Report on a performance of the Resolution No. 35 / NQ-CP in May 2019

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No:  1336/PTM – VP

Report on a performance

of the Resolution No. 35 / NQ-CP in May 2019


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Hanoi, 18th June, 2019


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) is pleased to report on a performance of tasks assigned in the Resolution 35 / NQ-CP dated 16 May 2016 by the Government on supporting and developing businesses until 2020, solving difficulties, obstacles and recommendations of businesses in May 2019 as follows:


The implementation of gathering and resolving businesses' recommendations in May 2019

In May 2019, the VCCI listed 123 new recommendations of businesses and business associations sent to 25 ministries, branches and localities (an increase of 33 recommendations compared to April 2019). As of the end of May 31, 2019, there were 36 recommendations answered, and 87 recommendations have not been answered, in which the number of recommendations that were beyond the time limit for response was 17 accounting for 19.5%, the remaining 70 recommendations were still within the deadline for response.

Details of the data and contents of the new recommendations were presented in Appendix 1, Appendix 2 attached to the report. The deadline for resolution of recommendations shall be calculated by VCCI and requested by the Government Office at the dispatch to ministries, branches and localities.

The main contents in the proposals of enterprises and business associations mainly requested for guiding the provisions of law to implement. In addition, there were a number of recommendations on law development and some specific cases of enterprises. Some main contents  were included as follows:

- The Ministry of Planning and Investment received 31 recommendations of businesses, which received the most recommendations in the month (answered 13 recommendations, 18 recommendations unanswered, in which 14 recommendations were still in due,  4 recommendations were overdue). The basic contents proposed that were to guide the implementation of policies and laws, including 17/30 proposing guidelines on bidding for the following contents: Measures prevented the situation of preventing access to bidding documents for bidding packages that not bidding online; application of construction contract type for consultancy bidding packages; problems when applying the Bidding Law in the implementation of investment projects; guidelines for online bidding under the process issued together with the Circular No. 04/2017 / TT-BKHĐT; validity of the results of bid evaluation reports; determined state capital and scope of regulation of the Bidding Law ...

Some businesses proposed guiding the implementation of other contents including: additional registration of industries with CPC code of foreign-invested businesses; guided the project implementation of 100% foreign-invested investors that established enterprises in Vietnam; guided procedures for supplementing conditional business lines for foreign-invested enterprises; guide procedures to adjust investment projects of Honda Vietnam Company; problems when implementing the investment project of cold rolled stainless steel factory of Yong Jin Metal Company in Long Giang Industrial Park, Tien Giang Province; removing difficulties related to adjusting the scale of the project LG CHEM HAI PHONG ENGINEERING PLASTICS Co., Ltd; difficulties in implementing investment projects, construction, management and exploitation of markets in Kbang town, KBang District, Gia Lai Province ...

- The Ministry of Finance received 30 recommendations of businesses (responded 10 recommendations 20 recommendations were unanswered, in which 13 recommendations were in due and 7 recommendations were overdue). The contents of recommendations included up to 16 businesses that proposed regarding tax administrative procedures and tax policies such as VAT refund under the Circular 130/2016 / TT-BTC; VAT, handling after the termination of investment projects; tax rate for garment processing industry; VAT for technology transfer activities; tax and tax policy between domestic and foreign enterprises; VAT refund for enterprises with investment projects in the same province or city; current VAT; export taxes on wood chips ...

 Some businesses proposed to guide the implementation of the law in such issues as: the regime of implementing autonomy for public non-business units guaranteed by the State with 100% of operation funding; sorting of goods on "land cultivators"; continuous opening customs declaration of red stream; current sale activities in outside of province; time of results and analyzing export goods; update information on legal representatives on the website of the General Department of Taxation; opening a declaration according to the type of E62 for goods delivered under the designation of foreign traders in Vietnam; ...

