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Recommendation on proposing the Government that directs and speeds up the implementation of the SME Support Fund and the National Technology Innovation Fund as well as directs the banking credit system to create favorable conditions for enterprises to loan The Vietnam Association of Consumer Goods Development 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance 6117/BTC-CST Responded
Recommendation on the amendment of the land policies allowing infrastructure business enterprises of industrial parks (in the case of exemption from land use levies, land rentals or the State leases land with annual land rentals) and secondary enterprises The Business Association of Thanh Hoa Province 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance 6117/BTC-CST Has been incompletly responded
Recommendation that the Association has issued many documents and proposed to the state management agencies to remove difficulties for businesses, especially issues of special consumption tax and business conditions ... Some comments of the Association ha The Vietnam Beverage Association 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance 6117/BTC-CST Responded
Recommendation on requesting management agencies should complete the system of legal documents soon while ensuring regulations that are appropriate, clear and create conditions for the development of enterprises. VIETNAM ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS (VACPA) 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance 6117/BTC-CST Responded
Solutions should be strengthened to improve the business investment environment The Business Association of Vinh Phuc Province 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance; the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Justice 6117/BTC-CST; 1036/BXD - PC; 1574/BTP - VĐCXDPL Responded
Regulations on asset valuation: Currently, legal documents do not have specific guidance on some items related to the valuation of assets, machineries and specialized equipment of the electricity sector and not available on the market when undertaking valuation The Vietnam Electricity 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance 6117/BTC-CST Responded
Provisions on expenses of equitization (equitization) The Vietnam Electricity 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance 6117/BTC-CST Responded
It is proposed to consider the decentralization decision to the board members of state economic groups, which shall decide on the selection of equitization consultancy organizations, decide on the announcement of enterprises value and report to the Ministries managing sectors. The Vietnam Electricity 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance 6117/BTC-CST Responded
It is necessary to have policies to support localities and areas which are heavily affected by environmental incidents. In some localities, the tourism business in general and hotels in particular are affected by environmental problems, especially in the natural environment. For example, in Hoi An (the Quang Nam Province), many beaches have been eroded, many coastal resorts have spent a lot of expenses to limit the impact of this incident but results are very limited. The Vietnam Tourism Association 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment 6117/BTC-CST; 2287/BTNMT - PC Responded
Recommendation on difficulties in submitting tax registration declaration form The Thanh An Automobile Joint Stock Company in Thanh Xuan District 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance 6117/BTC-CST Responded
Recommendation on assets for assurance of agricultural finance in Vietnam that mainly depend on fixed assets such as real estates. In order to accelerate the development of the agricultural sector in Vietnam, it is advisable to consider mortgage assets such as agricultural machineries and payment abilities of buyers for products. Japanese Business Association in Vietnam 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance; The State Bank of Vietnam 6117/BTC-CST; 3317/NHNN - VP Responded
It is proposed to allow the Company to use the Department of Animal Health's guidelines (issued every three months) and customs dossiers to clear the shipments of raw materials imported by the Company into the production of export goods without having to submission of the results of other State inspection on quarantine and food safety when carrying out customs procedures in order to minimizing and simplifying the administrative procedures. The Quang Ninh Seafood Export and Processing Co., Ltd 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Financial; The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development 6117/BTC-CST;3942/BNN - QLDN Responded
Recommendation on accounting regime for real estate businesses The CEO Group JSC in Hanoi 0874/PTM - VP The Ministry of Finance 6117/BTC-CST Responded
According to the provisions of Clause 2, Article 4 of the Law on Real Estate Business No. 63/2006 / QH11 on " Real estate dealing means investing capital in the creation, purchase, acceptance of transfer, lease or hire- purchase of real estate for sale The Hotel business enterprises group in Danang 1389/PTM - VP The State Bank of Vietnam 5804/NHNN - VP Responded
Recommendation on Development of a Code of Conduct for advertising profession. In many countries around the world, the Code of Conduct or Code of Advertising Practice (Advertising Standards) is essentially a set of advertising technical regulations, which regulates the details of what is and not advertised for each product or category. Advertisers only rely on the set of rules to self-regulate their advertising performance. The authorities do not have to review the content prior, only need to compare the rules in the Code to monitor, check units performing advertisement, if they do wrong, the penalty is very heavy. This not only dignify responsibilities of advertisers, but also reduce many troublesome administrative procedures for both management agencies and advertisers. The negative application/approval conditions will basically be eliminated. The Vietnam Advertising Association 0874/PTM-VP The Ministry of Construction 1036/BXD - PC Responded
Policies of supporting PVEP The PetrolVietnam Exploitation Production Cooperation (PVEP) 1389/PTM - VP The Government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade Has not been responded
Recommendation of the Van Xuan Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as Van Xuan Company) which has been approved by the State to lease land for use as a head office, maintenance, overhaul and rehabilitation of motorcycles and traffic equipment and processing mechanical products in accordance with Decision No. 5749 / QD-UBND dated 29 September 2003 and signed the land lease contract No. 156-2003 / DCC-HDTDTN dated November 27, 2003. The Van Xuan Joint Stock Company, Address: Phan Trong Tue St., Tam Hiep Commune, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi City 1389/PTM - VP The Hanoi People's Committee; The Hanoi Tax Department 6471/ VP - KT Responded
Recommendation on responses of proposals of enterprises and fine of tax violations. The Eurocham (European Business Association in Vietnam) 0874/PTM-VP The Ministry of Finance 6117/BTC-CST Responded

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