Report on a performance of the Resolution No. 35 / NQ-CP in July 2018

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No:       1860 /PTM – VP

Report on a performance

of the Resolution No. 35 / NQ-CP in July 2018


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Hanoi, 24, August 2018




The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) is pleased to report on a performance of tasks assigned in the Resolution 35 / NQ-CP dated 16 May 2016 by the Government on supporting and developing businesses until 2020, solving difficulties, obstacles and recommendations of  businesses in July 2018 as follows:


1. Responding to recommendations of businesses

In July 2018, VCCI received 19 documents responding to business recommendations of ministries, branches and localities. These documents were fully posted on the website of VCCI as stipulated in the Resolution 35. The written documents responding to recommendations that VCCI received in July 2018 with contents related to concretely fields as follows:

1.1. The Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance had 3 written documents responding businesses with the contents of management; use of accounts from the first project management; project management units using the state budget; direct investment in the field of urban infrastructure development of the local development investment fund; Monthly and quarterly value added tax declaration, response content focused on explaining the provisions of law and guiding businesses to strictly comply with the provisions of law.

1.2. Ministry of Planning and Investment

The Ministry of Planning and Investment had 6 written documents responding to the recommendations on the contents: Guiding the registration of change of ownership of one-member limited liability companies; the conditions for business implementation of monetary intermediation lines; The adjustment and supplementation of concentrated livestock and slaughter planning in Cu Jut District, Dak Nong Province by 2015 and orientation to 2020; The scope of entrusted purchase and sale of goods is the book of enterprises with foreign owned capital; guiding the provisions of law on bidding with contents of selection of contractors for commercial and service projects using land areas and land funds of high commercial value and the agreement between the original and the copies of bids. In addition to explaining the law and guiding businesses, the Ministry of Planning and Investment also resolved a number of recommendations from business such as the Center for Land Development of Phu Yen Province, Son Hai Livestock Co., Ltd.

1.3. The Ministry of Transport

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) had 3 written documents resolving recommendations of number of businesses on the contents of transport business license to transport businesses that did not collect direct transport amount in case of having less than 5 trucks. In June and July, there were many businesses which reported being fined by the traffic polices for not having a transportation business license while the businesses were not eligible for a transport business license to the transport businesses that not directly collect money. The Ministry of Transport also had a written document directing the Department of Transport in provinces agreed that did not to penalize none directly collect money transport businesses which had less than 5 trucks. However, it required that the trucks when transport must bring a transport paper to show the clearly written number of trucks of enterprises.

The Ministry of Transport also instructed the Department of Transport to verify the recommendations of Huy Hoang Tourist Transport Joint Stock Company. However, through verification, the Huy Hoang Company confirmed that not sending the recommendations to the Government’s Information Portal.

1.4. The Ministry of Construction

The Ministry of Construction had 2 written documents responding to the recommendations of the companies on the contents of the transfer of social houses and the conversion of social housing projects to commercial houses, in which confirmed that the law did not have provisions of allowing transformation of the social housing project into commercial housing and only allowed for the modification of commercial housing projects to social housing; the issuance of a construction permit for the fence 2 m high iron with the purpose of protecting and holding the land. The Ministry of Construction affirmed that fences were not used for the construction of works, therefore, they were not subject to the Law on Construction.

1.5. The Ministry of Industry and Trade

The Ministry of Industry and Trade had 3 written documents responding to businesses' recommendations on the contents of guiding the law’s provisions on the ban on advertisement of alcohol on the internet; the distribution of wholesale and retail in the Vietnamese market of goods manufactured by foreign-invested economic organizations in Vietnam according to the objectives and registered investment project that are right to sell goods produced by economic organizations with foreign owned capital; the procedure for importing urea fertilizer is used as raw material for producing MDF wood glue.

1.6. Vietnam Social Security

Vietnam Social Security had two official letters responding to recommendations of businesses on contents: the time of paying social insurance premiums of consultants serving the activities of the Project Management Board and at the same time directing the Hanoi Insurance Security to resolving the proposal for keeping the salary of paying social insurance premiums that not in line with the business function in the direction of disagreeing with the proposal of businesses.

1.7. Responding to recommendations that VCCI aggregated and sent to the Government’s Office:

In July, 2018, the VCCI received 07 written documents responsding to business’s recommendations. The written documents that the VCCI received were posted on the VCCI’s website and conveyed to the business’s  recommendations.