Some outstanding recommendations, the number of businesses have many recommendations such as:

+ The Korea Trade and Industry Association (KOCHAM) and a number of businesses operating in the supporting industry reflected at the Conference on dialogues and policies on tax and customs administration in 2018, the Ministry Finance and the General Department of Taxation answered that investment projects to support industrial products made before January 1, 2015 were not entitled to corporate income tax incentives in the area of ​​production of industrial products supported development priority according to the provisions of Law No. 71. Realizing that this was a big issue related to investment incentive policies and many businesses, the VCCI gathered ideas from businesses and had the official correspondence with the Ministry of Finance to propose holding a dialogue with this group of businesses.

+ The Huynh Tran Company Co., Ltd reflected the post-customs clearance inspection by Customs Department of the CSG KV4 (ICD1) after March 15, 2019 to April 29, 2019, but received another announcement on 13 May 2019  and another report No. 659 / STQ-ĐQQ (April 25, 2019) on post-clearance inspection from April 2014 to 2019. The post-clearance inspection continued causing difficulties for businesses in production and business activities that was contrary to the Government’s Prime Minister's direction on conducting and inspecting businesses once a year.

- The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment received 10 recommendations of businesses (answered 1 recommendation, remained 9 recommendations that were unanswered, in which there were 8 recommendations still be in due, 1 recommendation was overdue). The contents of recommendations included: How to determine the area of ​​resettlement apartments to record in land use right certificates; preferential loans in environmental treatment; procedures for granting land use right certificates to auction companies; procedures for registering mortgage of land use rights; guiding the completion of the application file for changing the head office of the company; guiding the conversion of land use purposes after dissolution of businesses; policies for leasing land for small businesses; solving problems of auction results of commercial residential project in Can Duoc Town, Can Duoc District, Long An Province.

Through monitoring, the VCCI found that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment resolved /slowly answered businesses' recommendations. In April 2019, the Ministry received 6 recommendations, so far the response time was expired, but the Ministry did not answer recommendations yet.

- The Ministry of Construction received 9 recommendations of businesses (answered 2 recommendations, remained 7 recommendations that were unanswered, in which 5 recommendations were still in due, 2 recommendations were overdue). The contents of recommendations all requested guiding the implementation of the law on: implementing the settlement for projects that be subject to inspection; the adjustment of project cost estimates; procedures for export of ordinary building materials; transfer projects; mechanism for officetel apartment type (office with residence function).

+ Vietnam Roofing Association had a document to send leaders of the Party, State and many ministries to propose the Project on the "roadmap stoping  use of chrysotile to stoping use of chrysotile sheets from 2023". The opinion of the Association was to oppose the implementation of this scheme. This was the problem that associations and businesses have proposed for many years. The Ministry of Construction and other ministries and functional agencies have issued explanatory documents several times but have not convinced the Association and businesses.

- The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs received 8 recommendations of businesses (answered 5 recommendations, remained 3 recommendations that were unanswered, including 1 recommendation was in due, 2 precommendation were overdue). The contents of recommendations all requested guiding the implementation of the law on guiding the licensing of labor sublease activities; regimes for female workers and determination of wages used to pay for maternity and sickness regimes; labor accident compensation policy; paying salary to managers and employees at businesses; allowances when dissolving a company; responsibility of the employer when the employee has an accident; severance allowances for probation and labor contracts after May 1, 2013 ...

- The Ministry of Health received 7 recommendations of businesses with the following contents: Proposing guidance on medical examination and treatment facilities and medical services to implement the Decree No. 109/2016 / ND-CP dated July 1, 2016 of the Government, the Decree No. 155/2018 / ND-CP dated November 12, 2018 of the Government; procedures for obtaining certificates of establishments meeting all conditions for food hygiene and safety; proposing Dong Nai Social Insurance to creating conditions for medical examination and treatment with health insurance ...

