Enterprises are willing to negotiate with workers to sign the contract

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( - Mr. Le Van Quang (in Dak Lak Province) worked and paid social insurance at Green Forest Forestry One Member Limited Company for 29 years a month. From January 1, 2017, he has worked at Dak Lak Food Processing and Forestry Company Limited due to merging with the TH Tay Nguyen Dairy Company.

According to Mr. Quang, the Dak Lak Food and Forestry Processing Co., Ltd does not pay social insurance for Mr. Quang, the labor contract signed with sketchy content, forcing him to write a commitment to voluntarily sign labor contracts, the company that works in any position he must also abide, the salary increase term is not available. When he had not agreed to re-sign the labor contract, the company gave him a leave, he was unemployed, making his family difficult.

Do not agree with the above work, Mr. Quang would like to request the competent authorities to consider and solve the above problem.

Regarding this issue, Dak Lak People's Committee responds as follows:

The Dak Lak Food and Forestry Processing Co., Ltd. was converted from Forestry One Member Company Limited: the Green Forest and Chu Ma Lanh with the capital contribution of the TH Tay Nguyen Dairy Food Joint Stock Company.

From the date of issuance of the Business Registration Certificate, there is a change in the seal, the legal representative, Director of Dak Lak Food and the Forestry Processing Co., Ltd. proposes to re-sign the labor contract with the person. It is appropriate for workers to make deductions for social insurance, salary payment and related regimes according to the legal entity.

The inheritance of related rights and obligations due to the reorganization and transformation of State-owned enterprises is stipulated by law and is not a compulsory content to be included in a new labor contract. For this reason, Mr. Le Van Quang refused to re-sign the labor contract and said that the signing of a labor contract does not follow the principle of voluntariness, equality, goodwill is unfounded.

Regarding the content of salaries, allowances and social insurance: The Dak Lak Food and Forestry Processing Co., Ltd. has been officially operated since January 1, 2017, with 38/39 employees signed the labor contract. (Mr. Le Van Quang did not sign), currently 38 workers have been assigned jobs, paid salaries and paid social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance fully and properly.

During the time of not signing the new labor contract, the company did not arrange jobs, so Mr. Le Van Quang was not paid salary, allowances and did not pay social insurance.

Mr. Trinh Xuan Thang, General Director of the Company is willing to negotiate with Mr. Quang to re-sign the labor contract, arrange jobs for Mr. Quang. In case Mr. Quang does not want to continue working, he has an application to terminate the labor contract, the Company pays subsidies according to the law.

By: Online Newspaper of the Government / Translator: HaiYen-Bizic


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