- The Ministry of Finance had 3 written recommendations responding to recommendations including:

+ An Official Letter No. 2688 / TCT-VP dated July 7, 2018 of the General Department of Taxation, Ministry of Finance responded the handling of the recommendations of businesses in May 2018 that was aggregated by the VCCI in Annex 2 and 3 of the report on the implementation of the Resolution No. 1229 / PTM-VP dated June May, 2018. According to this official letter, the VCCI's recommendations listed in the appendices under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance that were all responded by the Ministry after the receipt of the Government's guidance and the VCCI's report.

+ An Official Letter No. 4157 / TCHQ-PC dated July 16, 2018 of the General Department of Customs responding to the recommendation of the Ban Phuc Co., Nikel Ltd for the time having an official price for exported goods shipments. The General Department of Customs issued an Official Letter 3858 / TCHQ-TXNK dated 2 July 2018 directing the Hanoi Customs Department to review, inspect and handle inspection results to businesses before July 30, 2018. (the Recommendation 6, appendix 1, the report of May 2018 No. 1229 / PTM-VP dated June 5, 2018 by the VCCI).

+ The General Department of Taxation's Official Letter No. 2752 / TCT-TNCN dated July 12, 2018 on removing difficulties and problems for businesses, creating favorable conditions for taxpayers to declare and settle tax and refund tax entrusted by the VCCI in the report on implementation of the Government's Resolution 19 / NQ-CP on major tasks to further improve business environment, enhance national competitiveness and the Resolution 36a / NQ-CP of the Government on e-Government.

- The Ministry of Transport had 2 written documents responding to recommendations including:

+ An Official Letter No. 7876 / BGTVT-VT dated July 19, 2018 of the Ministry of Transport responding to the recommendation of Cat Tuong Trade and Service Joint Stock Company to consider inadequate regulations on granting badges. 01 truck (payload design 1000kg) shipping goods of company. This recommendation is coincident with the recommendations of many other companies which have similar problems, the Ministry had written documents directing the Department of Transport of provinces agreed that did not penalize the transport businesses which did not collect direct money and had less than 5 trucks, but requesting trucks when carrying goods must bring a transport paper that clearly indicated the number of trucks of the businesses. (the Recommendation 3, appendix 1, quarterly Report No. 2/2018 No. 1602 / PTM-VP dated July 25, 2018 of the VCCI).

+ An Official Letter No. 8031 ​​/ BGTVT-TC dated July 27, 2018 of the Ministry of Transport responding to the recommendations of N & G Investment and Development Joint Stock Company to invest in the road through Ha Nam Supporting Industrial Park approved red line with B-20.5 m cross section. The Official letter said the Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung instructed the ministry and Hanoi People's Committee to definitely resolve the recommendation of the business. The Hanoi People's Committee commented that not add the investment in expanding  frontage roads as proposed by the company. (The Recommendation No. 1, Annex 1, April 2004 Report No. 1064 / PTM-VP dated May 18, 2018 of the VCCI).

- The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment issued an Official Letter No. 3865 / BTNMT-PC dated 20 July 2018 responding to the recommendations of the Nikel Ban Phuc Co., Ltd, adding to the Ministry of Finance's comments on the recommendation that considering the method of taxes / charges calculation based on the actual exploitation data for taxes and charges on the exploited volume. The ministry's viewpoint did not agree with the viewpoint of the company and guidance on the implementation of the mining license as provided in Clause 2 of Article 77 of the Law on Mineral and the Decree No. 203/2013 / ND. -CP dated November 28, 2013 by the Government. (the Recommendation 6, appendix 1, May 2018 report No. 1229 / PTM-VP dated June, 5 2018 by the VCCI).

- The Ministry of Planning and Investment had an Official Letter No. 4739 / BKHDT-PTDN dated July 12, 2018 responding to the recommendation of Thai Binh Business Association on the need to soon promulgate regulations on the implementation of the Law on Assistance of Small and Medium Enterprises, so that they will soon have access to state support, help businesses to do advantage business. The Ministry of Planning and Investment affirmed that in the first 6 months of 2018, the Ministry submitted to the Government for promulgation of 3 decrees guiding the Law on SME Promotion, 1 Directive of the Government’s Prime Minister on effective implementation of the Law  on SME. (the Recommendation 4, Annex 1, Report April 2004, No. 1064 / PTM-VP dated May 18, 2018 of the VCCI).