- The Ministry of Science and Technology received 6 recommendations of businesses (answered 0 recommendation, remained 6 recommendations that were unanswered, in which 6 recommendations were in date, 0 recommendations was overdue). Contents of recommendations: Proposing technological solutions to creating breakthroughs in the field of teaching, learning and evaluating English proficiency for Vietnamese people; instructions for registering trademarks and brands that explained in Article 148 of the Intellectual Property Law; requesting resolution for invalidation of the trademark registration certificate "kita’s" ...

- Businesses also proposed some contents under the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Transport and the State Bank; the Department of Defense; the Police; the Ministry of Information and Communications; the Ministry of Justice; the Ministry of Education and Training; the Hanoi People's Committee and Dak Lak, Son La, Bac Giang, Khanh Hoa, Kien Giang Provinces, some outstanding contents such as: guiding the implementation of the Decision 765 / QD-BCT dated March 29, 2019 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the list of goods that be subject to specialized good items that cut inspection regarding textiles and garments sold to customers in export processing zones; establishment of representative offices for foreign individual investors; guiding issues regarding the granting of temporary residence cards for foreigners; licensing procedures for aircraft repair and processing establishments; guiding payment for sales contracts with foreign companies; procedures for issuing a certificate of registration of using a photocopy function; proposing lease land for redundant career buildings that were no longer needed for use; proposing pilot implementation of new cooperative as Lan Anh Phu Quoc Oai; ...

2. The implementation of recommendations response of ministries, branches and localities

In May 2019, the VCCI received 56 recommendations responding to recommendations of businesses of 10 ministries, branches and localities (increasing 39 documents compared to April 2019). These documents were fully posted by the VCCI on the VCCI Website as stipulated in the Resolution 35. (Detailed in Appendix 3 attached to the report)

In general, ministries and agencies responded to businesses' requests quite promptly, and the number of recommendation for overdue response was low: The Ministry of Planning and Investment; The financial; Ministry of Construction; The State Bank, in which, the Ministry of Planning and Investment is the only Ministry that did not have backlogs of previous months. Some ministries and agencies responded quite slowly to recommendations such as: the Ministry of Health; the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs; the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; the Hanoi People's Committee

Through VCCI’s monitoring, from January 1, 2019 to end of May 31, 2019, there were 141 recommendations of businesses and business associations were not answered by ministries, branches and localities. Many recommendations were transferred from the Government’s Office and the VCCI since the beginning of 2019, but they were not resolved. Ministries and agencies had many unanswered recommendations including: the Ministry of Finance 36 recommendations; the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment: 19 recommendations; the Ministry of Planning and Investment 18 recommendations; the Ministry of Health: 12 recommendations; .... For localities, there were 9 provinces and cities directly under the central government that were responded to recommendation of businesses in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Lao Cai, Quang Ngai and Bac Giang; Ninh Binh; Binh Phuoc, Dak Lak, Kien Giang, in which Hanoi People's Committee existed most answered recommendations with 6 recommendations.

Details of unanswered recommendations and handling responsibilities of ministries, sectors and localities were presented in Appendix 1, Appendix 2 and Appendix 4 attached to the report.

Proposing the Government’s Office continued urging ministries, branches and localities to give a complete answer to the proposals of enterprises.


  1. In May 2019, the VCCI deployed assigned tasks as follows:

 Implementation of  activities contributed to administrative reform and facilitate businesses; created a favorable environment to support start-up businesses and innovative businesses; ensured business rights, equal rights to access business resources and business opportunities; reduced business costs for businesses and protect legitimate rights and interests of businesses:

