Losing a driver's license, which case is required to retest?

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(Chinhphu.vn) - Mr. Dinh Cao Nguyen lost his driver's license and the original file, he would like to ask, if he wants to re-do it again what does he have to do? Previously he took an exam in another province, so can he apply for licensing at the place where he is living?

Regarding this issue, The Ministry of Transport responds as follows:

According to the provisions of Clause 2, Clause 3, Article 36 of the Circular No. 12/2017 / TT-BGTVT dated April 15, 2017 of the Ministry of Transport regulating training, examination and granting of road driving licenses: "The driver's license is lost, the expiry date or the expiry date is less than 3 months, named in the dossier of the management agency, not in the case where the agency has been competence to seize and handle, after 2 months from the date of submission of a complete and valid dossier according to regulations, the driver license shall be re-granted.

In case, the driver's license is lost, for a period of 3 months or more, the name in the dossier of the examination agency is not in the case of being seized and handled by the competent authorities., after 2 months from the date of submission of a complete and valid dossier, it must to re-test contents:

a) Over expiry date of 3 months to less than 1 year, the theory must be tested again;

b) Over the expiry date of 1 year or more,  test for both theory and practice is required”.

In order to grant a driver's license to the case of Mr. Dinh Cao Nguyen, he needs to go to the Department of Transportation (of any provincies or cities directly under the central government) as a procedure to re-issue the driving license lost according to the above rules.

By: Online Newspaper of the Government / Translator: HaiYen-Bizic


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