Six rules of business ethics in Vietnam: "Leverage" the business

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The code of Vietnamese business ethics helps businesses develop sustainably, and at the same time leverage themselves higher to keep up with the development and general trend of the times.

Discussing about Vietnam's business ethics, economic expert Pham Chi Lan shared that this is a job she has been passionate about since she worked at VCCI 20 years ago.

The ceremony to announce and launch the implementation of the 6 Code of Business Ethics in Vietnam.

Before retiring, the last thing Ms. Lan could do was promote the inclusion of CSR (corporate social responsibility) indicators. At that time, the concept of CSR was relatively new in Vietnam, but when working with many businesses from other countries, then they applied it.

Ms. Lan recalled the story when the Council of Fashion Designers of America, (CFDA) asked Vietnam to want to produce shoes, sandals and apparel for export to the US, it must meet CSR requirements.

And when starting to implement CSR, many businesses in the textile and garment industry responded. Because simply, if not implemented, it cannot be exported to the US.

In the content of CSR, there is a great deal of ethical consciousness of businesses and entrepreneurs in fulfilling all their commitments to society.

Still, according to Ms. Lan, for Vietnamese entrepreneurs, after a "spectacular" development process over the past time, it is also necessary to promote three more essential areas during this period, even at the national level.

Firstly, the issue of governance. Countries have national governance; industry sectors have industry governance. Entrepreneurs also have their own business management problems.

The world is changing too much, from relationships to the way of doing business, without a more advanced management system, it will not develop.

Economist Pham Chi Lan

Secondly, the technology factor. We all know, creative and innovative technology are closely linked, this requires continuous learning or else it will be left behind very quickly, will be "jumped over the head" by current development, rather than ahead, grasping and advancing with technology.

Thirdly, about culture, ethics. Since the time of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, more and more people have been talking about the moral aspects of states' behavior.

A country that is large and strong in all aspects but is unethical in its dealings with other countries will not be recognized.

All of the above issues show us the importance of culture and morality today. And the Vietnamese business ethics code will help businesses develop sustainably, and at the same time raise the level of Vietnamese businesses higher to keep up with the development and general trend of the times.

“This is VCCI's call for all businesses to join, and consider this as a common commitment to accompany and act together. I believe that voluntariness will be obtained from all businesses, because no one refuses to build their own cultural ethics. If they don't, businesses will lose their image in society," said Ms. Lan.

According to Nguyen Viet (Business Forum Magazine)



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