Report on the performance of Resolution 35 / NQ-CP in May 2017

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No:1389 /PTM – VP

Report on the performance of the Resolution 35 / NQ-CP in May  2017

Ha Noi, June  13,  2017



The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) would like to report on the implementation of the tasks assigned in the Resolution 35 / NQ-CP dated 16 May 2016 by the Government on supporting and developing enterprises to 2020, solving difficulties and obstacles as well as recommendations of enterprises in May 2017 as follows:


1. The Government’s Office

1.1. An Official Letter No. 5036 / VPCP-KTTH dated 16 May, 2007 of the Government’sOffice for an announcement of opinions of Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue on the use of infrastructure and public utility works at Hai Phong seaport border gate as follows:

-  The People's Committee of Hai Phong City organized a review and an evaluation of the collection of charges for the use of infrastructure facilities, service facilities and public facilities in the Hai Phong seaport border gate area for goods export and import; summarized  the opinions and proposals of associations and enterprises and submit them to the Hai Phong People's Council at its nearest session for consideration and adjustment of charge rates, ensuring compliance with the provisions of law on  fees, charges and other relevant laws in accordance with the ability to contribute and competitiveness of export and import businesses, created a favorable business investment environment in Vietnam as directed by Government Resolution No. 19-2016 / NQ-CP dated 28 April 2016 and No. 35 / NQ-CP dated 16 May 2016.

-  The Ministry of Finance

  1. a) Regularly monitored and supervised localities in promulgating regulations on charges and fees; timely handled problems arisen in the process of implementation.
  2. b) Chaired and coordinated with the Ministry of Information and Communications and relevant agencies in, regularly organizing press conferences, provided documents and reports on policies and implementation of provisions of law on charges and fees timely and adequately to press agencies for extensive information to businesses and people.

-  The Ministry of Information and Communication directed news and press agencies in information and propaganda about charges and fees policies in general and policies on collection of charges for the use of infrastructures works, service works and public utilities at the border gate areas in particular, ensured compliance with the law on charges and fees.

1.2. An Official Letter No. 4997 / VCCP-VI dated May 16, 2017 of the Government’s Office on an announcement of opinions of the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on the revision of the inspection and examination of businesses and resolution of overlapping in the auditing and auditing activities as follows (this is the sector that received many recommendations frombusinesses in 2016 and early 2017):

- Assigned the Government Inspectorate to chair and coordinate with the relevant ministries, branches and localities in urgently studying and elaborating the draft of Directive of the Government’s Prime Minister on the correction of inspection and examination work to businesses in order to timely resolving the feedback and recommendations of businesses that there have been still too many inspections and examination in the same year; created conditions for the support, development and protection of legitimate interests of businesses; reported to the Government’s Prime Minister before May 17, 2017 (the Prime Minister signed this Directive on May 17, 2017).

- Assigned the Government Inspectorate to chair and coordinate with the Ministry of Justice and the State Audit in revising or proposing amendments to provisions of the system of legal documents on inspection and examination; not happened cases of overlapping or duplication in inspection and audit activities which cause troubles or difficulties for production and business activities of businesses; reported results to the Government’s Prime Minister in the second quarter 2017.

  1. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Responded to the recommendations of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Tuyen Quang Province, requested the guidance on the competence, order, procedures and dossiers on water surface lease for non-agricultural production and business purposes.

On March 9, 2017, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment sent an Official Letter No. 1038 / BTNMT-TNN for announcement to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the General Department of Land Management - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment for guidance on the authority, the order, the procedures and the records of water surface rent for non-agricultural production and business purposes. According to the official letter, on December 20, /2016, the General Department of Land Management - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment responded the SMEs for this issue in the Official Letter No. 2572 / TCTTĐĐ- MPI of the General Department and recommend that the association contact the Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Tuyen Quang Province for guidance in implementation of the law.

3. The People's Committee of Thai Nguyen Province

Responded to recommendations of SIAAI Import Export Construction Investment Consultant Joint Stock Company for land recovery of Pho Yen Town People's Committee.

