How to determine design costs for repair works?

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Lam Thi Thao's company (Hanoi) encountered problems in the process of applying construction norms and determining design costs for works to repair damaged foundations, road surfaces and drainage systems on Highway 47 (Thanh Hoa), a 2-step design project.

Ms. Thao determined the adjustment coefficient of the design cost norm (k) according to Section 5.1 Section 5 Part II Appendix 2 of the norm of construction investment consultancy costs (issued together with Circular No. 16/2019/ TT-BXD dated December 26, 2019 of the Ministry of Construction). She asked, is the cost of designing construction drawings she applied the coefficient k = 1.1 correct?

Regarding the application of norms for the work of backfilling the old road, after all the asphalt pavement has been dug (below is the roadbed): After the road surface structure is removed, there is backfilling work, Ms. Thao asked, do you use the norm of filling the road with a steel wheel roller (code AB.64000) or the norm of backfilling the old road surface that has been plowed (code AD.25121)?

Because the inspecting officer had a different opinion, called backfilling the roadbed, she did not agree for Ms. Thao's unit to apply the code AD.25121.

The Ministry of Construction responded to this issue as follows:

Section 5.1 Part II Appendix 2 Circular No. 16/2019/TT-BXD dated December 26, 2019 of the Ministry of Construction guiding the determination of project management costs and construction investment consulting, regulations on adjustment construction design cost norms.

The design consultancy unit shall base on the above design documents and regulations to apply accordingly.

On August 31, 2021, the Ministry of Construction issued Circular No. 12/2021/TT BXD on construction norms, according to which, norm code AD.25100 stipulates for plowing old road surface, compaction of old road surface after plowing.

Therefore, the consulting unit based on the work composition and actual construction conditions to apply the norms accordingly.

By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic



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