VCCI Strengthens Coordination for Sea and Island Propaganda

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Thirty-one delegates from the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) joined Task Group No. 14 to visit and present gifts to officials, soldiers, and residents of the Truong Sa Island District and the DK1 platform.

The VCCI delegation participated in Task Group No. 14 from April 29 to May 5, 2024, organized by the Navy Command, consisting of 228 delegates from various agencies and units, including the Ministry of Health, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) along with enterprises, the Vietnam Electricity Group, Bach Mai Hospital, the National Hospital of Endocrinology, the National Acupuncture Hospital, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble of Hoa Binh Province, and journalists from various news agencies.

The Delegation Commemorates Officers and Soldiers Who Sacrificed Their Lives for the Sovereignty of the Sea and Islands in the Areas of Co Lin, Len Dao, and Gac Ma Islands

This journey to Truong Sa becomes more sacred and meaningful as it coincides with the nationwide celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu Victory (May 7, 1954 - May 7, 2024), the 49th anniversary of the country's reunification (April 30, 1975 - April 30, 2024), the 49th anniversary of the liberation of the Truong Sa archipelago (April 29, 1975 - April 29, 2024), and the 61st anniversary of the founding of VCCI (April 27, 1963 - April 27, 2024). This occasion allows the delegation members to express their deep gratitude to the heroes and martyrs who bravely fought and sacrificed their lives to protect the nation.

During the journey, the delegation visited, encouraged, and presented gifts, while also assessing the morale, living conditions, and performance of the tasks related to the protection of sea and island sovereignty by the soldiers and civilians on seven islands and one DK1 platform in the Truong Sa archipelago (including Song Tu Tay Island, Sinh Ton Island, Co Lin Island, Da Dong Island, Da Tay A Island, An Bang Island, Truong Sa Lon Island, and the DK1/20 Ba Ke platform). Through these activities, they motivated and encouraged the soldiers and civilians in the island district and on the DK1 platforms to stay steadfast, overcome all difficulties, and excel in their mission to firmly protect the sacred sea and island sovereignty and continental shelf of the nation. The delegation also organized interactions with the officers, soldiers, and residents on the islands and DK1 platforms.

The delegation participated in flag-raising ceremonies, reviewed the troops, and held a memorial service for the officers and soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty of the sea and islands in the areas of Co Lin, Len Dao, and Gac Ma Islands. They offered incense at the Tran Quoc Tuan Monument, the Martyrs' Monument, the Memorial House of President Ho Chi Minh, and various temples on the islands.

VCCI Vice Chairman Hoang Quang Phong Presents Gifts to Officers and Soldiers on Co Lin Island

Notably, the delegation mobilized member enterprises and other businesses to contribute over 800 million VND in cash and in-kind donations (including standing fans, wall fans, clothing, guitars, portable speakers, clothes dryers, etc.), with 400 million VND given in cash to the Navy Command.

Additionally, from the first day on board, the delegation's leaders held meetings to assign tasks to the members. Throughout the trip, the delegation actively participated in various activities and a cultural performance program themed “The Homeland’s Sea, Islands, and Navy Soldiers.” The performances won group and solo awards, along with two awards for poetry and songwriting about soldiers and the sea and islands.

At the conclusion of the mission, the Navy Command awarded the VCCI delegation five Commemorative Medals for the Cause of Protecting Sea and Island Sovereignty and 26 Spratly Soldier Badges to other delegates.

The visit deeply enhanced the delegation members' understanding of the sea and islands, providing vivid, practical evidence of the hardships, honor, and immense responsibility, as well as the dedication and sacrifice of naval officers and soldiers in their mission to protect the nation’s maritime sovereignty. The journey was a valuable practical lesson. Members of the delegation felt they "brought out affection and returned with confidence; the sacred sovereignty, trust, and responsibility."

Speaking at An Bang Island, Hoang Quang Phong, VCCI Vice Chairman, praised the efforts of the officers and soldiers in protecting maritime sovereignty and affirmed that VCCI and the delegation members would further strengthen propaganda activities about the nation’s sacred maritime sovereignty.

“VCCI has signed a cooperation agreement to coordinate sea and island propaganda for the 2023-2030 period and subsequent years with the Navy Command. The main contents include: exchanging information and operational experiences, participating in each other’s activities suitable to their functions and tasks, advising, introducing, and facilitating employment for naval soldiers returning to their localities after completing military service, and coordinating in helping to develop businesses within the Navy Command for economic development linked to national defense and security. In the coming time, we will continue to effectively implement the signed programs. Notably, both sides will coordinate to mobilize entrepreneurs, enterprises, and business associations in Vietnam to assist the people, prevent and overcome the consequences of natural disasters and floods, engage in gratitude activities, implement the ‘Vietnamese Navy as a Support for Fishermen to Venture Out to Sea,’ and the ‘Navy Sponsors Fishermen’s Children,’ the ‘For Beloved Truong Sa’ program, and the ‘Greening Truong Sa’ program, organizing delegations to visit, encourage naval officers and soldiers, especially those on duty on the islands and DK1 platforms,” emphasized Hoang Quang Phong.

Here are some images of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry delegation visiting and presenting gifts to officers, soldiers, and residents of the Truong Sa Island District and the DK1 platforms:









By: By Phan Nam (Business Forum Magazine)/ Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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