People's Committee of Thai Nguyen Province sent an  Official Letter No. 1778 / UBND-CNN dated May 10, 2017 responded to recommendations of SIAAI Import-Export Investment Construction JSC. The responded 12  contents were as follows:

Regarding the land recovery decision of the Pho Yen Town People's Committee, People's Committee of Thai Nguyen Province confirmed that the decision did not violate the contract of investment signed on December 14, 2009 because it was a project of land recovery to serve directly for defense and security. The fact that the People's Committee of Pho Yen town issued a land reclamation decision in 2016 is an objective factor that can not be known at the time of leasing. Therefore, the SIAAI said that administrative agencies intervened to break the contract was unfounded. The Chairman of Thai Nguyen People's Committee authorized the  Pho Yen Town People's Committee to properly and fully recover the land clearance and compensation in the project area.

The official letter from Thai Nguyen People's Committee also said that SIAAI was cooperating with Compensation Board and Project Management Board of Pho Yen Town to receive compensation and support according to regulations. The People's Committee of Pho Yen District did not received any queries or complaints related to compensation and ground clearance policies of SIAAI.

4. The Ministry of Planning and Investment

Responded to the recommendations of the No. 2 Waterway Management Joint Stock Company in accordance with the content of the Official Letter No. 98 / CTCPQLSS-KD datedMarch 15, 2017 on the definition of small and medium enterprises.

An Official Letter No. 2641 / BKHDT - PTDN stated that the contents of recommendations of the No. 2 Waterway Management Joint Stock Company relating to the definition of small and medium enterprises (the Decree No. 56/2009 / ND-CP) aimed to make suggestions in order to study and amend policies. Therefore, the Ministry of Planning and Investment is now assignedtasks with studying and drafting the Law on Support to Small and Medium Enterprises, including proposals for discussion and research for clarification and appropriate regulation on definitions and criteria for identifying small and medium enterprises. During drafting the Law onAssisting Small and Medium Enterprises and Decrees on guidance (drafted and finalized after the Law was enacted), the Ministry of Planning and Investment always appreciated opinions of the business community and would review these recommendations to summarize and research for drafting the Law on Assisting  Small and Medium Enterprise.

5. Ministry of Health

An Official Letter No. 6677 / QD-KD of the Drug Administration of Vietnam, Ministry of Health responded on the destruction of 20,000 Tasigna tablets for cancer because of the expiration of use due to aid certification procedures of competent agencies were delayed as follows:

  1.  When receiving the information, immediately the Drug Administration of Vietnam issued an official letter No. 6110 / QD-KD to the Health Department of Ho Chi Minh City requesting for a report on the above task. At the same time, the Drug Administration of Vietnam sent an official letter to Novartis requesting for a report on responsibilities of the unit on the above matter.
  2. Reviewed the working procedures at the Drug Administration of Vietnam for aid medicines of Tasigna. It was clear that the process and time for import licensing met Circular No. 47/2010 / TT-BYT, which was 15 working days.  specifically:
  3. a) Within 10 working days (from November 28 to December 12, 2013), the Drug Administration of Vietnam issued an Official Letter No. 20956 / QLD-KD requesting for an approval for receiving assistance from TMHH Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City
  4. b) Within 10 working days (from July 1 to December 12, 2013), the Drug Administration of Vietnam issued an Official Letter No. 11978 / QLD-KD to allow the hospital to receive Tasigna from Novartis. The Official letter No. 11978 / QLD-KD was valid for 1 year and the unit was able to import any batch of medicines if it complied with current regulations and corresponded to the Official Letter No. 11978 / QLD-KD (including the regulation on the remain expiration from the imported dates that were not allowed under 12 months.
  5. c) Within 4 working days (from August 22 -28, 2014), the Drug Administration of Vietnam had an Official Letter No. 14735 / QLD-KD. S0052A for use in May 2015.
  6. On May 9, 2017, the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City sent an official letter to the Drug Administration of Vietnam reporting on the receipt, management and use of aid medicines of Tasigna in 2017 to report on the receipt, management and use of aid medicines of Tasigna, the Department of Health held a review meeting about the responsibilities of the Director of the hospital, the responsibilities of the Department of Health  and recognized:
  7. Related offices of the Department of Health remained confusing and leaded to delay resolving dossiers, it needed drawing experience.
  8.  b) The Director of Ho Chi Minh Blood Transfusion Hospital must seriously draw experience due to the fact that it was not close to reality, which led to the receipt of 34,608 Tasigna tablets but only used 14,611 tablets and still be in stock and expired 19,997 tablets.
  9. c)  The hospital received supports but did not specify the owner of the shipment that was a hospital or Novartis Company, so it was not possible to decide to transfer the drug to other hospitals for use when it expired. .
  10. d) Novartis was responsible for disputes regarding pharmacovigilance and in coordination with the hospital in the use and expiration of the drug, causing waste, while many patients did not have enough money to buy medicines.
  11. e) The coordination of the aid medicines of Tasigna  received by the departments and branches’ offices of the city were still slow, this contributed to increase the waiting time of the hospital.
  12. The Ministry of Health is assigning competent agencies to consider and handle the responsibilities of related organizations and individuals, including Novartis drug companies depending on the seriousness of the violations.


