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After 36 years of renovation, the Vietnamese entrepreneur’s community is constantly developing, making many important contributions to the implementation of the country's socio-economic development strategy...

The delegation of the Central Steering Committee summarized 10 years of implementing Resolution 09/NQ-TW of the Politburo on building a contingent of Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the period of accelerating industrialization, modernization and integration working with Dak Lak province.

Up to now, Vietnam has nearly 7 million entrepreneurs and 860 thousand enterprises. This sector also contributes more than 60% of GDP, 70% of State budget revenue, creating jobs for 14.7 million workers. In which, many entrepreneurs have built large economic groups and private enterprises with ambitious projects of international stature.

Highlights of Resolution No. 09-NQ/TW

Resolution No. 09-NQ/TW in 2011 of the Politburo has really become a "guideline" for the development of the business community and entrepreneurs in Vietnam. This is the first resolution of the Politburo on building and promoting the role of the business team and entrepreneurs, showing interest and appreciation for the role of the business community and entrepreneurs in the socio-economic development of the country.

Immediately after the issuance of the above Resolution, the management agencies actively researched and submitted to the competent authorities for promulgation and synchronously implemented many policies and solutions to encourage the development of enterprises and entrepreneurs constantly make efforts to improve the investment and business environment; accelerate the reform of administrative procedures to create changes and improve the service quality of the Government and authorities at all levels for businesses and entrepreneurs.

In fact, in more than 10 years of implementing the Resolution, the management agencies have developed and submitted to the National Assembly for promulgation 12 important laws related to business investment activities of enterprises such as: Law on Investment, Law on Investment and Law on Enterprises (2014 and 2020), Law on Bidding, Law on Cooperatives, Law on Planning, Law on Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises, Law on Investment in the form of public-private partnership... and develop guiding documents of these Laws.

The above legal documents have created a breakthrough in institutional reform, ensuring the right to freedom of business of people and businesses, and creating an equal business environment between all types of businesses and sectors, creating major and important breakthroughs in the field of business investment; register the establishment of an enterprise; raising standards and standards of corporate governance, protecting investors; change the state management method for enterprises, create favorable conditions for related parties to participate in monitoring the activities of enterprises; in line with the requirements of international integration and ensuring the implementation of the Constitution's principles on citizens' right to freedom of business.

Apart from that, the Party's and State's consistent policy affirms that "people and businesses are the center", especially, in the list of 499 people elected to the 15th National Assembly, there are 15 businessmen, representing public and private sector businesses and business associations.

Be proactive to promote your position

In addition to positive changes, Vietnamese businesses and entrepreneurs still have many limitations, hindering sustainable development such as: The scale of enterprises is still small, nearly 98% are small and medium enterprises; Technology capacity, innovation is low, has not kept up with the trend of the current digital economy; No long-term strategic business vision; The cooperation, association and corporate culture are not high…

Therefore, in addition to supporting mechanisms and policies that are issued and implemented, in order to increase competitive advantages on the global playing field, businesses and entrepreneurs need to overcome the above limitations and at the same time promote strongly digital transformation, applying new technologies to the governance model and operating method; invest and research more in production and business to actively adapt to the market; Actively supervise and give advice on the development and promulgation of laws in order to reduce risks, avoid unexpected fluctuations in institutions and policies, and ensure a safe and favorable business and investment environment stable during operation.

Along with the initiative and efforts from the business community and entrepreneurs, on the part of State management, it is also necessary to continue to build and perfect the legal policy system, in the direction of really taking the people and businesses as center, creating a business investment environment in the direction of protecting and encouraging businesses and entrepreneurs to do genuine business and innovate; prevent enterprises and entrepreneurs from doing illegal business; regularly listen to and promptly resolve businessmen's thoughts and aspirations, create favorable conditions and remove difficulties in production and business activities;

Continue to review and speed up the reform of administrative procedures, eliminate business conditions, "sub-licenses" are no longer suitable, hinder production and business activities of enterprises; researching and promulgating policies to support brand development, support entrepreneurs - businesses to build and protect product brands for businesses.

Since then, arousing, encouraging and strongly promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, the desire to get rich in the society.



By: According to Lawyer Truong Thanh Duc - Director of ANVI Law Firm, Arbitrator of Vietnam International Arbitration Center (VIAC) / VBF


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