- VCCI made comments on a number of draft legal documents such as: The Decree amending the Import and Export Tariff; The Decree replaced the Decree 86/2014 / ND-CP on business and transportation business conditions by cars; The Decree amends and supplements a number of articles of the Government's Decree No. 148/2016 / ND-CP dated November 4, 2016, detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Market Management Ordinance; the Decree regulating specific intensive training in the health sector; the Circular on purchasing, selling and handling bad debts of asset management companies of Vietnamese credit institutions; the Circular specified criteria for compliance assessment and organization of compliance assessment of customs laws for import and export businesses, transit of goods and some other important guiding documents such as guiding circulars. The Decree 43/2017 / ND-CP on goods labels; the Circular amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Circular No. 39/2014 / TT-NHNN guiding payment intermediary services; the Circular amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Circular No. 24/2015 / TT-BTTTT regulating the management and use of Internet resources; The Circular guides the Decree on ASEAN customs transit procedures; the Circular on special control for credit institutions. Details of comments were updated at:

- In the framework of the Vietnam Private Economic Forum 2019, the President of the VCCI co-chaired the symposium on "Actively effective exploitation of the CPTPP Agreement for developing breakthroughs". Participated in dialogue at the plenary session of the Forum, the President of the VCCI presented an important recommendation of 10 specific points with the aim of building a generation of ethnic industrialists, increased the productivity of private sector from that increases Vietnam's ability to connect to the global value chain with a strong message: Government creation - people starting up business - institutional reforms and business upgrading needed to be parallel to ensure fast and sustainable development.

- Organized a workshop to review 10 years of implementing the Campaign on "Vietnamese people giving priority to using Vietnamese goods". In the past 10 years, the VCCI has always followed the program and plan of the Central Steering Committee for the Campaign "Vietnamese people giving priority to using Vietnamese goods" to guide units and enterprises to implement many activities such as: Held the launching ceremony of the program: "Vietnamese goods conquer Vietnamese people"; organized 670 training courses, seminars and workshops to support improving the competitiveness of businesses; organized many activities to connect production units and product suppliers with enterprises / units that need to consume and distribute products ...; actively propagated and mobilized businesses, owners of production establishments and people to accompany Vietnamese goods; coordinated with news agencies, newspapers to build game show programs, categories reflecting topics related to Vietnamese people who prioritized using Vietnamese goods, promoted Vietnamese products, enhanced receiving to consume Vietnamese goods in the purchase and consumption of individuals and attached units using public funding to prioritize the use of domestic goods in capital construction to procure equipment and facilities in service of work, office supplies ... From the positive impact of the campaign, many businesses’ member of the VCCI in particular and the business community in general have expanded distribution channels and agent development in many provinces and cities in the whole country with increasingly consumption of products.

- Coordinated with the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs and the Committee of Social Affairs of the National Assembly to organize a workshop on "Making suggestions to amending the draft Labor Code from the business community" on May 14 2019 in Hanoi. The workshop attracted the participation of numerous representatives of domestic and foreign business associations, business leaders, employers' representatives. The workshop focused on discussing the shortcomings of the current Labor Code and some important amendments and supplements of the draft Labor Law (amended and supplemented) such as adjusting the retirement age, expanded the agreement on the overtime of businesses, the issue of minimum wage, unification of the working hours in the whole country, regulations on organizations representing employers ... These were all hot issues, received many critical comments in the process of obtaining opinions for law development. Comments of participants of the Workshop were prepared and received to revise the draft before the Law submited to the National Assembly for the 7th session of the XIV National Assembly.

- Coordinated with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to organize a workshop on "Private role in public service provision" on May 15, 2019 in Hanoi. "Developing the public non-business service market and strongly attracting the economic sectors to participate in the development of public non-business services" is an important goal set in the Central Resolution 6 of the Central Executive Committee, Session XII. However, the socialization of public services was still very slow compared to the process of economic renovation and there were many limitations. Given this fact, the workshop was organized to appreciate the real role of the private sector in providing current public services, identified legal and practical barriers to proposing solutions to remove. Removed and contributed to the reform of the state administrative apparatus to promote private investment in public service provision. In view of the VCCI, opening and mobilizing the participation of the private sector in providing goods and services to the society brought about many practical benefits: socialization of public services to help the state collect compact state management apparatus in accordance with the core functions, focused on building and perfecting institutions; private participation in public services contributed to mobilizing many social resources, improved the quality of public services, met the needs of beneficiaries, increased the competitiveness of the service sector in particular. and Vietnam's economy in general.