In May 2017, VCCI carried out the following tasks:

  1. Carried out the Action Program to implement the Resolution No. 09-NQ / TW of the Politburo on developing and promoting the role of Vietnamese businessmen in the period of strengthening industrialization, modernization and internationalintegration :

- During the month, VCCI completed a draft of the Law on Intellectual Property; the Decree regulating foreign cooperation and investment in the field of education; the Decree on logistics services; the Circular detailing the implementation of Decision 45/2016 / QD-TTg dated October 19, 2016 of the Government’s Prime Minister on the receipt of dossiers and the results of handling administrative procedures. through public utilities postal services; the decision on amendment and supplement of numbers of articles of Decision No. 27/2013 / QD-TTg dated May 19, 2013 regulating tasks and powers of the Council in coordination with dissemination on law and education; Commented on the Ministry of Industry and Trade's document amending and supplementing the Prime Minister's Decision No. 35/2015 / QD-TTg promulgating the list of essential goods and services that were subject to registration according to form , general trading conditions; Commented on the Ministry of Finance's report on the use of infrastructure works, service works and public facilities in Hai Phong seaport border gates ....

 - VCCI cooperated with the Government’s Office, the Ministry of Planning and Investment to hold the PM's Prime Minister's Meeting with 2017 Businesses, the theme was "Companion to Businesses". The meeting aimed to evaluate the results of one year implementation of the Government's Resolution 35 / NQ-CP on business support and development up to 2020. At the same time, the Government leaders listened to difficulties and obstacles in production and business activities of business associations and enterprises; The ministries, branches and localities would exchange and discuss with the enterprises to settle problems and proposals. Just before the conference, VCCI generalized nearly 200 specific proposals related to five main issues that the business community has recommended to the ministries. The conference was organized in two forms, including direct and online with 2,000 delegates directly attending the conference (increased four times in comparison to 2016), in which the private sector was about 1,500 delegates; online leaders of 63 provinces, cities and business delegations, with the number of 50-100 people per VideoConferencing. VCCI Chairman Vu Tien Loc on behalf of the business community presented a number of key points about the results after one year of implementation of the Resolution 35 on enterprise support and development and enterprise recommendations  groups of enterprises. Immediately after the meeting, the Prime Minister chaired the Government meeting to resolve recommendations of businesses and discussed the Prime Minister's Directive after the Conference to speed up the implementation of Resolution 35. This  was the conference that has gathered businessses forces with the largest number ever, took place immediately after the 5th Plenum of the XIIth Congress. At this conference, the Central issued three resolutions: On further perfecting the socialist-oriented market economy; continuing restructure, renovation and improvement of the efficiency of State enterprises; The development of the private sector has become an important driving force in the socialist-oriented market economy.

