VCRE and Nobu Hospitality to enhance the Danang lifestyle

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Viet Capital Real Estate (VCRE) and Nobu Hospitality, a world-renowned luxury lifestyle icon, have officially announced a strategic partnership.

The collaboration aims to bring forth a new era of hospitality and living experiences through the development of top-tier restaurants, hotels, and residences in Vietnam.

Going beyond mere construction, this visionary partnership promises to deliver a unique living experience that caters to the most discerning of tastes, setting new standards of sophistication and elegance.

With the melding of the two brands, the forthcoming projects will showcase artistic living spaces that combine the signature features of Nobu, with rich and diverse local living art, making them the epitome of contemporary chic.

VCRE and Nobu Hospitality to enhance the Danang lifestyle
The milestone marks the expansion of the world-renowned luxury lifestyle icon into Vietnam

As VCRE aspires to become a boutique real estate developer, the company believes that every space is a canvas for artistic expression and should reflect the unique lifestyle of its owner.

With unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail, VCRE imbues each project with its signature flair, ensuring that every development is a work of art from conception to handover.

This partnership with Nobu, a renowned name in the hospitality industry catering to the elite, marks a significant achievement in VCRE's journey towards actualising the company's vision.

The upcoming Nobu Hotel, Restaurant and Residences in Danang city in Vietnam’s central region is the embodiment of the shared pursuit of excellence by these two brands, and offers unparalleled experiences to its residents.

Nobu began as a humble restaurant in New York and has since grown to become a global icon of luxury lifestyle under the guidance of Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro, and Meir Teper.

With a portfolio of over 60 renowned hospitality ventures around the world, Nobu's reputation for excellence precedes itself. Now, with the strategic partnership with VCRE in Vietnam, the brand is expanding its reach into Southeast Asia, bringing with it a new era of opulence in Vietnamese real estate with their first project - Nobu Hotel, Restaurant and Residences in Danang.

“VCRE is a strategic partner with the same business ideas. We are eager to deploy a solid foundation and create a ‘unique’ touch point, where the quintessence and commitment of both are contained,” said Trevor Horwell, CEO of Nobu Hospitality.

“With its stunning beaches, Danang is a natural jewel and an attractive tourist destination. Leveraging VCRE's expertise and assistance, we hope to introduce our passion for fine dining, hotels, and restaurants to Vietnam, offering an unforgettable experience to all future patrons,” Horwell added.

VCRE and Nobu Hospitality to enhance the Danang lifestyle
VCRE and Nobu are set to deliver an exceptional living community, setting a new benchmark for luxury living

Located at the prime intersection of Vo Nguyen Giap and Vo Van Kiet streets, and gracing the stunning My Khe beach, one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia, the Nobu Danang is a visionary mixed-use development that represents the pinnacle of contemporary luxury living.

This exceptional complex seamlessly blends high-end condos, world-class hotels, and unparalleled F&B offerings, that is set to redefine Danang's skyline.

The highlight of this development is none other than the Nobu restaurant, renowned for its innovative style.

This exceptional complex seamlessly blends high-end condos, world-class hotels, and unparalleled F&B offerings, that is set to redefine Danang's skyline.

With 206 exquisitely designed hotel rooms, 18 luxurious suites, state-of-the-art conference facilities, and 253 premium condos managed by Nobu, this iconic project by VCRE is poised to deliver an extraordinary living experience that embodies the ethos and unwavering dedication of two extraordinary brands.

During the signing ceremony, Vo Thanh Lam, CEO of VCRE, expressed excitement at the prospect of partnering with Nobu Hospitality, “It is a great honour for VCRE to collaborate with Nobu Hospitality to bring our strategic vision to life, creating a lifestyle that is truly unique and invaluable."

"As a proud Vietnamese enterprise, we are confident that our partnership with Nobu and our shared vision will help to enhance the overall investment landscape of our country, paving the way for Danang to become the most sought-after destination in the Asia-Pacific region,” Lam added.

Founded in 2012, Viet Capital Real Estate is part of Phoenix Holdings, a pioneering family investment office and operational holding company in Vietnam.

Phoenix Holdings manages an array of thriving enterprises which, in addition to Viet Capital Real Estate, includes Viet Capital Bank, Viet Capital Asset Management, Viet Capital Securities (HOSE: VCI), and a number of other entities.

It invests, owns, and operates a portfolio of businesses across a multitude of industries such as banking and financial services, technology, consumer and retail, F&B, media and entertainment, education and healthcare.


By: Anh Duc/ Vietnam Investment Review



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