A US company is seeking opportunities to promote entrepreneurship in Vietnam.

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Abt Global LLC - one of the largest American businesses in the field of supporting startups - aims to enhance its presence in Vietnam through VCCI and the Business Forum Magazine.

Abt Global sees Vietnam as one of the key markets in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation (Photo: Truong Dang).

On May 20, 2024, Vice Chairman of VCCI, Bui Trung Nghia, received Ms. Stephanie Landers Silva - Senior Manager of the Comprehensive Economic Development Division of Abt Global LLC (USA) to discuss cooperation in the field of entrepreneurship. Also present were leaders of the Business Forum Magazine and the Secretariat of the National Startup Program.

During the meeting, Ms. Stephanie expressed her delight at the prospect of cooperation with VCCI in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. She also introduced Abt Global as one of the world's leading companies in research, assessment, and implementation of programs on innovation and impact creation in 60 countries. Vietnam is one of the important markets for the group, where Abt Global has implemented 2 projects related to supporting the healthcare sector and supporting women in business development.


VCCI Vice Chairman Bui Trung Nghia (right) shared prospects for cooperation between Vietnam and the United States in the field of entrepreneurship (Photo: Truong Dang).

According to representatives from Abt Global, VCCI is a very important organization, representing Vietnam's growing business community. Through this, they hope to listen to VCCI's experiences in maintaining and developing the startup community in our country. Based on this, Abt Global expects stronger cooperation with VCCI to contribute to opening up opportunities for cooperation in building an innovative ecosystem in the future.

On the VCCI leadership side, Vice Chairman Bui Trung Nghia also presented VCCI's priorities related to innovation in enterprises. He also shared challenges and opportunities in creating a supportive environment for startups, enterprises, and innovators. Especially, he highly appreciated Abt Global's desire to seek opportunities for cooperation and support startups in Vietnam.

Also at the meeting, Nguyen Tien Dung - Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Business Forum Magazine and member of the Secretariat of the National Startup Program - also shared prospects and opportunities for cooperation with the US company, especially in the field of communications.


VCCI and the Business Forum Magazine hope to have more opportunities for cooperation to promote trade exchanges between Vietnam and the United States (Photo: Truong Dang).

Deputy Editor-in-Chief Nguyen Tien Dung believes that as the advocacy agency of VCCI, the Business Forum Magazine will play a significant role in promoting and disseminating initiatives and startup enterprises that have been proven over the years. Through this, he hopes for deeper cooperation with Abt Global to further promote and advocate for other startup projects in the future.

Following cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme - UNDP on implementing entrepreneurship support activities during the 3-year period from 2020 to 2023, the Business Forum Magazine also expects this meeting to open up more opportunities for cooperation with US businesses, as well as US government agencies such as USAID, to implement cooperation activities in innovation and various other fields, contributing to deepening the US-Vietnam trade relationship.



By: According to Truong Dang (Business Forum Magazine)./Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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