VCCI Chairman: VCCI works for a sustainable business community

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VCCI works for a strong and sustainable business community, contributing to national development.

Chairman of the VCCI, Mr. Pham Tan Cong shared at the meeting with the delegation of the Ministry 

VCCI Chairman Pham Tan Cong. Photo:Thanh Tuan

VCCI Chairman Pham Tan Cong emphasized that the meeting was an opportunity for VCCI to report on the operation situation and raise difficulties and problems and propose competent authorities to solve them. Especially the strategic goals of VCCI set out to accompany and develop with the country. It is also an opportunity for VCCI to realize its great responsibility in the coming time.

New vision and mission

Evaluating VCCI's activities, VCCI Chairman Pham Tan Cong said that the seventh term, the congress had just been held with great success. Received the response and created a new atmosphere in the whole country. The congress gathered many businesses to participate, the nature of socialization was very high, and a new Executive Committee was established with a representative scale of both small and medium enterprises.

The power of the Executive Committee is also very high, with more than 90 members determined to be recognized as a "small economy" with a turnover of nearly 100 billion USD. In particular, at the VII Congress, VCCI gave a vision, mission as well as strategic goals associated with the new mission of VCCI in the coming period.

In which, VCCI works for a strong and sustainable business community, contributing to national development. With a strong corporate vision, prosperous nation. The mission is that an enterprise develops according to the Party's leadership line.

All the tasks from this moment that VCCI will deploy are to stick to that vision and strategic goal, to ensure that by 2030 -2045, the goals set in the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress will be achieve.

Sharing about the development of the entrepreneurial team in the coming period, VCCI Chairman Pham Tan Cong hopes that VCCI will receive the support of the Ministry of Home Affairs to carry out the assigned tasks and gather a team of Vietnamese businesses and entrepreneurs and development orientation for this team.

Especially business ethics and Vietnamese business culture. Because there must be ethical and cultural "leader" to have a strong business. "For a long time, we have talked a lot about corporate culture, but business ethics has not been focused," VCCI Chairman Pham Tan Cong said.

Mr. Pham Hong Giang, Head of the General Planning Department (VCCI). Photo: Thanh Tuan

Reporting at the meeting, Mr. Pham Hong Giang, Head of the General Planning Department, said that in December 2021, VCCI successfully organized the 7th Congress, term 2021-2026. The Congress agreed to change the Vietnamese name of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the Vietnam Federation of Commerce and Industry, the abbreviation and the English name remained the same as VCCI (Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

In the past 2015-2021 period, VCCI has successfully completed the directions and tasks assigned by the Party and State and the 6th VCCI Congress. VCCI has completed a large volume of work, increasing by 30% compared to the previous term, achieving an average growth rate of 10%/year.

All aspects of work are implemented comprehensively and the quality is improved in the direction of professionalism. In addition to traditional activities, VCCI has implemented many new creative and flexible activities to meet the development requirements of the economy and business community.

The role of VCCI in participating in the development of institutions, policies and laws, improving the business investment environment, and promoting administrative procedure reform has been increasingly affirmed and promoted. Action programs to implement important directives and resolutions of the Party and State on business and entrepreneurial development have been effectively implemented.

VCCI focuses on increasing linkages and improving the capacity of associations, ensuring to promote the synergy of the nationwide business association system, actively supporting and promoting the establishment and implementation of activities. activities of provincial business associations; promote the function of representing the employer…

Deputy Head of Department of Personnel and Organization and of VCCI Tong Minh Phuong (VCCI) spoke at the meeting. Photo: Thanh Tuan

The position and reputation of VCCI is enhanced at home and abroad. VCCI is considered by the international business community as one of the most dynamic Chambers of Commerce and Industry in developing economies and a strong partner in the community of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and other trade promotion organization - investment in the world.

The Chairman of VCCI has been trusted to be elected to the highest leadership body of the Organizations representing the business community at the international and regional scale. VCCI has successfully organized important, national activities and major events of the business community such as activities within the framework of APEC 2017 Summit Week; Business Summits with Vietnam VBS 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020; Regular Vietnam Business Forum (VBF)...

In the period 2015-2021, VCCI has researched and commented on nearly 700 draft legal documents (on average, nearly 150 drafts per year); participate in 214 drafting committees, editorial teams; participated in 390 councils to appraise and verify projects, draft documents, check documents... VCCI has organized 2,030 conferences, seminars, seminars to collect opinions of enterprises, construction experts, legal and policy suggestions with the participation of 324,500 attendees.

At the same time, VCCI also focused on implementing many review and research activities on the development and implementation of legal documents. Many important reports have been developed and published during this period such as: “Review report on major overlaps in Laws” which has pointed out 25 major overlapping issues in current Laws, which is highly and widely used by ministries and agencies.

