Vietnam's Diplomatic Milestone

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In terms of diplomatic relations, Vietnam has achieved great achievement in 2023, setting the groundwork for its rising status in the world community.

In 2023, Vietnam witnessed an official visit by Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

This success is attributed to Vietnam's effective implementation of the "bamboo diplomacy" strategy.

The "Bamboo" of Vietnam

Given the durability, flexibility, approachability, and versatility of the bamboo plant, experts from across the world applaud Vietnam for selecting the plant as a symbol for its diplomacy in a timely and appropriate manner. This tactic fits in nicely with Vietnam's multilateralism, diversification, and mutually beneficial collaboration with all countries, regardless of their political and socioeconomic structures, as long as those countries adhere to the ideals of peaceful coexistence.

Vietnam's appealing image as a place for "win-win" thinking has been reinforced by the "bamboo diplomacy" style, which has shown to be a strategic and harmonious strategy in times of global volatility. This establishes the groundwork for fostering closer ties amongst people in order to collectively generate advantages for world peace and development.US President Joe Biden made his sixth visit to Vietnam since previous President William Jefferson Clinton's visit in November 2000 in 2023, with Vietnam being the only nation in Southeast Asia to hold a state visit. This emphasizes Vietnam's pivotal position in the Asia-Pacific area and its noteworthy impact on the evolving global landscape. Both the US and Vietnam gain from the upgrading of their relations to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, as does the global community.

In addition, Vietnam extended a cordial greeting to China's President and General Secretary, Xi Jinping, one of the most powerful nations in the world. China and Vietnam have further strengthened their unique partnership by taking a definite diplomatic posture.

Notably, Vietnamese leaders have undertaken many state visits to nations including China, Italy, Austria, the Vatican, Cuba, Argentina, Iran, Uruguay, Japan, Laos, and more. These leaders include President Vo Van Thuong, Chairman of the National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue, and Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh. The purpose of these trips was to strengthen ties between the two countries and to attend major international gatherings such as the UN General Assembly, the G7 Summit, the Japan-ASEAN Summit, and the Belt and Road Forum.

As one of the few nations in the early 21st century to forge and preserve cordial ties with all of the superpowers, Vietnam has done so not only by diplomatic platitudes but also via tangible promises and statistics in commerce and economics.

Diplomacy Building the Future

Since Vietnam's openness to international integration, diplomacy has been essential to the country's spectacular socioeconomic progress, global introduction, and invitation to the world.

President Bill Clinton's short declaration of the normalization of ties between Vietnam and the US in 1995 was not the only indication of the difficult path and constructive diplomacy taken by Vietnamese leaders to end their isolation.

In keeping with the adage that "good fragrance comes from a sound spice," Vietnam has built and improved its relationships and gained the trust of the major powers in the globe. The development and defence of the country have benefited greatly from this subtle but important aspect of diplomacy.

The diplomatic successes of 2023 will be crucial to Vietnam's future because they support international friendship and the globalization trend, both of which are consistent with historical currents. Over the last few decades, these efforts have considerably raised Vietnam's profile.With Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region at its center and the fourth industrial revolution ushering in a new era of global development, Vietnam's strategic alliances, both comprehensive and tactical, will be outside forces that facilitate deeper integration into new supply chains and new heights of development.

One may live in peace with themselves when they coexist peacefully. A nation's stability is essential to its wealth, well-being, and contentment. It also helps to have a large number of allies and few opponents.




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