2. New Recommendations that the Government’s Office notified to the VCCI

In June 2018, the VCCI received 47 recommendations  by the Government’s Office received via the system of receiving and responding to recommendations of enterprises on the Government’s Electronic portal. By July 31, 2018, there were 43 recommendations that be responded by ministries, sectors and localities. There were 4 recommendations that were not responded (see attached list in Annex 2). All recommendation were overdue for responses.

- In July 2018, the VCCI received 32 recommendations from enterprises received by the Government’s Office through the system of receiving and responding to recommendations of enterprises on the Government's electronic portal. By the end of July 31, 2018, there were 16 recommendations submitted by ministries, sectors and localities. 16 recommendations that were not responded (list attached as Annex 3), in which some recommendations were overdue for responses.

Overdue recommendations contain a number of issues, including: reimbursement of value added tax; tax declaration; Tax administration for enterprises having associated transactions; difficulties in implementation of tax policies; advertising alcohol online; The salary of hiring domestic consultants using ODA capital ...


In July, the VCCI carried out the following tasks:

1.Carried out activities contributing to administrative reform, creating favorable conditions for enterprises; creating a favorable environment to support start-up and innovative businesses; ensuring business rights, equal access to resources and business opportunities of enterprises; reducing business costs for businesses and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of businesses:

- VCCI completed the comments and continued commencing 09 draft decree amending and supplementing some articles of the Decree on business conditions under the management of the Ministry of Finance, the State Bank of Vietnam, The Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Information and Communication, the Ministry of Transport, specifically: The plan for reduction and simplification of business conditions in the field of information and communication; the Decree amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Decrees on conditions for doing business in the maritime field; the Decree on motor vehicle inspection service business; the Decree on amending and supplementing the Decree No. 65/2016 / ND-CP on conditions for conducting business in automobile driving training services and driving examination service; the Decree on regulating the management of sand and gravel in the river bed; the  Circular No. 50/2016 / TT-BGTVT dated December 30, 2016 of the Minister of Transport stipulates the procedures for the granting of inland shipping permits to foreign vessels..

- Coordinated the publication of study report on “Strengthening Vietnam's competitiveness and sustainability" in Singapore and attended the Asian Policy Forum on SMEs. The President of VCCI and the undersecretary of Economy and Trade of Singapore, the Premier of Andra Pradesh of India and the Director of Asian Competitiveness Institute (ACI) of Lee Kuan Yew - Academy of Public Policy, National University Singapore chaired the workshop and the publication ceremony of the report. A thematic report co-organized by VCCI and ACI under the topic "Competitiveness of the Vietnam Economy: Current situation, problems and solutions", within the framework of the theoretical scientific research program for the period 2016 - 2020 of the Central Theoretical Council. The report focused on Viet Nam's progress, successes and achievements over the past period, challenges, potential and advantages in the coming period. gave some recommendations to improve the competitiveness of Vietnam.

Organized a workshop on "Review of business law in the first 6 months of 2018". The workshop synthesized business law developments and provided an assessment of the intrinsic effect of these developments from the business community perspective. At the seminar, VCCI released the report on business law in the first 6 months of 2018. The report identified the trend of reforming our economic institutions  that has increasingly completed in the direction of market economy, business barriers, state intervention in the market has been gradually being removed. Many legal documents have been issued to remove difficulties for enterprises, especially documents at the decree level. However, for the process of reducing business conditions, the report recommended strengthening the control and transparency mechanisms for the development of legal normative documents, overcoming the current status of acceptance or non-acceptance of comments is based on the willingness of the lead drafting agency, and no other entities are currently considering as present..

- the VCCI’s leaders participated in negotiation sessions on the 2019 regional minimum wage plan, that chaired by the National Salary Council. The VCCI's proposals for the 2019 minimum wage adjustment level were based on the recommendations of business associations, aiming to creating conditions for enterprises to restructure their production, adopting policies for training and education work to meet the requirements, improving the competitiveness of enterprises, contributing to economic growth and sustainable development. However, in the process of negotiation, the VCCI also agreed to approach the development of the minimum wage to ensure the minimum living standard of workers and to improve the wages of workers in proportion to their contribution. From the labor force to increase labor productivity and economic growth, the VCCI proposed adjusting the minimum wage increase in the region by 2019 to 2%. The final solution has not been decided by the parties.