- Coordinated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade (VCAD) to organize a workshop on a draft of the Law on competition (revised) in Hanoi May(10), Da Nang (May 11, 2017) and Ho Chi Minh City (May12), the Law on Competition after being promulgated in 2005 has contributed positively to the operation of businesses in the market. However, up to now, this law has been showing many limitations, be no longer suitable for the new context. In which, it had to list out the basic constraints such as how to determine a business that violated regulations on restrictive competition behaviors and from restrictive competition agreement behaviors, abuse of market dominance and monopoly position as well as economic concentration depended largely on the market share of the enterprise in relevant markets. Therefore, the requirement for amendment of the Law on Competition was urgent, both overcame limitations and in line with current practice, especially in the context that Vietnam was deeply integration and globalization. At the workshops, the provisions of the draft of the Law on Competition (revised) were discussed quite active At the workshops, the provisions of the draft Law on Competition (revised) were discussed quite active and focused on issues such as: Administration by administrative or competition instruments; the method for businesses protecting their interests when the State bodies issued policies that greatly affected the competitive environment; ensuring fairness, transparency and objectivity in the proceeding processes; strengthening the effectiveness of law enforcement and the State must ensure a central role in the protection of competition in the market ... In addition, some comments that the law should be modest moderation, In general, the definition of the market power of an enterprise, the broader provision of collusion in enterprise procurement, should clarify the term "competitor" in law rather than as defined in decree or circular manner focusing on issues such as: administration by administrative or competition instruments; The method for enterprises to protect their interests when the State bodies issued policies that greatly affected the competitive environment; ensuring fairness, transparency and objectivity in the proceedings processes; strengthening the effectiveness of law enforcement and the State must ensure a central role in the protection of competition in the market ... In addition, there were some comments that the law should be adjusted in a direction of both specifically and comprehensively determination of market power of an enterprise, the broader provision of collusion agreement in enterprise procurement, should clarify the term "competitor" in law rather than as defined in decree or circular - Continued to coordinate with provinces to organize post-PCI Competitiveness Report (PCI): PCI Diagnostic Workshop in Son La Province (May 31).

- Continued to monitor and guide the professional activities of the employers 'representative to the local VCCI branches, the employers' councils at the local business associations when participating in the three parties involved in the industrial relation, especially involved in the settlement of labor disputes and cases of strikes and strikes not in accordance with the law. At the same time, carrying out organization of training courses on labor protection, occupational safety and hygiene in the provinces

+ Organized a seminar on the plan of the employer's representative organization on adjusting the 2018 minimum wage rate on May 23, 2017 in Hanoi. Workshops on assessing regional minimum wage increase would have a strong impact on businesses, especially enterprises in the textile, fisheries and leather and footwear sectors. These were businesses that being in a stage of difficulties and low growth so that a small increase in costs also made more difficult for these businesses.  Particularly In the last 10 years, including 2017 with an increase of 7.3%, on average, Vietnam has increased the minimum wage rate by 21.8% for domestic businesses and 15% with foreign enterprises. In addition, the increase in minimum wage in relation to GDP and CPI has been not in line with world rules because the increase in minimum wage has been higher than GDP growth and CPI increase. In 2017, while the regional minimum wage increased 7.3%, the target GDP growth rate was 6.7%, CPI was about 4%. In particular, the achievement of the whole year target was a big challenge as the growth in the first quarter 2017 was only 5.1%. Therefore, There were many associations which recommended there was no minimum wage increase in 2018, or at least a one-year stoppage, which might be increase once in 2 year, so businesses had the time and money to prepare for wage increases and there was a certain stability to the development planning. If it was forced to increase, it should be only increase maximum as equal to the CPI level of 2017

- Organized other activities such as: Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility (Hanoi – 25 May); organized a conference on "International Economic Integration" (in Da Nang City); organized a conference on "Labor, Occupational Safety and Health and Social Insurance Policies" (in Ho Chi Minh City – May 26); organized a training course on "International Commodity Purchase Agreement: Updating on CISG Convention and notes for risk prevention" (in Ho Chi Minh City – 12 May) ...

