The ecosystem with 4 tiers of value

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Nearly 30 years of creation and development, Business Forum Magazine has created an ecosystem with 4 layers of value: communication, events, start-up and business service development.



VCCI Chairman Pham Tan Cong awarded the Cyberpurify Project of the National Startup Project Development Program 2021.

That is the sharing of Journalist Pham Ngoc Tuan - Editor-in-Chief of Business Forum Magazine on the 29th anniversary of its establishment. Sharing more, the journalist said that in the next step, the Business Forum is moving towards a new vision and mission with four core values, which are considered as four "pillars" bearing its own mark in the development, growth and future of the Journal.

29 years – a journey

Since it was established on November 5, 1993 and published the first issue on January 15, 1994 until now, Business Forum Newspaper (now the Business Forum Magazine) has undergone significant milestones, from building, inheriting and developing.


Leaders and employees of Business Forum Magazine at the 29th Anniversary Celebration.

Following the general trend, implementing the Prime Minister's Decision No. 362/QD-TTg dated April 3, 2019 on the Prime Minister's master plan on national press development and management to 2025, from April 1, 2020, Business Forum Newspaper has been transformed into a Business Forum Magazine, and received 3 other press agencies of VCCI, namely Vietnam Business Forum, Entrepreneur Culture Magazine and Photo World Magazine.

With this transformation, the Business Forum Magazine has quickly completed the organizational structure and personnel. 


The training course on mentoring skills for startups and innovation organized by Business Forum Magazine, in Cao Lanh city, Dong Thap province, July 2022.

In the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the prolonged period of social distancing across the country, all activities and plans of Business Forum Magazine face many difficulties. However, the leaders and staff of the Business Forum Magazine have effectively promoted innovative thinking, using the overall strength to find solutions to improve the quality of content as well as ensure the life of the employees.

Hidden in each press product and each program are noble spiritual and cultural values.


Business Forum Magazine cooperates with businesses to organize gift giving activities for the poor people in Tua Chua district, Dien Bien province, in 2021.

29 years – a time when sending a lot of emotions, thoughts, concerns and hopes. 29 years is the glorious history of the Journal. With each passing year, the brand value is greater for the collective, for the community because the new value is accumulated in the process of growing up. And all over it is love. For 29 years, each officer, reporter and editor has worked hard even in the most difficult times to maintain and develop.

4 “pillars”

29 years Business Forum Magazine has created an ecosystem with 4 layers of value. The next journey will be based on 4 "pillars" - which are the 4 core values that bear their own mark in the path of development, maturity and towards the future.

Media ecosystem: Currently, it can be said that, in terms of quantity, Business Forum Magazine is one of the press agencies with many journalistic products. The magazine has "stepped into" new forms of journalism such as multimedia, multi-modal in a real way. In each of those forms, there are derivative products bearing the imprint of the Business Forum Magazine.


Forum "Green stream for tourism to take off" organized by Business Forum Magazine.

Ecosystem of events: As one of the first newspapers to organize events, the Journal has been promoting event activities in a stable and active way with diverse topics to provide information, policy, as well as timely reflect the problems of the business community and businesses.

Start-up ecosystem: It has been 20 years and 1 month since the first day of signing a cooperation agreement with a Japanese partner on the implementation of the National Startup program. Business Forum has pioneered implementation. Up to now, the startup program has reached out to the world with partners UNDP, Global Startup Network, organizations such as Francophone community, domestic and foreign experts...

Enterprise development service ecosystem: it is business development service. Although new, this is considered a trend, requirement and condition for the development of the Journal. With the advantages of expertise, communication, data and data analysis, this will be the future trend of Business Forum Magazine.

Understanding policies to support economic and business recovery and development in 2022, in the coming time, the Business Forum will continue to closely follow the leadership and direction of VCCI set out in the Report at the 7th Congress. Having a vision to become a strong Press Group, playing a key role in cooperation and supporting business development.


Football tournament 2022 organized by Business Forum Magazine.

In which, 4 core values include: Solidarity: Developing capacity and Promoting the dedication of each member; Unify goals, solutions, and goals to serve businesses and entrepreneurs.

Creativity and innovation: quickly grasping the needs of businesses, diversifying types of products to suit the needs of the press market, constantly improving operational efficiency.

Intelligence: Firm in professionalism, sharp in professional knowledge, constantly improving the quality and reputation of the magazine's content and activities.

Humanity: Spread entrepreneurial ethics, business culture and sustainable development values for the benefit of the community and businesses.

According to Nam Phuong (Business Forum Magazine)./.



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