- Carried out the Provincial Competitiveness Enhancement (PCI) project, promoted the sharing of best practices in provincial economic management, supported provinces and localities to carry out competitiveness capacity building activities., improved the provincial business environment, Specifically:

+ Supported and guided the implementation of solutions to improve PCI as required by Ninh Thuan Province.

+ Organized a workshop on "Central Vietnam - Central Highlands sharing good practice in economic management" in Hoi An and Quang Nam Provinces. The VCCI proposed a number of issues that local authorities should take into account when implementing measures to enhance local competitiveness, such as post-registration barriers, the revision of inspection activities for businesses, the burden of unofficial costs are reduced, the business environment is more equitably developed, new business is added and more foreign investment is attracted, strengthen the prevention of risks and disasters in enterprises ... Many localities also participated in sharing experiences in improving the business environment such as Quang Ninh Province with a speech "developping model of DDCI indicator to assess departments, sectors and districts", Quang Nam Province with" sharing the model of improving the investment-business environment ", Ben Tre Province with a speech "Model to support start-up businesses – Co- startup "...

In addition, VCCI continued carrying out annual work items such as: continuous implementation of membership duties of the Advisory Council for Administrative Reform in 2018; coordinated the development of the work plan for 2018 with the Fatherland Front, the Ministry of Finance, the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, the Young Entrepreneurs Association in implementation of " the main tasks and solutions for improving the business environment and raising the national competitiveness in the tax and customs fields"; continuous implementation of the action program in 2018 of the VCCI to implement the Resolution 19 of the Government on major tasks and solutions to improve the business environment, enhance national competitiveness; collaborateed with the VBF Secretariat to implement regular activities of the VBF 2018 ...

  1. Carrying out trade and investment promotion activities as well as programs and projects to support the raising of the competitiveness of enterprises and business associations:

On trade promotion and investment:

- The Chairman of VCCI attended and delivered a speech at the ninth Asia Business Summit (ABS), held in New Delhi, India. This is the annual conference of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Economic and Trade Unions, industry, large enterprises and regional research organizations to find solutions to deal with the challenge risen in the region and globally, introduced Asia's dynamic sustainable growth model, optimized its growth potential as well as promoting integration and development of regional infrastructure. On this occasion, the VCCI’s President met with the President of the Japan Economic Forum (Keidanren), the President of the Federation of Indian Industries (CII), the President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce (FICCI), discussed the policy of boosting Vietnam's economic, trade and investment relations with strategic partners of Vietnam such as Japan and India.

-The President of VCCI attended the Forbes Business Forum 2018 with the theme "Creating sustainable growth" held by Forbe Magazine in Ho Chi Minh City. The forum attracted more than 400 delegates, leading business leaders, experts, thinkers and policymakers, and discussed strategies to ensure sustainable growth through long-term investments in industry. the core industry that Vietnam is capable development. At the forum, the Chairman of VCCI introduced a number of orientations and macro-solutions for enterprise development, at the same time listening to opinions and aspirations from enterprises, seeking a vision on improving the investment environment and business for private economy development.

- In collaboration with Economic Commission of Japan - Vietnam, under the Japan Economic Federation (Keidanren), the program of meeting and business connection with the participation of 56 Japanese enterprises and 20 large groups of Vietnam. At the meeting, the VCCI proposed establishing a Vietnam-Japan Economic Committe similar to the committee set up by Keidanren, which aimed to further promote the two countries' economic ties. Speaking at the meeting, the Chairman of the Japan-Viet Nam Economic Committee proposed the VCCI to facilitate the linkage between the two sides and assisting the Japanese side in proposing to the Government of Vietnam a number of legislative improvements to create more favorable conditions for Japanese businesses who are doing business in Vietnam. Participants in the meeting also provided specific information on future cooperation opportunities.

- VCCI attended the third APEC Business Advisory Council (APEC), third meeting in 2018 that held in Malaysia from 23-25 ​​July 2018. The topics discussed during the session included: (1) regional economic integration, (2) sustainable development, (3) micro, small and medium enterprises, (4) finance and economics, (5) digital technology and creativity. The delegates unanimously approved ABAC's 2018 Report to APEC Leaders, letters and recommendations in specific areas to APEC leaders and ministers in charge of finance, energy, and health as well as SMEs. ABAC discussed and developed ideas for building APEC Vision 2020, towarding "a self-reliance, dynamic, non-barrier, oriented market Asia-Pacific Region, in which  every businesses and individuals can connect, trade and succeed with a favorable and equal environment everywhere in the region. "

