specialized inspection and business conditions by the PM's working group showed that: in the total of 6,141 business conditions that the ministries and branches developedto set up the plan to simplify, cut down 3,807 business conditions (reaching 61.3%, surpassing 11.3% of the required guidance of the Government and the Prime Minister at 50%).

By the end of September 2018, 1,133 business conditions were cut, representing 30% of the plan that ministries estimated to cut (increased 4.6% comparedwith Augustthat was 25.4%) ofIndustry and Trade, Construction, Transportation, Justice, Education and Training, Information and Communication, Agriculture and Rural Development. There were two ministries such as the Ministries of Industry and Trade, Constructioncompleted the simplification, cut down the business conditions and surpassed the targets set by the Government and the Prime Minister.

In the total of 9,926 lines of goods that were subject to specialized inspection and 120 inspection procedures, the ministries developed a simplified plan, cutting 6,300 lines of goods and 74 procedures. By the end of September 2015, 1,718 commodity lines were simplified (achieved 34.25% compared to the requirements of the Government, the Prime Minister and 28.32% in comparison to the plan of ministriesestimated to cut) and 30 procedures (achieved 50% in comparison to the requirements of the Government, the Prime Minister and 40.5% in comparison to the proposed plan that ministries estimated to cut).

- The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is collecting comments on the draft circular issuing the classification list of goods with HS code; The list of goods subject to specialized inspection shall be replaced by the Circular No. 24/2017 / TT-BNNPTNT on the HS codes for import and export specialized goods under the management of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The new circular is designed to be consistent with the provisions of the Circular No. 65/2017 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance, at the same time remove the same HS lines, the lines under the management of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development ... According to the draft Circular, there were 3,229 rows of goods with HS code (down from 7,698 lines in the Circular 24/2017 / TT-BNNPTNT); in which, the list of goods that had to check certificates before customs clearance was subject to the management of the Ministry of Rural and Agriculture that was 1675 lines, reaching the rate of 78.2%.


1. In third quarter 2018, the VCCI implemented the following tasks:

Carried out activities contributing to administrative reform, creating favorable conditions for businessescreated a favorable environment to support start-up and innovative businessesensured business rights, equal access to resources and business opportunities ofenterprisesreduced business costs for businesses and protect the legitimate rights and interests of businesses:

- The opinion of the business community was given to 35 projects, schemes, drafted legal documents, sub-law documents and policies of ministries and branches related to the operation of businesses, featured as: the Law on Public Administration; the Law on Tax Administration (amended); the Law on Criminal enforcement (amended); The revised Decree on business conditions under the management of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministries of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Transport, the Agriculture and Rural Development; Finance, Education and Training, Information and Communication,. The State Bank of Viet Nam; the Decree amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Decrees on conditions for doing business in the maritime field; the Decree amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Decree No. 104/2007 / ND-CP on debts collection service business; the Decree amending Decree 06/2016 / ND-CP on management, provision and use of radio and television broadcasting services; the Circular on the process of overcoming environmental incidents caused by oil spills on the sea; the Circular on the royalty tax calculation price; the Circular guiding the certification and management of deposits of multi-level sale businesses; particularly, the Prime Minister's directives on enhancing the prevention and effective handling of harassment and causing troubles for people and businesses in handling affairs.

- Presided and coordinated 20 important forums, conferences, seminars, discussions to discuss, propose and review policies and laws with the Party and the state related to socio- improving the business investment environment, improving the provincial competitiveness index, reforming administrative procedures and supporting the business community to actively contribute to the improvement of the quality of Institutional system and environment created favorable for the business community to developsome outstanding activities such as:

+ Coordinated the publication of the research report "Strengthening the Competitiveness and Sustainability of Vietnam" in Singapore and attending the SME Policy Forum on SMEs. The President of VCCI and the Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade of Singapore, the Premier of Andra Pradesh of India and the Director of Asian Competitiveness Institute (ACI) of Public Policies of theLee Kuan Yew Academy,Singapore National University chaired the workshop and the publication ceremony of the report. A thematic report co-organized by the VCCI and the ACI under the topic "Competitiveness of the Vietnamese economy: Current situation, problems and solutions", within the framework of the theory studyprogram of the period 2016 - 2020 of the Central Theoretical Council. The report focused on Viet Nam's progress, successes and achievements over the past period, challenges, potential and advantages in the coming period. On this basis, the report provided some suggestions to improve Vietnam's competitiveness capacity.