- Leaders of the VCCI and professional units participated in activities of law development and policy comments such as: co-chairing the Conference "Supervising specialized inspection solutions, reducing goods clearance time. import and export”; attended the meeting of the Advisory Council on Administrative Procedures Reform of the Government’s Prime Minister; meeting of the Social Insurance Management Council; leading the implementation of the Thematic Report on "Opportunities and Challenges of Vietnam in the process of international economic integration"; commented on the draft study report joining the Singapore Convention on reconciliation; commented on the negotiation plan for FTA Vietnam - Israel import tax; commented on the plan to negotiate Vietnam's import tax on India in the ASEAN + 6 Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) ...

- Continued post-announcement activities to announce the Provincial Competitiveness Assessment Index (PCI) 2018: attended conferences and seminars and had PCI analysis and evaluation papers in Quang Ninh localities, Tuyen Quang, Nam Dinh, Lam Dong Provinces; prepared for PCI 2018 and diagnostic workshops for the provinces of An Giang, Can Tho, Lam Dong, Quang Ngai, Vinh Long, Binh Phuoc, Soc Trang Provinces as well as the Mekong Delta Conference; continued consulting, supporting and guiding work at the request of provinces and localities to implement activities to improve competitiveness and improve the business environment at the provincial level; implemented procedures for approving PCI project 2019-2022.

- Continued post-announcement activities to announce the Provincial Competitiveness Assessment Index (PCI): 2018.  coordinated with localities to organize PCI diagnostic workshops in Ca Mau, Hau Giang, Tra Vinh, Kien Giang Provinces and Hanoi City; regional PCI Conference for the People's Council of the Mekong Delta, Central Highlands and Southeast; implemented procedures for approving PCI project 2019-2022; continued coordinating with the Asian Foundation to implement the "Overall assessment of businesses' resilience" integrated in the PCI survey ...

- Continued implementing the Action Program promoting business Integrity: deployed a publishing plan Research report on "Applying internal control mechanisms and CoC Code of Conduct in Vietnamese businesses: Current situation and some recommendations”; developed training materials on internal control (IC) and codes of conduct in anti-corruption (CoC); implemented activities within the framework of the Regional Project on "promoting a fair business environment in ASEAN" implemented by UNDP ...

- Continued carrying out activities under the Program of Recirculating Economy: Continued conducting research activities to build secondary materials market in the paper and plastic industry; prepared a survey of businesses' status after three years of applying the CSI Index; coordinated with Ho Chi Minh City Urban Environment Company to prepare a survey to evaluate the pilot implementation of the "No emissions into nature" initiative (ZWTN) in Tan Phu District (Ho Chi Minh City).; updated and adjusted the Ministry of Sustainable Enterprise Index (CSI) in 2019; Worked with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) on cooperation to organize training on CSI and GRI for enterprises listed in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange ...

2. Implementation of trade and investment promotion activities and programs as well as projects to support the competitiveness of businesses and business associations:

- On the occasion of the Government’s  Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc's official visit to the Russian Federation, the Kingdom of Norway and the Kingdom of Sweden from May 20-29, 2019, the President of VCCI led a delegation of businesses to accompany the Government’s Prime Minister, businessess participating in the delegation were large State and private corporations operating in important sectors of the economy such as post and telecommunications, oil and gas, finance, banking and investment, textile, finance - investment, general trade, industrial materials and equipment, tourism, construction and infrastructure development, labor export ...Which have been cooperating with enterprises or have the potential to develop cooperative relations with businesses in the above countries.

