Instructions for recovering the password of the VssID application login account.

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Mr. Vo Tung Chinh (from Ba Ria - Vung Tau province) wants to delete his VssID account because he forgot his password and email and cannot recover the password. Mr. Chinh asks where he should contact for assistance in deleting his current VssID account in order to register again.

Regarding this issue, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Social Insurance provided the following response:

For participants of social insurance and health insurance who have registered to use the VssID-BHXH So application and forgot their login password, they should follow these steps:

- Option 1: In the VssID-BHXH So application, enter the "Social Insurance Number" -> select "Forgot password" -> enter the "Personal Email address" -> select "Send".

- Option 2: On the Vietnam Social Insurance e-Government Service Portal (, select "Login" -> select "Personal" -> select "Forgot password" -> enter the "Social Insurance Number" -> enter the "Personal Email address" -> enter the "Verification code" -> select "Send".

After completing the "Send" action, the system will automatically send an OTP (One-Time Password) verification code to the personal email address. The participant should check their email, retrieve the OTP code, and enter it to confirm the information. If the confirmation is successful, the system will send the account information and password to the email address.

If the personal email address is not provided during the registration of the electronic transaction account, the following steps should be followed:

- Fill out the Participation Declaration form and adjust the social insurance and health insurance information using the TK1-TS form to supplement the personal email address information through the electronic social insurance transaction at the managing service provider or the collecting organization.

- Fill out the Change Declaration form and supplement the registration information for using electronic transaction methods in the social insurance field using the 02/SĐ-GD form and submit it directly to the nearest Social Insurance office.

Contact phone numbers for support: Communications Department 02543.818123 extension 211; Information Technology Department 02543.818123 extension 525.


By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic/According to Hai Hoa (Government Newspaper)


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