- Organized a Forum on "Implementing Resolution No 10-NQ / TW: Continuous improvement of the environment for private economic development". The forum attracted more than 350 participants, including economists, businessmen and representatives of business associations and press agencies. The forum focused on discussing the practical implementation of the Resolution and issues raised during the implementation of contents of the resolution on the completion of the private economic development environment. The Forum proposed a number of measures to support the development of the private sector, including: (i) further simplifying the business and administrative procedures for the establishment and operation of businesses to improve the management capability of the operating enterprises, to ensure that they are trended to international standards in corporate governance; (ii) it should have effective lending programs for small businesses, continuation of lending simplification procedures and conditions, implementation of new loans and having breakthrough solutions assisting businesses in access to land and business premises, construction of industrial zones and clusters for small and medium enterprises; (iii) strengthening information systems on technology and markets, linking information systems of state agencies and business associations, promoting trade and investment promotion for SMEs; focusing on the domestic market together with the export orientation; (iv) it is necessary to rethink the system of incentives and encourages to attract high-quality FDI into our country, especially for the manufacturing industry.

- Organized a seminar on "Mekong Delta Economy in the first 6 months of 2018 - New opportunities from CPTPP and the rise of the Chinese market" in Can Tho Province. According to a survey conducted by the VCCI, nearly 42% of enterprises in the Mekong Delta reported that their production and business activities were better, 45.2% were stable and about 13% had poorer production and business results compared with the same period last year. Most businesses felt that the business environment in the last months of the year will be stable with better levels and 90% businesses expected business would be more favorable. Assessing the impact of increased tensions in US-China trade relations to Vietnamese firms, experts said that domestic firms now have certain advantages in preventing shocks from outside such as: stable macroeconomic factors, but impressive and equal growth in commodities with open markets ... The workshop suggested that Vietnam should pursue a flexible exchange rate, It was possible to depreciate the VND against the US dollar, but It was not necessary to strongly fall as the Yuan but only at the rate of 2-3%, ensuring inflation at 4%. Interest rates would be hard to fall but  there is no pressure for increase, macroeconomic stability continued creating favorable business investment environment for businesses..

- Organized a number of activities, conferences, seminars on trade promotion and business development support in the locality such as: Workshop on "Supporting Vietnamese Exporters" in Ho Chi Minh City. Conference on "Dissemination of Law on SME for Associations and Enterprises" in Ha Tinh Province, Conference on "Law on supporting small and medium enterprises in new policy in application for associations, enterprises and individual consultants in Nghe An Province, the conference on "Dissemination and Dialogue on Customs, Customs and C / O in 2018" in Lam Dong Province, Seminars on "Guiding Decree on Import and Export Tax Law" in Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho Province, a Workshop on" How to build a stable cooperation relationship with Japanese manufacturers in Ho Chi Minh City, The business associations in 2018 in Can Tho Province.

- Coordinated with Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association to carry out trade exchange and exchange activities between enterprises of the two countries such as: Trade exchange between Vietnam and Korea in the food industry in Ho Chi Minh City, a workshop on Korea Medical Presentation in Vietnam...

- Met and worked with international delegations: Ambassador of Japan, Ambassador of Mozambique, UAE Ambassador and Ambassador of Lithuania, Secretary of Jilin Province, China, Mayor of Los Angeles, The US Senate delegation Tsuchiya Shinako parliamentarian delegation of Japan, the Indian business delegation, the Bangladeshi Textile Exporters Association, the Samsung Economic Research Institute and a Forum on Global Competitiveness...

- Coordinated with Vietnam-Korea Friendship Association to carry out trade exchange and exchange activities between enterprises of the two countries such as: Trade exchange between Vietnam and Korea in the food industry in Ho Chi Minh City, a workshop on Korea Medical Presentation in Vietnam...

Training, business development, labor relations development, supporting international economic integration enterprises:

- Organized a National Conference on Sustainable Development in 2018 with the theme "Enhancing Competitiveness, Realizing Sustainable Development Goals during the Industrial Revolution 4.0". The Government’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Secretary of the Central Committee, the Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council Nguyen Xuan Thang and Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam attended and chaired the meeting. The conference was also attended by Ministers of Science and Technology, Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; Representatives from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Industry and Trade; Representtives of 66 international organizations in Vietnam, 30 embassies, diplomatic missions, 31 provinces / cities and more than 700 representatives from enterprises and business associations nationwide and more than 100 representatives of newspaper agencies, domestic and international television stations to report on the conference. The conference program was divided into two sessions, which included plenary sessions and an open meeting of the Business Council for Sustainable Development with the theme "Promoting Public Private Partnerships - Implementing Sustainable Development Goals". The purpose of the Forum is to facilitate and promote the development of public-private partnerships that contribute to the implementation of the Global Sustainability Goal to 2030 through the green growth and facilitating the dissemination, the size of implementation of solutions on a global scale. On this occasion, representatives of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the VCCI’s leaders announced the launch of the high level cooperation forum for 2030 Global Green Goal (hereinafter referred to as the P4G National Forum).