+ Organized a National Conference on Sustainable Development in 2018 with the theme "Enhancing Competitiveness, Realizing Sustainable Development Goals during the Industrial Revolution 4.0". The Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam and the Secretary of the Central Committee, the Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council Nguyen Xuan Thang attended and chaired the meeting. The conference was also attended by the Ministers of Science and Technology, Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; Representatives from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministries of Natural Resources and Environment, Industry and Trade; representatives of 66 international organizations in Vietnam, 30 embassies, diplomatic missions, 31 provinces / cities and more than 700 representatives from businesses and business associations nationwide and more than 100 representatives ofnewspaper agencies, domestic and international television stations to report on the conference.

+ Organized a Forum "Implementing the Resolution No. 10-NQ / TW: Continued improving the environment for private economic development". The forum attracted more than 350 participants, including economists, businessmen and representatives of business associations and press agencies. The forum focused on discussing the practical implementation of the Resolution and issues raised during the implementation of the contents of the resolution on the completion of the private economic development environment.

+ Coordinated the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) in mid-2018 with the theme "Linking domestic and foreign enterprises - Cooperation for mutual benefits". This was an important forum for dialogue between the Government and businesses, attracted more than 200 delegates, representatives of ministries, associations, domestic and foreign enterprises.

+ Organized a Seminar on "Review of business law in the first 6 months of 2018". The workshop synthesized business law developments and provided an assessment of the intrinsic effect of these developments from the business community perspective. At the seminar, VCCI released a report on business law in the first 6 months of 2018. The report identified the trend of reforming our economic institutions was increasingly completion in the direction of market economy, barriers business, state intervention in the market was gradually being removed. Many legal documents were issued to remove difficulties for businesses, especially documents at the decree level. However, for the process of reducing business conditions, the report recommended that it was necessary to strengthen the control and transparency mechanisms for the development of legal normative documents, overcome the current state of acceptance or non-acceptance of comments that based on the willingness of the lead drafting agency, and no other entities is currently considering this.

+ Organized a workshop on "Mekong Delta Economy in the first 6 months of 2018 - New opportunities from CPTPP and the rise of the Chinese market" in Can Tho. At the conference, VCCI made some comments on the performance of businesses in the first 6 months and forecast in the coming time. According to a survey conducted by the VCCI, nearly 42% of businesses in the Mekong Delta reported that their production and business activities were better, 45.2% were stable and about 13% had poorer production and business results compared with the same period last year. Most businesses felt that the business environment in the last months of the year would be stable with better levels and 90% expected business would be more favorable. Assessing the impact of increased tensions in US-China trade relations to Vietnamese firms, experts said that domestic firms currently have certain advantages in preventing shocks from out side such as stable macroeconomic factors, but impressive and even growth in commodities with open markets ...

+ Coordinated with the Ministry of Transport to organize a workshop to improve the Road Traffic Law (revised). The revised project focused on economic and management issues in the transport sector such as the mobilization of social resources to build road traffic infrastructure; legal framework for new vehicles, intelligent means of transport; application of information technology management, smart traffic management ... The conference also discussed many issues businesses thatwere having difficulty such as the problem of overlapping fees, the road maintenance, the taxi management technology, the vehicle identification numbercode ...

+ Organized a Forum on "Solutions to Promote Small and Medium Enterprise Funds" (SME) to discuss problems faced bybusinesses when approaching bank capital, and provide solutions to overcome difficulties and create favorable conditions for SMEs to develop in the spirit of the Resolution of the Central Committee - the XIIth Congress of the Party Central Committee on the development of the private economy. The forum attracted many economic experts, representatives of banks, credit organizations and more than 100 businesses.

