VCCI serves as a crucial link between the Party, the State and the business community

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VCCI and Vietnamese businesses have worked together to offer our nation the structure, potential, international position, and reputation as it does today.

Mr. Vo Van Thuong, member of the Politburo, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam 

Mr. Vo Van Thuong, member of the Politburo and President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, sent warm congratulations to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), business associations, and entrepreneurs nationwide on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the VCCI (April 27, 1963 – April 27, 2023).

VCCI in the process of national economic development

According to President Vo Van Thuong, VCCI has made every effort to complete all tasks entrusted to it by the Party and State over the course of its 60-year history, fostering the strength of the Vietnamese business community and  entrepreneurs and making a substantial contribution to the nation's economic development. In the era of national renovation, where economic development is the primary goal, VCCI has offered suggestions and recommendations to the Party and State on a variety of topics related to trade and commerce, company growth, and global economic integration. VCCI has taken part in both bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements as well as international economic organizations and collaborations.

As an important bridge between the business community and the Party, State, VCCI has timely grasped the situation, reflected and proposed solutions to overcome difficulties and obstacles for enterprises; provided constructive feedback and monitored policy implementation; conducted research, surveys, and published provincial competitiveness index (PCI); boosted the capacity of Vietnamese enterprises to benefit from FTAs, contributing to improving the investment and business environment in Vietnam and enhancing the competitiveness of the economy.

Mr Pham Tan Cong, Chairman of VCCI delivers a speech in the event 

After nearly 40 years of Doi Moi, the Vietnamese business community has grown significantly, with nearly 1 million enterprises from various economic sectors, over 5 million individual household businesses, and nearly 30,000 cooperatives. Along with this, nearly 30,000 foreign-invested enterprises (FDI) are operating in Vietnam, making significant contributions to economic growth, improving production and export capacity, and restructuring the Vietnamese economy. VCCI and Vietnamese businesses have worked together to offer our nation the structure, potential, international position, and reputation as it does today.

VCCI's new mission

President Vo Van Thuong has instructed Vietnamese entrepreneurs and businesses to strengthen their unity and cooperation in production, business, and the development of value chains and supply chains, among other things, in order to strengthen the Vietnamese brand's power in the market and achieve successful international integration. This is in response to the demands of promoting industrialization, modernization, and international integration. In the spirit of success and triumph for all parties involved, they must also increase their alliances and cooperation with foreign partners.

"The VCCI and business associations play a significant role in bringing together and fostering the growth of the Vietnamese business and entrepreneur community. VCCI must genuinely serve as a hub for networking, unification, and support, as well as an effective network for the business community and business groups", said President Vo Van Thuong.

The President Vo Van Thuong emphasized that VCCI is the bridge between the Party, State, and the business community

The President Vo Van Thuong emphasized that VCCI is the bridge between the Party, State, and the business community; therefore, it must convey the legitimate opinions and aspirations of the business community and practical production and business needs into the Party's guidelines, the State's policies, and laws.

"In order to improve the business climate, strengthen provincial competitiveness, create linkage models, and collaborate with localities to grow their economies, VCCI must be more proactive and engaged in its coordination with them. It must continue to advance the entrepreneurial and commercial spirit while safeguarding the legal rights and interests of businesses and entrepreneurs and improving recognition of outstanding entrepreneurs. It is necessary for VCCI to assemble, link, and assist the Vietnamese business community abroad. VCCI and business community must take the lead in developing a set of moral guidelines and business culture that are consistent with Vietnamese values, ethics, and culture as well as the core principles of global business culture. They must also elevate the national spirit, social responsibility, and the aspiration for the prosperous development of the country," the President stated.

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