About difficulties in implementing regulations on inspection and examination of businesses.

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Name of recommendations: About difficulties in implementing regulations on inspection and examination of businesses.

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Recommended by units: Chinh Kem Co., Ltd (In Bac Lieu Province)

Official letter: 2708/PTM - VP, dated: 2017-10-20

Recommended contents:

Chinh Kem Co., Ltd is representative for the enterprises of Bac Lieu Province presented difficulties in implementing the regulations on enterprise inspection as follows:

The Administrative Management Department of Social Order of Department of Public Security of Bac Lieu Province has conducted the inspection at Chinh Kem Company. The inspection team consisted of five police officers who came to inspect the Chinh Kem Co., Ltd for half of a day and several times without warning, without the decision of the Department of Public Security of Bac Lieu Province. The examination contents of the team consisted of a number of issues (according to inspection records) and explained according to the Government's Decree No. 96/2016 / ND-CP of July 1, Clause 13, Article 3, Chapter I of Decree No. 96/2016 / ND-CP). According to the Chinh Kem Company, the company is currently under the control of many provincial and municipal agencies of various branches and forces such as the Department of Public Security on economic, administrative management, transport, fire prevention and protection, environment as well as the Department of Industry and Trade, the Department of Traffic and Public Works, the Traffic Inspectorate, Market Management, Taxation ... The continuous and dense inspection of the excessive number of agencies mentioned above is causing many troubles for businesses, Obstructing enterprises has concentrated all resources on production and business. The Chinh Kem Company would like to recommend the Government and Ministries to consider and reduce inspection procedures for enterprises in order to create favorable conditions for enterprises to be developed.

Responded by units:

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