PCI and the good case of Hai Phong city

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With the effectiveness from the decisions to improve the business investment environment, Hai Phong has accelerated to the 2nd position in PCI 2021, up 5 places compared to 2020.

Over the past years, Hai Phong city is showing a strong transformation not only towards the goal of keeping the top position in attracting FDI but also realizing the aspiration of "reaching out to the big sea".

Efforts to improve…

Recently, the Vietnam Federation of Trade and Industry (VCCI) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the ranking of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) in 2021. According to the results, The PCI index of Hai Phong in 2021 reached 70.61%, up 5 places compared to 2020, reaching the highest position ever thanks to the decisions in the goal of improving the business investment environment.

PCI rankings in 2021

Currently, PCI is considered as a reliable information channel about investment locations, important feedback of private enterprises about the local business investment environment.

PCI 2021 is built based on feedback from 11,312 enterprises, of which there are more than 10,127 private enterprises operating in 63 provinces and cities across the country, and 1,185 foreign-invested enterprises operating. operates in 22 localities in Vietnam.

Hai Phong's spectacular breakthrough in the PCI index is the result of the city's many efforts, in reforming administrative procedures, implementing policies to support business development, and concentrating resources. implementation of key infrastructure projects; maintaining periodic dialogue between state agencies and enterprises once a month, promptly removing difficulties for enterprises.

Management units in Hai Phong area such as the Department of Planning and Investment, the Department of Taxation and the Management Board of the Economic Zone (EZ) have signed a commitment to publicize in front of businesses specific support and reform contents such as:  commitment to proactively contact the enterprise to guide the details of the application file if it is not suitable, commit not to let the enterprise have to go back and add documents more than once, commit to reduce the processing time for many procedures half of the central regulations.

A corner of DEEP Industrial Park – Hai Phong city

Signing the commitment publicly and then asking businesses and the press to monitor and supervise the implementation of the commitments is a very positive step in the change of an important city, the northeast gateway of the country…

In 2020, Hai Phong's PCI index ranked 7th on the rankings, in order to strive to be at the top for the following years, Hai Phong City issued Plan No. 182 KH/UBND on "improving the PCI index in 2021" - 2022 of Hai Phong City".

The plan is issued with the aim to maintain the PCI ranking position of Hai Phong city in the group of 10 leading provinces and cities nationwide and in the group of localities with good economic management quality; PCI score of 70 points or more. Focusing on improving strongly on 3 component indexes that have large weights in the PCI index but are reduced in 2020, including: Transparency index (20%), Business Support Services index (20%). %), Labor Training Index (20%).

Hai Phong City People's Committee requires: Transparent government, dedicated and responsible officials with aspiration for innovation, creativity, dare to think, dare to follow the spirit of "innovation - creativity - transparency – fairness - business companion”. To drastically promote reform of administrative procedures, simplify paper procedures, promote the use of public postal services; maximum application of information technology in solving work. Strengthening the provision of level 4 online public services and non-cash payments; urgently integrate more online public services into the National Public Service. Implement many models to support people and businesses to be practical and effective, avoiding formality and running after achievements...

In 2021, LG Display VN invest an additional USD 1.4 billion into Hai Phong

After many years of efforts to improve the business investment environment, Hai Phong has quickly become the "runner-up" on the national PCI rankings. This is also the highest position ever.

In a panoramic view according to the PCI ranking: Quang Ninh, Hai Phong, Dong Thap, Da Nang, Vinh Phuc, Binh Duong, Bac Ninh, Hue, Ba Ria Vung Tau, Hanoi are respectively the localities with the highest quality of economic management. These are also localities with very positive changes in economic development and good control of the COVID-19 epidemic, according to businesses.

Spread the carpet to welcome investors

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Tung - Chairman of Hai Phong City People's Committee: In the past few years, the promotion of foreign investment in Hai Phong has taken place very strongly. Most investors when coming to Vietnam research and learn about the investment environment in Hai Phong because the local advantage is having economic zones and industrial zones with high and attractive incentives. According to Mr. Tung, Hai Phong is committed to investing in infrastructure and strengthening solutions to attract investors. 2021 is a tumultuous year, the COVID-19 pandemic is complicated and widespread. However, Hai Phong is still an attractive and potential destination for domestic and foreign investors. In 2021, attracting FDI in industrial zones and economic zones will reach 5.1 billion USD (reaching 204% of the year plan).

Mr. Suk Myung Su - General Director of LG Display Vietnam Hai Phong (LGD) said: "I am very impressed when the project receives special attention from leaders of Hai Phong city and related industries, so the project controls adjusted the additional capital, completed the procedures and was granted the investment certificate in just 3 days. This is really a remarkable reform in administrative procedures, creating maximum conditions for businesses. LGD will make efforts, try our best to quickly deploy the project and put it into operation.

Mr. Le Trung Kien - Head of Hai Phong Economic Zone Management Board awarded the investment certificate to HALLA ELECTRONICS VINA Co., Ltd.

Sharing with the Business Forum Mr. Le Trung Kien - Head of Hai Phong Economic Zone Management Board: The investment attraction potential of Hai Phong's industrial zones and economic zones is expanding. In the period of 2021-2025, the city is expected to build 15 new industrial zones with a total area of over 6,200 hectares, this will be a source of clean ground to attract investors to Hai Phong city.

Notably, Trang Due Industrial Park is rapidly promoting work to implement the expansion project phase 3 with 600 hectares. Dinh Vu Industrial Park Joint Stock Company is speeding up the implementation of phase 2 and phase 3 industrial zones, including 600 hectares of land in Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park 2 and 500 hectares of land in Cat Hai Island, which have just been planned to welcome. Hai Phong international gateway port is about to come into operation. Industrial Park - Urban and Trang Cat services with an area of 550 ha are also being implemented. Hai Phong Economic Zone Management Board completed the draft industrial park project specialized in mechanical engineering, electronic industry, attracting Japanese businesses and developing supporting industries in Hai Phong, Department of Planning and Investment appraised and submitted to the City People's Committee.

From Hai Phong's efforts in 2021, it has helped the city improve 17 places in Transparency ranking, 10 places in Local government's dynamism and pioneering, and 2 places in the ranking of business support policies.


By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic

Source: https://vcci.com.vn/pci-va-cau-chuyen-vuot-toc-cua-hai-phong


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