Refusing to inspect vehicles installed with improperly designed equipment

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As reflected by voters of Binh Duong province at the 7th session of the XIV National Assembly, the increase in traffic accidents was largely due to the loss of brakes, some LED lights, and homemade horns causing danger to people in traffic. Voters suggested that the vehicle inspection process should be examined and supervised before issuing traffic permits according to regulations.

Regarding this issue, the Ministry of Transport responded to voters of Binh Duong province as follows:

Implementing Directive No. 08/CT-TTg dated April 12, 2014 of the Prime Minister on urgent solutions to improve the quality and negativism prevention in the inspection of means of transportation, the Minister of Transport has issued Decision No. 3703/QD-BGTVT dated October 1, 2014 approving the Scheme "Innovation, improvement of operation quality and prevention of negativism in inspection".

The content of the Scheme has directed the implementation of many synchronous solutions to improve the quality and prevent negativism in the inspection such as complete the related institutions, policies, standards, and regulations; strengthen inspection and examination; strengthen the facilities and control equipment at the inspection units, and annually summarize and evaluate the results of implementation according to each content set out in the Scheme.

The implementation of the Scheme so far has been maintained regularly, specifically as follows:

The IP camera system is installed at all inspection centers connected to high-speed internet and all images of the inspection process are monitored by the Office of Vietnam Register, and the data is also stored for at least 30 days to ensure the post-inspection work of the authorities.

Applying modern and synchronous testing equipment that impossible to intervene in the operation process as well as the highest security as recommended by the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee; The Vietnam Register has arranged a specialized department to secretly conduct unscheduled examinations of the inspection works at Inspection Centers, and at the same time carry out re-examinations of the results to assess the level of compliance with the provisions of the inspection laws of the Centers.

Every year, the Inspection Centers must be inspected and assessed by the Vietnam Register for their observance of relevant laws and regulations and the equipment conditions in the inspection line, ensuring the correct operation of the inspection system.

Through irregular or periodical inspection and assessment, in 2018, 72 inspectors were detected, disciplined, and suspended; 6 inspection lines and 2 inspection units were suspended in operation.

From the beginning of 2019 up to now, having carried out 25 specialized inspections at the inspection units, having detected and disciplined with the definite suspension to 15 inspectors,  having revoked the certificate of eligibility for motor vehicle inspection of the Inspection Center 9803D.

Every year, the Inspector of the Ministry of Transport also has a plan to periodically inspect this work.

In 2018, it was recommended to warn 2 inspection centers and suspend the inspection of 7 inspectors; not recognize the internship results of 6 trainee inspectors; and at the same time proposed amendments and supplements to legal documents stipulating responsibilities for handling violations in the inspection.

In 2019, the inspection centers has been inspected in 18 provinces and cities across the country.

For the examination and supervision of the inspection process of vehicles that are likely to lose their brakes, installed LED lights, and dangerous homemade horns, the Ministry of Transport has directed the Vietnam Register to issue Document No. 964/DKVN-VAR dated July 1, 2010, Document No. 425/DKVN-VAR dated February 3, 2015, and Document No. 6688/DKVN-VAR dated October 26, 2018 requesting inspection units to strictly implement the procedures in the work of inspection, strengthen the inspection and control of the vehicles entering for inspection, resolutely refuse to inspect the vehicles with additional electrical equipment, lights, and horns that not matched with the manufacturer's design.

By: Online Newspaper of the Government/ Translator: Viet Nguyen-Bizic


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