Solid foundation for Vietnam-Japan cooperation

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Vietnam-Japan trade and investment ties have remained strong despite the Covid-19 pandemic's effects and the challenging global environment.

Mr. Yoshihisa Suzuki, Chairman of the Japan-Mekong Business Cooperation Committee under the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), was given a gift by VCCI President Pham Tan Cong.

Our reporter was given an exclusive interview on this subject by Mr. Yoshihisa Suzuki, Chairman of the Japan-Mekong Business Cooperation Committee under the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI).

- How do you evaluate the cooperation relationship between Vietnam - Japan in the past?

After 50 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations (September 23, 1973), the friendship cooperation between Vietnam and Japan have developed rapidly in all fields and achieved many remarkable developments, especially in the economic field.

In particular, the friendly and cooperative relationship between the two countries makes Japanese businesses very secure. With the recent increase in geopolitical risks, due to the need to secure supply chains, many Japanese companies are once again interested in Vietnam and other ASEAN countries.

With a population of about 100 million people, most of whom are young people, Vietnam is becoming a very attractive country to expand the service industry and start-up Japanese businesses.

In addition, the number of Vietnamese living in Japan is increasing at a rate that far exceeds that of other countries. As of June 2022, nearly half a million people accounted for 16% of the total number of foreigners living in Japan. The exchange of people and technology between Japan and Vietnam will become closer and more important than ever.

On that solid foundation, I believe that the two sides will achieve many new steps in the upcoming journey. And this year's Vietnam - Japan Economic Forum will be the starting point towards economic development and strengthening the friendship between the two countries in the coming time.

- Currently, high technology is one of the keys that is receiving great attention from Japan as well as Vietnam. So how can Vietnam promote the attraction of Japanese investment in this field, sir? 

I think we've got a very good relationship between the two countries. Importantly, the two governments have put in place many programs to facilitate investment cooperation in the high-tech sector.

Therefore, I think there should be more exchanges in the future not only between the Governments, but also between ministries, sectors and the business communities of the two sides.

Mr. Yoshihisa Suzuki, Chairman of the Japan-Mekong Business Cooperation Committee under the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI)

Communication and the exchange of information are very important. Therefore, JCCI and the Japan-Mekong Business Cooperation Committee are also working with agencies and organizations in Vietnam to make efforts to further improve the investment environment, strengthen exchanges, and support connectivity. not only for large corporations, but also to promote support for small and medium enterprises as well as startups of the two countries in technology innovation and digital transformation, thereby helping Vietnamese businesses improve their productivity and capacity to participate more deeply in the supply chain.

Vietnamese enterprises have good and innovative technology skills. This is also an advantage that needs to be focused on and promoted to attract Japanese businesses to invest heavily in technology transformation in Vietnam in the coming time.

- On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan, would you like to share more about your plans to promote cooperation between businesses of the two countries in the near future?  

The year 2023 is a significant milestone for Vietnam and Japan, as well as for Japan and ASEAN. We are building a series of events that will be held from now until the end of the year to strengthen cooperation between Japanese businesses and the businesses in the countries in the ASEAN region, including Vietnam, such as organizing a business week. ASEAN - Japan economy; special business conference…

With "together" as the keyword for cooperation between the two countries this year, JCCI and the Japan-Mekong Business Cooperation Committee will strengthen activities to support projects to strengthen the supply chain, and build an ASEAN - Japan start-up network. At the same time, many business opportunities were created between the ASEAN and Japanese business communities to solve social problems in each country.

We will also work with JETRO to promote cooperation projects and support startups in Vietnam.

Thank you! 

By: Business Forum Magazine



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