  1. Implementation of programs and projects on supporting the competitivenessbuilding  of enterprises and business associations:

 - VCCI cooperated with American Chamber of Commerce (Amcharm) to hold a Seminar on "The Future of Bilateral Economic Relations of Vietnam-United State. The President Tran Dai Quang attended and delivered a speech to welcome the business community of the two countries. The workshop is expected to be a bridge for the Government and industry leaders in expanding trade and investment in 2017 and coming years. At present, Vietnam is constantly improving the business investment environment, transparent competition and fairness among economic sectors. Orientation for sustainable and green economy development through 3 breakthroughs in institutional improvement, rapid development of high quality human resources, and the development of synchronous and modern infrastructure. Over the past years, Vietnam-United State’s trade and investment have achieved certain achievements. In 2016, the import-export turnover between Vietnam and America reached over US $ 47 billion. Vietnam has maintained its export position to the United State market. Import of Vietnam from America reached US $ 8.7 billion. In addition, the total capital of FDI registered in Vietnam reached US $ 140 million in 10 months, ranking 15th among countries and territories. These have been the positive signals to open the expectation that the American business community will become the number one investor in the Vietnamese market in the near future. At present, the governments of the two countries are constantly trying to find specific methods to enhance the bilateral trade relationship of the two countries, including the prospect of bilateral free trade agreement. Also at the conference, in the witness of President Tran Dai Quang and Mr. Ted Osius, the United State Ambassador in Vietnam, Dr. Vu Tien Loc, the President of VCCI, and Mr. Michael Kelly, Vice President of AmCham Hanoi, and Mr. Tami Overby, the Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce signed a memorandum of understanding on promotion of trade facilitation activities on Commerce.

-Organized a Business delegation accompanying the Vice President, Madam Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh officially visited Mongolia from May 7-10 and attended the 27th Global Women Summit in Japan from May 10-16, 2017. The delegation consisted of the 56 business representatives. Businesses were concentrated in the fields of hi-tech agricultural production and processing; food and beverages producton and processing (cake, candy, tea, coffee ...); textile producion and processing for export; import and export of medical equipment; health care provisions and beauty services; pharmaceuticals production and trade; recyclization of industrial and manufacturing wastes in the auxiliary industry ... which are having business co-operation or wish to expand business cooperation with Mongolia and Japan.

+In Mongolia, from May 7 to 10, 2017, VCCI cooperated with the Mongolia Mideast Federation (MONEF) and the Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia to hold the Vietnam-Mongolia Business Matchmaking Program . Madam, Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh, Vice President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, representatives of ministries and branches of the two countries together with 80 businesses of the two countries. At the meeting, Mongolian businesses expressed interest in cooperation with Vietnamese enterprises in the field of manufacturing and processing fur, leather,  manufacturing and processing meat and meat products. However, in the near future, it is necessary to have a consensus on food hygiene and safety standards in order to exchange and import food products (meat, meat products ...). In addition, the partner side evaluated the Vietnamese market as a potential market for products that Mongolia had a strength because Vietnam also had a cold climate, suitable for products such as warm clothes, leather shoes of the Mong Neck; At the same time, there was a potential for co-operation in the field of coal and oil exploitation. Enterprises also expected the two countries established a direct route to facilitate the trading and transportation of goods soon.

 In Tokyo, Japan, from May 11-13, 2017, the delegation accompanied the Vice President of the State to attend the 27th Global Women's Summit entitled "Further promotion of Economic Women Doctrine on Enhancing Approaches". Through the meetings and discussions, business delegation members learned experiences and lessons in business success as well as shared information with international delegates on topics such as leadership skills and the management of women, promoting the role of business leaders of women, the application of technology in enterprises, access to education and the labor market for women.

+ Besides the main activities in the framework of the conference, the business delegation of Vietnam held a display area and this is also the largest exhibition area ever. The display of Vietnamese products attracted the attention of delegates attending the conference with Vietnamese branded products such as milk and agricultural products of TH Group; traditional long dresses Peony; Candles and herbal products; Royal pearl jewelry.

VCCI cooperated with the Vietnam Embassy in Japan and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry to host the Vietnam-Japan Business Matchmaking Program. Madam, Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh, Vice-President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, representatives of the two competent agencies and 180 delegates from the two countries attended the event. At the end of the presentation of the representatives of the two countries, questions and answers about investment policies and environment in Vietnam also attracted interest and attention of enterprises, especially the standard content of agricultural products, quality management of agricultural products in Vietnam; labor export; international students of the two countries and export of medical equipment into Vietnam market.

