Coordinating to support Vietnamese small and medium enterprises in digital transformation

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Vietnam's digital economy in the period 2023-2025 will have the highest growth rate in the ASEAN region at 31%.

According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam currently has about 900,000 operating enterprises with more than 97% being small and medium enterprises, playing an important role in the country's socio-economic development, contributing to the country's socio-economic development 45% of GDP and 31% of total budget revenue; at the same time, attracting more than 5 million workers.

In the context that the economy is trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in order to restore growth momentum and develop faster and stronger, digital transformation is raised as an urgent requirement to help businesses industry quickly caught up with the trend of the times.

The latest Southeast Asian economic report also noted that Vietnam's digital economy in the period of 2023-2025 will have the highest growth rate in the ASEAN region at 31%.

In the past few years, Vietnam's digital economy development rate has also been among the top in the region. The recently released Meta Corporation report also sums up that 73% of consumers in Vietnam are using texting to communicate with businesses, the highest among the surveyed countries.

These are positive trends that show the willingness of the business community and consumers to participate in the digital economy, as well as the dynamism and efforts of Vietnamese businesses.

Ruici Tio, Policy Program Manager, Meta Asia Pacific, said that Meta is committed to supporting Vietnamese SMEs to help bring their presence online and benefit from participating in the digital economy. Meta is proud of its long-standing partnership with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), which has supported more than 32,000 small and medium-sized businesses nationwide. Along with that, Meta has just introduced an electronic handbook introducing businesses on the digital platform.

This is a testament to the power of digital tools in helping small and medium businesses sell across borders. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to help domestic and international consumers enhance their ability to explore markets and products. This support program reflects Meta Group's greater commitment to supporting digital transformation and innovation in order to contribute to the goals of the Government of Vietnam.

This is the 6th year, the Small and Medium Enterprises Support Center of VCCI cooperates with Meta Corporation to deploy the Meta Boost Program in Vietnam. To date, the program has supported more than tens of thousands of small and medium enterprises across the country through face-to-face and online forms.

Various and useful activities including: 7 live forums; 3 webinars; 77 face-to-face training courses; 43 online training courses; launched an electronic handbook to introduce 100 enterprises in tea, coffee, agricultural and aquatic products; built 7 typical business stories using the Facebook platform...have been implemented. Trainees who have participated in the program's training courses also receive advertising support to help them get through the COVID-19 period. Meta Group also works closely with the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Planning and Investment in efforts to support small and medium enterprises in digital transformation, in line with the national orientation.

Mr. Bui Trung Nghia, Vice Chairman of VCCI said, VCCI has cooperated with Meta Group to organize many awareness raising activities, application skills training and opportunities to experience digital tools for business development and improve the efficiency of business operations in Vietnam. Electronic handbook introducing 100 digital small and medium enterprises introduced and launched with the aim of providing useful information for consumers when shopping and for businesses looking for partners and customers row. The electronic handbook also aims to encourage SMEs to digitally transform and use online platforms for communication.

Along with that is a reference source for policymakers to see the positive transformation in small and medium enterprises across the country by using digital platforms to reach customers across borders. VCCI plans to promote the e-handbook to domestic and foreign partners through the VCCI network with the goal of reaching 500,000 people./.


By: Ngọc Quynh/BNEWS/TTXVN


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