3 New Year payments in 2022, employees will receive

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On the occasion of the New Year 2022 and the Lunar New Year of the Tiger 2022, depending on the case, the employee can receive money such as Tet bonus, 13th month salary...

1. Tet bonus

Currently, there is no regulation that requires enterprises to give Tet bonuses to employees in all cases, whether it is New Year's Day or Lunar New Year.

According to regulations, enterprises only have to give Tet bonus when they and employees have an agreement in the labor contract or according to internal regulations of the enterprise on Tet bonus, collective labor agreement.

The Tet bonus will depend largely on the revenue and profit of the enterprise and the productivity and work efficiency of the employees.

If the employee achieves the work efficiency as agreed, the enterprise has the revenue as planned in the internal regulations, they will be given a Tet bonus.

In addition, in case an enterprise publicly promises to give Tet bonuses to employees, it is also required to reward according to the provisions of Article 570 of the Civil Code 2015.

2. 13 monthly salary

The law does not stipulate the concept of "13th month salary", however, it is mentioned in some guiding documents of state agencies.

For example: Official Letter 560/LDTBXH-BHXH dated February 6, 2018 of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

- In this Official Letter, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs defines “13th month salary” as bonus.

- In fact, in different employers' units, different cases will occur:

+ There is an employee unit that simultaneously receives payments named: “13th month salary” and another item named “Tet bonus”.

+ There are employees who only receive 13th month salary or Tet bonus at the end of the year.

+ There are employees who do not receive any payment at the end of the year.

Thus, because the law does not prescribe a specific concept, "13th month salary" or "New Year's bonus" is just a name given by everyone, essentially, it is a "bonus" according to Article 104 of the Labor Code motion 2019.

And in case the unit concurrently has payments named: “13th month salary” and another item named “Tet bonus”, the employee will receive both these amounts.

3. Gift from union

In order to take care of union members and employees on the occasion of the 2022 Lunar New Year, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor has issued Plan 146/KH-TLD on caring for and visiting employees. Accordingly, with the following 2 groups of subjects, they will receive a care visit of 300,000 VND/person:

- Employees have social insurance contributions at enterprises, non-public non-business units with trade union contributions

 - Cadres, civil servants and public employees in difficult circumstances.





By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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