Does the investor have to record supervision records?

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Mr. Le Nguyen Hieu (hieu.qldayte @ ...) referring to Decree 46/2015 / ND-CP and does not find that it is required the investor (representative of the investor) must keep a supervision diary. Mr. Hieu would like to ask,  how to record the supervision diary of the investor? 

The Ministry of Construction answers this issue as follows:

According to the construction law in the Government's Decree No. 46/2015 / ND-CP dated May 12, 2015 on quality management and maintenance of construction works, Circular No. 26/2016 / TT -BXD dated October 26, 2016 detailing a number of contents on quality management and maintenance of construction works is not required to record the supervision diary of the investor.

In Clause 11, Article 25 of Decree No. 46/2015 / ND-CP stipulates,works construction contractors are responsible for making works construction diaries. The investor shall reach agreement with the construction contractor on the form and content of the construction diary as a basis for implementation prior to the construction.

According to Clause 3, Article 10 of Circular No. 26/2016 / TT-BXD, the contents of a construction diary include the following main information:

- Natural conditions during the process of construction (temperature, weather and relevant information); the quantity of on-site workers and construction equipment; name of building tasks daily accepted on the construction site.

- Detail description of incidents, occupational accidents, injuries, other arising issues and remedial measures during the construction (if any);

-  Construction and supervision contractors’ proposals (if any);

- Relevant parties’ proposals to tackle issues arising from the construction.

By: Online Newspaper of the Government / Translator: HaiYen-Bizic


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