At the end of the Forum, based on the direction delivered by the Government’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the National Conference on Sustainable Development in 2018 and the Prime Minister's direction in Announcement No. 254 / TB-VPCP dated on July 19, 2018, as well as discussion results at the forum, the VCCI made six recommendations to the Government, including: (1) promulgating the Prime Minister's Directive on Sustainable Development in 2018 and the Resolution on Broadcasting to implementation of the Vietnam Agenda 2030. (2) Recommended the Government to submit to the National Assembly for promulgation of the Law on Public Private Partnership (PPP), thereby perfecting the legal and institutional framework for investment in the form of PPP. (3) It is recommended that the Government should have policies and mechanisms to: (i) equip the business community with information to facilitate and motivate the Vietnamese business community on the readiness of the industrial revolution 4.0; (ii) developed digital skills for current and future workforce; (iii) instructed the infrastructure development plan to implement the 4th industrial revolution; (iv) Motivated mobile operators to develop network infrastructure & network security; (v) established an Innovation Hub centre to create a favorable business environment. (4) promoted a circulation economy: The government should have mechanisms to encourage the business community. (5) recommend the Government to consider the issuance of policies on sustainable development reporting of enterprises as well as the application of the CSI indicator in setting in the formulation and development of corporate sustainability strategies. (6) recommended the Government to improve the management environment of the logistics sector and upgrade the domestic infrastructure to increase connectivity to the regional and world markets. In addition, the Ministry of Education and Training as well as other relevant ministries shall promulgate suitable training and vocational training policies to build a workforce which is capable meeting the needs of enterprises.

- Coordinated with the World Bank (WB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to organize the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF) in mid-2018 with the theme of "Linking Domestic and Foreign Enterprises - Mutually beneficial cooperation". This is an important forum for dialogue between the Government and enterprises, attracting more than 200 delegates, representatives of ministries, associations, domestic and foreign enterprises. The Forum focused on three main areas: moving to the value chain, addressing technology challenges and sustaining financial growth. The participants noted the positive changes of the Government on the reform of administrative procedures, but there are still many issues in the field of taxation and customs such as exemption and refund of customs duties on goods, export outsourcing, the transparency of tax reports, the professionalism of tax and customs officials in audits and inspections, the barriers that come from post-clearance audits, and current tax policies ... Many comments given that tax policy was an issue that needs to be improved to call for more foreign investment and international co-operation. At the same time, domestic producers needed to increase their capacity and competitiveness to become part suppliers for foreign investors and actively participated in the global value chain. This was also an active step for enterprises to take advantages of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

- The VCCI and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and the Trade Union of the Netherlands (CNV International) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the project "Promoting social dialogue in the workplace and real collective bargaining in the textile industry. The project will be implemented from 2018 to 2020, under the Dutch Government's strategic partnership program for textile sector’s supply chain innovation, an initiative to improve working conditions in the textile and garment industry. At the signing ceremony, the three sides affirmed their commitment to design and implement activities to promote social dialogue and collective bargaining in the textile and garment enterprises in Vietnam.

- Organized 39 training courses for 1,745 enterprises with knowledge on new laws and policies as well as knowledge on business management skills.

3. Summary on difficulties and problems of businesses:

In July 2018, VCCI continued coordinating with ministries, localities and business associations to bring together new proposals of businesses. The list of new recommendations is presented in Appendix 1.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam would like to report to the Government’s Prime Minister.

C/C :

- As above;

- Standing Committee;

- Government’s Office (DMDN Dept );

- The Ministries of Transport, Justice, Finance and Natural resources and Environment of the Socialist and Republic of Vietnam

- The People’s Committees of  Hai Phong City,  Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc Provinces

- The Business Information Center. (for posting on the Website)

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Vu Tien Loc

By: Translator: HaiYen - Business Information Center (BIZIC)


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