Coordinated with the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM) to organize the seminar on "Policy Trends for the Economy of the Foundation" to exchange issues related to the nature of the economic foundation, provided policy solutions to the robust development of the current economic base.

+ Coordinated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment to organize the Forum "Vietnam Online Procurement 2018". The forum was organized with the objective of: communicating the message, vision and commitment of the Government on the implementation of online bidding; raising awareness of FSSP, disseminating new policies, features, benefits and applications of FNGOs; proposed ideas to improve policies and technologies to build the ecosystem for the FIC.

+ The VCCI system nationwide also organized many events such as "Dissemination of SME Laws for Associations and businesses" in Ha Tinh Province; a Conference on "Law on supporting small and medium businesses in new policies in applying to associations, businesses and individual business households" in Nghe An Province; a Conference on "Dissemination and Dialogue on Tax, Customs and C / O in 2018" in Lam Dong Province; the Workshop on "Giving Opinions on the Decree Guiding Import Tax and Export Tax" in Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho Province; a Conference on "Sharing Experience in Improving Business Investment Among Business Associations" in Hoà Bình Province; the Workshop on enhancing competitiveness and efficiency of trade promotion and investment in Soc Trang Province; Discussed with leaders of Bac Lieu Province on a number of issues on institutional reform, enhancement of competitiveness and enterprise development; a Forum to share models and good practices on business development and trade promotion and investment in Ca Mau Province; a Conference on "Dialogue with Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province Tax Sector" and "Dialogue with Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province’s customs" held in Vung Tau City; a Conference on "Dialogue Between Taxation, Customs and Business" held in Thanh Hoa City; ...

- Continued implementing the Provincial Competitiveness Enhancement Project (PCI), promoted the sharing of best practices in provincial economic governance. Continued providing consultancy, supportied and guidedon promotion of sharing of good practice experiences in provincial economic administration, assisted provinces and localities to carry out activities to raise their competitiveness, improved the provincial business environment in Bac Kan, Phu Tho, Hai Duong and Quang Tri Provinces.

+ Organized a workshop on "Central Vietnam - Central Highlands and shared good practice in economic management" in Hoi An and Quang NamProvinces. Many localities shared experiences in improving the business environment such as Quang Ninh Province with the speech of "Development Model of DDCI indicators, assessing departments, branches and districts", the Quang Nam Province with "sharing the model of improving the investment-business environment", Ben Tre Province with the speech of " Model to support start-up businesses - together startup businesses ".

- Continued implementing the integrity action program in business and support activities to implement the program of the circular economy.

- Continued monitoring and guiding the professional activities of the employers’ 'representative to the local VCCI branches, the employers' councils at the local business associations when participating in the three parties involved in labor relations, especially involved in the settlement of labor disputes and cases of strikes that be not in accordance with the law.

+ As a representative for employers in Vietnam, the VCCI and some business associations participated in the third meeting of the National Wage Council on agreement on the plan to increase the minimum wage in the five 2019. According to the results of the negotiation, the National Wage Council agreed on a plan to adjust the region's minimum wage increase in 2019 to 5.3% from 2018. The plan to increase wages will be submitted by the National Wage Council to the Government for making a decision to increase the salary in 2019.

+ Organized a Workshop on "Updating and Guiding the Implementation of New Policies on the Law on Wage andLabor" held in Danang; the Workshop on "The Latest Social Security Update and Electronic Transaction Guide for Employers in Enterprises" held in Vung Tau City; Consultation meeting on gender equity communication held in Vinh Phuc Province; Conference on social insurance, health insurance and voluntary insurance held in Binh Thuan Province ...