In the framework of the trip, the VCCI cooperated with partners to organize Vietnam - Russia, Vietnam - Norway and Vietnam - Sweden Business Forum and many effective trade and investment promotion activities. attracting nearly 200 indigenous enterprises to attend each forum to share the investment and business environment, the potential for developing cooperative relations and business experiences in each country as well as direct contact to search opportunities for cooperation with Vietnamese businesses. At the Forums, many cooperation agreements and large-value contracts were signed between Vietnamese and Russian enterprises, such as Russia, Norway: Cooperation agreement between the Post Corporation Vietnam Telecommunications (VNPT) and Rostelecom Group on identification system, integrated biometric system, network security and intelligent transportation system; Memorandum of understanding between Scatec Solar and MTEC on cooperation in developing solar energy project in Binh Phuoc, Nghe An and Quang Tri Provinces with a total value of USD 500 million; The contract of selling and processing agricultural products between Viet Xanh Agricultural Product Processing Joint Stock Company and AM Overseas., Ltd worth USD 20 million; The agreement between VNPT and Fors Group (Russia) and Erisson (Sweden) on the ability to integrate products and solutions of these two  groups into the ecosystem of VNPT's products and services; Cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Science and Technology with ABB Group, Uppsala University and Karolinska Academy of Sweden on the application of technology in scientific research and production. In addition, the VCCI has also signed a Cooperation Agreement with partners including the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Norwegian Trade and Investment Agency and the Swedish Trade & Investment Promotion Agency (Business Sweden) in order to develop and implement activities to support businesses to connect their businesses and promote the approval process of EVFTA Agreement.

- Organized talks on "Promoting trade and investment between Vietnam and strategic partners: Enterprise’s views". Attending the seminar was Business Associations from countries which were strategic partner, representatives of a number of localities with many results in attracting foreign investment and many domestic businesses. Currently, Vietnam has established a strategic partnership with 16 countries and established an important partnership with the United States. These are 17 key partners of Vietnam, investing nearly 230 billion USD in Vietnam, accounting for 70% of the total investment value and 50% of the country's import-export turnover. At the seminar, some business associations, trade promotion organizations - investment of the United States, Japan, Korea, EU, India ... shared their experiences in supporting businesses to promote import -. export and attracted investment as well as difficulties of businesses in penetrating the market and expanding business cooperation in Vietnam. Currently, the VCCI is assigned by the Government’s Prime Minister to preside over the Project on "Promoting trade and investment cooperation between Vietnam and important and strategic partners" (Project 25). In the framework of implementing the Scheme, the VCCI will establish a "National Network of Trade and Investment Promotion of Vietnam" (VITPN) to link investment promotion organizations to join this network. to connect with each other, coordinated with each other to improve investment trade efficiency.

- Coordinated with the American Trade Association in Hanoi (AmCharm Hanoi) and the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) to hold the 2019 Vietnam - US Business Summit., the conference was attended by more than 250 representatives from the Government and businesses of the two countries, including many experienced investors operating in Vietnam and new investors. Many big businesses as Amazon, Google and Coca Cola ... Speaking at the Conference, the Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung affirmed that the Government of Vietnam was committed to creating favorable conditions for US businesses to invest and conduct effective and successful business in Vietnam. Over the past years, US investment and business projects in Vietnam have played an increasingly important role in Vietnam's development, have helped Vietnam to join the global supply chain.Thereby contributing to improving skills, increasing income and bringing prosperity to Vietnamese people. This is the third time VCCI has cooperated with partners to organize the Vietnam - US Business Summit with an effort to create and promote many new investment and business opportunities and further develop into results. cooperation between businesses of the two sides in the past 25 years. At the conference, the President of VCCI and representatives of AmCharm and USCC all expressed their commitment to continue to be proactive and creative, creating the most favorable conditions for businesses of the two countries to connect investment and business.

