VCCI Presents CSI Program to ASEAN BAC

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At the ASEAN BAC meeting held on March 8, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, VCCI Vice President and Chairman of ASEAN BAC Vietnam, demonstrated the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) Program in assessing and ranking sustainable businesses in Vietnam. This is the next step after the meeting in January, where Vice President Nguyen Quang Vinh shared details about the set of CSI indicators applied in corporate governance for sustainable development and the CSI that has been introduced into Vietnam's national policies and strategies on sustainable development.


At this meeting, Vice President Nguyen Quang Vinh updated ASEAN BAC members on the legal basis for implementing the Program on Benchmarking and Announcing Sustainable Companies (CSI program) in Vietnam using the CSI index.

Vice President of VCCI Nguyen Quang Vinh also outlined the successful implementation of programs to evaluate and announce 100 sustainable enterprises in Vietnam from 2016 to present. The program is chaired and organized by VCCI together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor. The program has been highly appreciated and recognized by the Government and business community in Vietnam.

Especially from 2020 until now, with the use of software to declare attendance records and evaluate participating enterprises, the CSI program has supported enterprises to build and manage data on development activities and business sustainability. In 2022, the program indirectly supported businesses in making sustainable development reports.

VCCI Vice President Nguyen Quang Vinh also presented an update on the progress and implementation plan of the Program on Benchmarking and Announcing Sustainable Companies in 2023, in which the CSI set of indicators was adjusted in the direction of integrating the ESG reporting requirements, as well as supporting enterprises to implement and report ESG at enterprises.

By: Giang Tu, Vietnam Business Forum



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