Procedures for issuing judicial record cardwhile abroad

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( - Mrs. Le My is residing in Australia, because of naturalization procedures, she needss to get a judicial record card. Mrs. My would like to ask, what procedures doesshe  need to do?, she cannot return to Vietnam, Can she  ask her daughter to submit it on be haft of her?

Regarding this issue, The Department of Justice in Quang Ninh Province responds as follows:

In case Mrs. My cannot return to Vietnam to directly carry out the procedure, she can ask her daughter to submit it.However, she needs to prepare all the documents as follows:

Ms. My should go directly to the Vietnamese Embassy in a foreign country (Australia) to declare the declaration form for the issuance of form of judicial record card No. 03/2013 / TT-LLTP. Then she can request the Embassy to certify the signature on the declaration and  the identity card or passport at the same time. These certifications are sent to her relative in Vietnam.

After her relative in Vietnam receives a dossier sent by a foreign party (father, mother, wife, husband, child or authorized person), he / she will bring the dossier to the provincial public administration center.

Composition of application file: Declaration requesting issuance of judicial record card (certified at the embassy); copy of people's identity card, citizenship and passport identification of the person who is granted judicial record card (certified at the embassy); copies of household registration book of the person granted judicial record card or papers proving their residence places before leaving the country (in case their names are no longer in the household registration book); papers proving the relationship and identification of the authorized person (in case the requester for issuance of judicial record card submits a copy of identity card, passport and household registration book, the original must be presented to compare. In case of not having the original version for comparison, the certified copy must be submitted according to the provisions of law.

(According (Government newspaper)

By: Online Newspaper of the Government / Translator: HaiYen-Bizic


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