The series of "Business Law Flow Report" which has been conducted continuously since 2018 is built to review the legal regulations that have a great impact on the business community in Vietnam, thereby making assessments on the trend of economic policy flows in each period, as a basis for the development of business legislation in the next period.

VCCI has been leading the investigation, survey and publication of the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) continuously for 15 years since 2005. The annual PCI results have become a useful source of reference information for provinces and cities nationwide in the process of formulating administrative procedure reform policies, private sector development policies, and policies to improve the quality of the government apparatus.

Ms. Thang Thi Hanh, Director of the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations (Ministry of Home Affairs) spoke at the meeting.

VCCI is also the origin of many important administrative reform proposals of the Government. For all three rounds of administrative reform in the last term, the initiative and role of VCCI have been recognized, such as the removal of thousands of sub-licenses in 2016, cutting and simplifying over 50% of business conditions. Business and administrative procedures specialized inspection in 2018 and a general review of overlaps and inadequacies in the legal system in 2020…

At the meeting, leaders of VCCI and leaders of VCCI's departments discussed and raised difficulties and problems in the operation process as well as recommendations and proposals to competent authorities for settlement.

The VCCI proposed the Politburo and the Secretariat to issue a new conclusion on mass associations on the basis of the Scheme on arrangement of mass organizations assigned by the Party and State, in which specific roles are defined, the position and organizational model of the association has the Party Committee in general and the VCCI in particular, and has applicable policies suitable to the functions, tasks, nature, scale, scope of activities, position and role of the association. each association for the socio-economic development of the country.

Chief of Office of the Ministry of Home Affairs Vu Dang Minh spoke at the meeting.

It is proposed to decentralize authority to allow the VCCI Party Committee to be responsible for a number of external activities in accordance with the spirit of Official Dispatch No. 7359-CV/VPTW dated August 8, 2018 directed by the Standing Comrade of the Secretariat…

VCCI also proposed the Government to issue a Decree regulating the organization, operation and management of the Association to replace Decree No. 45/2010/ND-CP dated April 21, 2010. Authorize VCCI and business associations to participate in providing public services to best support businesses and reduce the burden on state management agencies. Supplementing the VCCI is the body that is consulted when the governing bodies reward and honor enterprises and entrepreneurs in Decree No. 51/2010/QD-TTg on emulation and commendation...

VCCI is the bridge between enterprises and the state

Speaking at the meeting, representatives of units of the Ministry of Home Affairs highly appreciated the operation results of VCCI, especially activities of socio-economic development and international economic integration. VCCI has adhered to its principles and purposes, has had many outstanding activities, and has gathered members and business associations in large numbers.

Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Vu Chien Thang. Photo: Quoc Tuan

The tasks assigned by the Party and State in protecting members' interests have been implemented very effectively, creating favorable conditions for members and enterprises to develop production and business, making an important contribution to the process of business development. socio-economic of the country.

Concluding the meeting, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Vu Chien Thang acknowledged and highly appreciated the role of VCCI in connection activities, production, business, and socio-economic development.

Regarding state management, VCCI has stabilized and developed in many aspects over the past time, gathering many businesses and entrepreneurs, worthy of being a bridge between enterprises and the state. VCCI has joined the political system in carrying out many important tasks, especially international economic integration and economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.

VCCI leaders presented souvenirs to the Ministry of Home Affairs delegation. Photo: Quoc Tuan

VCCI has organized its activities in accordance with the charter approved by the Prime Minister, ensuring internal solidarity. VCCI has worked with enthusiasm and aspiration to develop, contributing to the country's socio-economic development; manage information and press activities in accordance with the guidelines, guidelines, policies and laws of the State...

In the coming time, Deputy Minister Vu Chien Thang proposed that VCCI reorganize its activities and continue to comply with guidelines and laws; complete the provisions according to the bylaws. Well perform the tasks assigned by the Party and State, well perform the provision of public services; well perform the gathering of the business community; continue to participate in the development of legal documents, especially those on economy, trade, and international economic integration.

As a representative of the business community, the Deputy Minister suggested that VCCI continue to coordinate well with localities to support businesses to recover, develop production and business, and stabilize the economy after the COVID-19 epidemic.

The delegation of the Ministry of Home Affairs presented souvenirs to VCCI leaders. Photo: Quoc Tuan

Adding solutions to further highlight the role of a bridge, closely linking the state with the business community; study the dialogue mechanism between the government and the business community, advise and propose solutions for the business community to operate production and business more effectively.

At the same time, supplementing the digitization and digital transformation roadmap for businesses, especially participating in providing services to create maximum convenience for businesses to access services; continue to promote the tradition of solidarity and cohesion within VCCI and among the business community together.

Deputy Minister Vu Chien Thang also said that the Ministry of Home Affairs is building and will put into operation a website about funds and associations and suggested that VCCI pay attention to monitoring, exploiting and sharing information to serve the activities of the. VCCI is more efficient.


By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic



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