2. Carrying out trade and investment promotion activities as well as programs and projects to support the raising of the competitiveness ofbusinesses and business associations:

- Coordinated the activities and participation of the VCCI leaders in trade and investment promotion as well asstrengthening international integration at the national level such as:

+ Successfully organized a Vietnam Business Summit in 2018 (VBS) within the framework of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on ASEAN 2018. The conference was attended by the Government’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the Chairman of the World Economic Forum Borge Brende, together with the Ministers, local leaders, international organizations, academics and more than 1300 delegates, including over 500 foreign delegates who were the prestigious members of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and business delegations from United States, South Korea, China, India, Chile, Oman ... Together with business leaders, foreign businessassociation operating in Vietnam, embassies, diplomatic missions,economic organizations and international organizations in Vietnam. The VCCI’spresident Mr. Vu Tien Loc in his presentation emphasized the entrepreneurial spirit and the industrial Revolution 4.0 were the new drivers in the development of the global economy and the topic of the VBS 2018 conference. "Vietnam is a reliable business partner " which was the Vietnam's commitment to the world. At the meeting, the Government’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and President Borge Brende held talks with Vietnamese and international business communities. At the same time, at the discussion sessions, speakers and participants actively discussed new reforms and directions to enhance the competitiveness of the Vietnamese economy. At the end of the conference, Vietnamese delegates and foreign delegates met directly to discuss and seek new opportunities for cooperation. The success of the conference contributed to enhance Vietnam's prestige in the international arena, promoting the image of Vietnam as an important point of the global value chain for international investors. At the same time, VBS 2018 was an important foundation for Vietnam to host VBS 2019, making this event to be an important annual activity of the domestic and foreign business communities.

+ The President of VCCI joined a delegation of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to officially visit Russian Federation from September 5-8 , 2018. During the visit, the General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and President Vladimir Putin witnessed the signing of many cooperation documents between the two countries, a memorandum of cooperation between the Sovico Group and the Petroleum ZarubezneftGroup; signeda Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB), the International Investment Bank (IIB) and the International Bank for Economic Co-operation (IBEC) of Russian Federation. Attending the groundbreaking ceremony of TH milk factory located in Kaluga, Russia.

The VCCI signed a cooperation agreement with the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Russian Economic Forum and Russia Expo to promote trade promotion, investment and business expansion of the Vietnam - Russia Joint Business Council.

+ Chairman of VCCI attended and delivered a speech at the 9th Asia Business Summit (ABS), held in New Delhi, India. This is the annual conference of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Economic and Trade Unions, industry, large enterprises and regional research organizations to find solutions to deal with the challenges lied in the region and global, introduced Asia's dynamic sustainable growth model, optimized its growth potential as well as promoting integration and development of regional infrastructure. On this occasion, the President of VCCI met with the President of the Japan Economic Forum (Keidanren), the President of the Federation of Indian Industries (CII), the President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce (FICCI) ), discussed policies of boosting Vietnam's economic, trade and investment relations with strategic partners of Vietnam such as Japan and India.

+ The President of VCCI participated in the Forbes Business Forum 2018 with the theme "Creating sustainable growth" held by Forbe Magazine in Ho Chi Minh City. The forum attracted more than 400 delegates, leading business leaders, experts, thinkers and policymakersand discussed strategies to ensure sustainable growth through long-term investments in industry. the core industry that Vietnam is capable development. At the forum, thepresident of VCCI introduced a number of orientations and macro solutions for business development, while listening to ideas and aspirations from businesses.Looking for a vision to improve the investment environment, business for private development.

+ Attended the third APEC Business Advisory Council (APEC) meeting in 2018 in Malaysia from July 23-25, 2018. The topics discussed during the session included: (1) regional economic integration, (2) sustainable development, (3) micro, small and medium enterprises, (4) finance and economics, (5) digital technology and creativity.

- Coordinated with other ministries, sectors, localities to organize many trade promotion activities - domestic and foreign investment, training enterprises, including many outstanding activities such as:

+ Coordinated with American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AmCham) to successfully hold the Vietnam-US Business Summit in 2018. The conference was held on September 10, the Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, the Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Quang Vinh,the  US Ambassador Daniel J. Kritenbrink, the US Vice President for International Trade Gilbert Kaplan and many other leadersfrom large enterprises of the two countries. Speaking at the meeting, the president of VCCI, Mr. Vu Tien Loc said that the thinking of digitizing the economy, promoting the creative economy was a common concern of the business community of the two sides in the current context. Linking the two economies was an important solution for boosting and enhancing the efficiency of the bilateral cooperation. Under the theme "shaping the future of Vietnam-US economic relations," participants discussed the focus of the US-Vietnam economic relationship, the way of connecting the digital economy, strengthening and expanding bilateral, regional and global cooperation.