In the Fukuoka Prefecture Province of Japan, VCCI coordinated with the Consulate General of Vietnam in Fukuoka and Kyushu International Economic Promotion Organization to hold the Kyushu Business Matching Program. Madam Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh, the governor of Fukuoka Province, representatives of a number of agencies of the two countries, together with more than 120 enterprises of the two countries attended and chaired the program. With the warm welcome and sincere welcome of the host country, the program of meeting Vietnamese - Kyushu enterprises was successfully held with the questions and responses about policies and business investment environment of the two countries as well as a business connection for enterprises to directly meet, exchange information, seek partners and seek investment cooperation opportunities in the fields of agriculture, agricultural products, education,  training, medical equipment and garment.

-Coordinated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in organizing meetings between business associations and heads of Overseas Vietnamese Missions who newly appointed to discuss problems and propose solutions to support business with markets of countries. Overseas Vietnamese missions play an important role in supporting and connecting the Vietnamese business community abroad. These agencies not only have diplomatic and cultural missions, but are also important in the context that Vietnam is pursuing its goals of sustainable development as well as assisting Vietnamese businesses  in exploration new markets. At the meeting, enterprises proposed some issues with Overseas Vietnamese Missions in foreign countries such as attracting foreign businesses investing in Vietnam; Organized regular meetings to promote investment for Vietnamese enterprises in the local market; promoted the software production capacity of Vietnamese businesses; Promoted trade promotion, especially the diversification of markets of agricultural products in Vietnam ...

- VCCI in cooperation with Microsoft Vietnam organized the contest "Entrepreneurship Trainees 2017 - Professional Skills of the 21st Century" to improve working skills, start-ups for youth and SME connections. The Organization Committee selected the best, the second, and the third prize winners. "Entrepreneurship Trainees 2017 - Professional Skills of the 21st Century" contest was part of the YouthSpark Career Readiness project, with a desire to improve working skills, start up young people and connect with SMEs. The project, in addition to provide young people with the opportunity to learn and practice in the working environment of SMEs through training in work skills, information technology, computer science and business skills, they also had the necessary job skills to find  jobs, developed careers, or started businesses. Especially, the project also supported SMEs in their business management knowledge in order to improve the efficiency of their business.

- VCCI and the Ministry of Industry and Trade held the APEC Trade and Innovation Conference (APEC) under the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. The conference also aimed to create opportunities for open dialogue among APEC Trade Ministers with business representatives on trade facilitation and innovation as well as consideration of possible APEC activities for promoting innovative growth in the region. In the framework of the conference, the awards ceremony was held for the contest of Application Development for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to honor the creativity of businesses in the application of science and technology to trade development. and enhancement of export opportunities for SMEs. This was a practical opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to grasp and share information and experience and also made recommendations to APEC’s Ministers in the field of innovative and creative trade.

 - Other activities: Continued organization for the APEC CEO Summit 2017; Continued preparations for APEC 2017 in Danang City; Organized the exchange of business community during the visit of the Hong Kong and Shanghai business delegations; organized a seminar to meet Vietnamese-Korean enterprises; Participated in the International Trade Fair for Trade and Industry in Ivory Coast, Organized the Vietnam-Czech Business Forum; organized a seminar on the latest application technology on Creo 4.0 (in Hanoi City on May 12 and in Hochiminh City on May10). Organized seminars on customs practices guidance for enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau City...

  1. Summary on the difficulties and obstacles of businesses:

In May 2017, VCCI continued to coordinate with ministries, localities and business associations to bring together new proposals of businesses. The list of new proposals is presented in the attached appendix.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam would like to report to the Prime Minister.

C/C :

- As above;

-The Standing Committee;

- The Government’s Office (DMDN Dept.);

- Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;

- The Ministry of Transport;

- The Ministry of Construction;

- The Ministry of Finance;

- The Ministry of Industry and Trade;

- The Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs

- The Ministry of Foreign Affair;

- The Ministry of national Defense;

- The State Bank of Vietnam

- The People's Committees of Ha Tinh and  Lao Cai provinces;

- Saved by  Archives and Admin (for synthetics).

By: Translator: HaiYen - Business Information Center (BIZIC)


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