FCV unrelenting in prioritising its people

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FrieslandCampina Vietnam, whose parent group owns brand names such as Dutch Lady, Friso, Yomost, and Fristi, was honoured in the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” award by HR Asia magazine in August.

FCV unrelenting in prioritising its people
FCV unrelenting in prioritising its people

This was the third consecutive year that the company (FCV) had received the award, which reaffirms the company’s commitment and efforts in the process of developing its own corporate culture along with the slogan “For Vietnam to leap forward and reach higher”.

The award not only brings a big prestige to businesses, but is also a recognition of FCV’s continuous efforts over the years in improving its HR policies, with attractive remuneration, a top working environment, and active organisation of useful activities to unite employees.

What is more, this recognition cements the company’s commitment to bring better experiences to its staff through development opportunities and initiatives that grow FCV’s teams and inspire them to unleash their nature in a purposeful organisation.

HR director Phan Nam Tran said, “We are proud to be voted as one of the companies with the best working environment in Asia. This result comes from the dedication and devotion of the staff working together to create a working environment like their second home.”

At the same time, the award also demonstrates the company’s policy of focusing on HR as its most valuable asset, as it is also the decisive factor in FCV’s sustainable development, Tran added.

FCV unrelenting in prioritising its people
FrieslandCampina’s “Day for the community” has brought about significant nutritional activities to thousands of pupils in Ha Nam and Binh Duong provinces

Originating from the strength of more than 150 years of global experience and nearly 30 years of companionship with Vietnam, FrieslandCampina and its philosophy “Nurturing by Nature” has promoted its core competency of bringing the best nutritional resources to the whole world. It also wants to care for the planet, consumers, and all of its members.

In addition to providing high-quality nutritional products that meet Dutch standards, FCV takes care of its employees. Determining that people are the prerequisite for sustainable development, the company ensures all benefits for all employees with a professional working environment.

HR training and development activities are also maintained on an annual basis. Along with ensuring employee health, the company also attaches importance to providing training courses on improving skills and knowledge. FCV offers work opportunities to employees and encourages the young employees particularly to promote their roles at work, aiming to build a more friendly and dynamic working environment.

“I would like to thank all employees of the FCV family for their contributions to creating a professional, transparent, open, and cohesive working environment, where different personalities are nurtured and developed. You can find yourself comfortable at FCV,” Tran said.

FCV has pledged to make further contributions to Vietnams’ socioeconomic development. The company pays attention to sustainable development through education and development of nutrition for Vietnamese children, as well as improving the lives of Vietnamese people, especially farmers, through an effective community dairy development initiative.

By: Thanh Tung/ Vietnam Investment Review

Source: https://vir.com.vn/fcv-unrelenting-in-prioritising-its-people-107198.html


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