+ Coordinated with the Francophonie International Organization (OIF) to organize the first Asia Pacific Forum - Doing Business in the Francophone Community. This activity was part of the OIF-initiated program on "Promoting Employment through Women and Youth", launched in 2015with aimsto promote sustainable and inclusive growth with a focus on job creation through a development of innovative entrepreneurship of women and youth in the areas of high employment potential. Attended in the event that were representatives of leaders from central ministries, French Embassy in Vietnam, investment promotion agencies in Africa, bank leaders, cotton and textile associations,the Central African Economic and Monetary Community, textile and apparel businesses and other business activities in 10 other countries in the Asia Pacific region. Under the theme on "Support for start-ups in Asia-Pacific".

+ Organized Vietnam - Bulgaria Business Forum in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. in the framework of the visit of the Economic Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria. Through the Forum, senior leaders of the two countries agreed to develop a model of new economic cooperation between the two sides developed on the basis of utilizing the potentials and strengths of the two countries, accordingly, Vietnam can export some of these products that were exported to Bulgaria, and then exported to the European and Balkan markets.

+ Coordinated with Economic Commission of Japan - Vietnam, under the Japan Economic Federation (Keidanren) held a program to meet and connect business with the participation of 56 Japanese enterprises and 20 large enterprises and corporations of Vietnam. At the meeting, the VCCI proposed establishing a Vietnam-Japan Economic Commission similar to that set up by the Keidanren Committee, which aimed to further promote the two countries' economic ties. The VCCI requested Japanese businesses to apply science and technology in natural disaster prevention and mitigation, climate change and wish the two sides to cooperate in this field, recording and communicating the proposals and recommendations of relevant agencies, departments. Participants in the meeting also provided specific information on future cooperation opportunities.

+ Coordinated with the Hong Kong Trade Development Authority (HKTDC) to link and promote investment and trading between Vietnamese banks with three Hong Kong banks:the Hang Seng Bank Limited, the Chong Hing Bank Limited and the Bank of East Asia Limited. Accordingly, the parties committed to cooperate comprehensively and permanently in the banking sector such as sharing experiences in investment and financial management, introducing partners, seeking and implementinginvestment projects, especially in credit activities for domestic and foreign enterprises that have demand for investment capital, diversified development and optimization of financial services, maximize exploitation of all potentials, creating business efficiency, increasing position in the financial market.

+ Cooperated with the association of small and medium producers in Altai area, Russia to organize a meeting for connection of business between enterprises of the two countries in Hanoi. The two sides exchanged views on the market and sought business partners in areas such as food processing and distribution, agricultural machinery, petrochemicals, oil and gas, design and construction in the power industry, steel castings...

+ Organized a business delegation to attend the 15th Caexpo exhibition in Nanning, China; organizeda Vietnam-Korea Business Connection Conference; organized a round table on trade exchange between Vietnam and Ivory Coast; signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the VCCI and the Kyushu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Japan) to assist importers and exporters in the field of agricultural products; organized a Vietnam-China Trade Exchange Forum in Ho Chi Minh City; organized a roundtable on "Business Opportunities in Hong Kong for Vietnamese Businesses" in Ho Chi Minh City; coordinated with the Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association to carry out trade exchange and exchange activities between enterprises of the two countries such as: Trade exchange between Vietnam and Korea in the food sector in Ho Chi Minh City. Organized a seminar on Korean health in Vietnam…

+ Organized about 176 training courses nationwide for more than 7,000 corporate employees on the contents related to the operation of businesses.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam is sincerely pleased to report to the Government’s Prime Minister.

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By: Translator: HaiYen - Business Information Center (BIZIC)


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