Find out a competitive advantage for small and medium-sized businesses connecting to the international market

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It is recommended that small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those in the field of export production and processing, seek for competitive advantages when exporting through quality management and the application of e-commerce.

Enterprises need to find opportunities to trade connect and find export opportunities. Illustration: H.D

Enterprises need to find opportunities to trade connect and find export opportunities. Illustration: H.D

Talking about the business's operating experience, Ms. Nguyen Phuong, Director of Research and Development Center, Head of Food Safety Department, Peroma Vietnam Co., Ltd. said that the application of quality management systems and food safety is a basic condition and becomes mandatory for the food industry. In particular, this will help businesses increase competitiveness and access international markets, also help businesses ensure brand reputation and reach global customers.

Currently, Peroma Vietnam is applying integrated management systems such as: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP); Quality management system according to international standard ISO 9001:2015; Food safety management system according to the Food Safety Certification Association (FSSC 22000)… As a result, food flavoring products, natural ingredients… produced by the Company have been exported to Russia, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, USA and many other markets.

According to Mr. Nguyen Huu Nam, Deputy Director of VCCI Ho Chi Minh City branch, Vietnamese enterprises have many advantages in international trade, especially thanks to free trade agreements (FTAs). However, enterprises must improve their competitiveness and product quality to overcome technical barriers to trade or comply with regulations on rules of origin... In addition, in the new context, Exported products must also comply with commitments on environmental protection, sustainable development, etc.

Along with the issue of quality improvement, in recent years, e-commerce has been increasingly expanded and developed. The Government has also approved the national e-commerce development master plan for the 2021-2025 period with a number of goals such as: supporting and promoting the wide application of e-commerce in businesses and communities; expanding consumption markets for Vietnamese goods at home and abroad through e-commerce applications; promoting cross-border transactions and e-commerce...

Moreover, the products traded on the cross-border e-commerce floor are very rich and diverse, ranging from fashion, household and electronic goods to agricultural products such as vegetables, spices, fresh food or processed food… Therefore, small and medium enterprises can take advantage of opportunities to connect with international partners from e-commerce.

However, the exchange at the event "Supporting small and medium enterprises to connect to the world market through e-commerce" within the framework of the 27th International Food and Beverage Exhibition and the International Exhibition of Design The 27th food and beverage packaging and processing technology equipment by the Center for Small and Medium Enterprises Support - under the Vietnam Confederation of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in collaboration with the Advertising Joint Stock Company and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. VINEXAD trade fair held recently, a representative of the Center for Small and Medium Enterprises said that taking advantage of the advantages and benefits of e-commerce for small and medium enterprises is still limit ed.

Experts emphasized that e-commerce is a useful opportunity for small and medium enterprises to connect to the international market.

Experts emphasized that e-commerce is a useful opportunity for small and medium enterprises to connect to the international market.

Specifically, many small and medium enterprises lack online business skills; difficulty in building trust with customers; many small and medium-sized exporters have not yet understood the regulations and technical standards that need to be complied with by the importing countries.

Moreover, the implementation of traceability by small and medium-sized enterprises has not been standardized in terms of content and form, and has not met the requirements for traceability; Small and medium enterprises have not really focused on investing in caring and building quality booths on e-commerce platforms to optimize revenue and reach customers...

Therefore, this problem not only needs the initiative of businesses to change, but also needs the involvement of the authorities, especially the support projects from domestic and international agencies. Currently there is a project "Improving productivity and product quality to help Vietnamese small and medium enterprises strengthen their competitiveness and promote business linkages" and a project "Enhancing export capacity for small and medium businesses in the spice, vegetable and fruit industry in Vietnam (SFV-Export) funded by the European Union and jointly implemented by Oxfam in Vietnam and VCCI is expected to help businesses learn from the experience, knowledge from international experts as well as financial support to effectively take advantage of opportunities for development.

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