Dutch enterprises are always ready to cooperate with Vietnamese businesses in areas such as climate change, energy, technology, and more

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VCCI Vice Chairman Nguyen Quang Vinh at the Vietnam - Netherlands business connection session

Speaking at the Vietnam-Netherlands business networking event, Nguyen Quang Vinh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), discussed the potential for cooperation between the Vietnamese and Dutch business communities. He emphasized that there are still many opportunities and strengths that the two sides can complement and support each other.

Vice Chairman of VCCI also praised the business activities of Dutch enterprises in Vietnam in recent times, which have made practical contributions to Vietnam's economic development and the Vietnam-Netherlands relationship.

In particular, Vice Chairman of VCCI suggested that Dutch businesses could expand cooperation and strengthen connections with Vietnamese enterprises in areas where Vietnam has strengths, such as high-tech agriculture, new energy, renewable energy, semiconductors, climate change adaptation, shipbuilding services, seaports, shipbuilding technology, and logistics.

Dutch and Vietnamese businesses exchange cooperation agreements

In particular, Vice Chairman of VCCI stated that Vietnam is focusing more on the green transformation of the economy and also combating climate change. This is also one of the focal activities of VCCI in the near future.

VCCI, with its core being the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD), will continue to enhance awareness-raising activities for the business community by developing a network of media outlets on sustainable development and organizing platforms for sustainable development dialogues such as the Vietnam Sustainable Development Business Forum (VCSF).

Furthermore, there will be a focus on strengthening the building and development of members, as well as partner networks with the participation of domestic and international development organizations. In fact, some large Dutch enterprises like Heineken have been active partners in promoting sustainable development in Vietnam in recent times.

Vice Chairman of VCCI also added that one of the action priorities of VBCSD from this year onwards is the establishment of task groups focusing on "green transformation" and "ESG and green finance". This will also be an opportunity for Dutch businesses to enhance cooperation, share experiences, and promote Vietnam's green transformation process.

At the same time, VCCI commits to always accompany, support in solving difficulties, and help the Dutch business community successfully connect and invest in Vietnam.

Chairman of the Dutch Confederation of Employers and Industries Ingrid Thijssen

Regarding Dutch businesses, President of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers Ingrid Thijssen stated that Dutch enterprises are always ready to explore new business opportunities in Vietnam.

Thijssen noted that Vietnam and the Netherlands share many similarities. Both countries are interested in promoting global trade and share business skills in the current context. More importantly, both nations are committed to maintaining global stability and ensuring sustainable development for the future.

"I believe that by cooperating together, we can address the significant challenges of today, from coping with climate change to ensuring food security," Thijssen emphasized.

Dutch and Vietnamese businesses exchange business cooperation agreements

Especially in the current context, the Chairman of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers emphasizes that signing cooperation agreements between Vietnamese and Dutch businesses underscores the strong trade relationship between the two countries. Vietnam is always a priority for the Netherlands in general and Dutch businesses in particular in the region. Dutch enterprises desire and commit to continue accompanying Vietnam in its development in the time to come.

After 50 years of diplomatic establishment, the Netherlands has become the largest investor, the second-largest trading partner, and the second-largest export market of Europe in Vietnam, with over 400 projects and a total investment of over 11 billion USD, accounting for nearly 50% of the total EU investment in Vietnam.

Vietnamese and Dutch businesses exchanges business cooperation agreements



By: According to CAM ANH (Business Forum Magazine)


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