- Coordinated with the Swedish Trade and Investment Council, the Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam to organize "Vietnam - Sweden Business Summit: Partners for sustainable development and innovation" . The conference was held on the occasion of the visit of the successor Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree and her husband on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the two countries establishing diplomatic relations. Attending the Forum were Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh, Swedish Princess and nearly 150 businesses of the two countries, including leaders of the top 50 Swedish companies. For many years, Sweden has been an important and reliable partner of Vietnam in the European Union (EU), trade turnover of the two countries has continuously increased and tends to continue to increase before many great opportunities EVFTA bringing again in the future. The participants of the conference focused on discussions upon important topics of mutual concern such as innovation, sustainable development, smart city development, health and education ...

- Coordinated to organize the Vietnam - Nepal Business Forum in Hanoi on the occasion of the visit to Vietnam to the United Nations Vesak Festival of the Government’s Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Nepal Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli. At the Forum, Government’s  Prime Minister of Nepal insisted that Nepal had a stable government and entered a period of strong economic development and welcomed foreign investors. Nepal's Government’s Prime Minister has called on Vietnamese businesses to strengthen investment cooperation with Nepalese businesses in the fields of tourism, energy, health, digital transformation and transportation. On this occasion, the VCCI and Nepal Chamber of Commerce signed a cooperation agreement and implemented many active activities to support businesses of the two countries to strengthen cooperation and investment in Vietnam and Nepal.

- Organized the launching ceremony of the Evaluation and Announcement Program for Sustainable Enterprises (CSI) in Vietnam in 2019. The program has evaluated and announced sustainable enterprises in Vietnam through three years of organization has created great spread and encouragement for the Vietnamese business community on sustainable corporate governance, especially when the domestic economy is in harmony with the wave of digital transformation in the revolution Industry 4.0. Following the success of previous years, the  Program 2019 will be organized with the expectation of promoting the Vietnamese business community to break through the last two years of the decade to contribute to the successful implementation of the Sustainable Development of strong Goals. In addition to evaluating and announcing businesses that pursue and implement outstanding of sustainability strategies, the Program also aims to increase exchanges and cooperation on sustainable development between businesses and between businesses and State and social organizations, thereby contributing to raising awareness about the importance and benefits of sustainable development for businesses and society.

- Organized 64 training courses for 2,929 businesses on topics related to planning and performance evaluation, contract drafting skills and dispute resolution, financial management to improve capacity governance and access to financial resources for businesses; training for employers and employees' representatives on labor statistics and employment indicators in Vietnam's sustainable development index; guided compliance with regulations in associated transactions, risk prevention in inspection, tax inspection related to associated transactions ...

- Organized many activities to support businesses to promote trade, investment and support enterprises to improve international management and integration skills: Seminar on "Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement for ASEAN + 6 Region (RCEP): The situation of negotiations and business issues that need attention”; a Forum on "Trends in real estate investment in 2019" in Hanoi; The seminar on "Building a healthy development environment for the aviation industry" in Hanoi; a Workshop of Meeting Vietnamese and Korean enterprises in Hanoi; a workshop between  Vietnamese businesses with enterprises in Shandong Province (China); a Workshop on "Online business with Alibaba: Golden opportunity for Vietnamese SMEs" in Da Nang; a Workshop on "Human Resource Management in the Digital Transformation Age" in Da Nang; a Seminar on "Innovating business management methods - Developing the leadership capacity of female-owned SMEs in the integration period" in Nha Trang; a Conference of "CMCN 4.0 trend and application of digital transformation in business association management" in Lam Dong; a Forum on "Development of human resources in Logistics and 2019 trends" in Ho Chi Minh City; a Workshop on "Trade promotion to markets in the world - Guiding the most effective way of transporting XK goods at Cam Ranh Port for import-export enterprises in the South Central and Central Highlands"; a Workshop on "Forecasting the economic situation in Vietnam in the context of the world economy in 2019 - Opportunities and challenges for businesses in Binh Thuan Provinces"; a Talk on "Leadership vision: Equal value - The key to sustainable development of businesses" ...

- Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry respectfully report to the Government’s Prime Minister.

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Vu Tien Loc

By: Translator: HaiYen - Business Information Center (BIZIC)


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