Proposal to loosen Social Housing Policy Conditions

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The voters of Dong Nai province are proposing to relevant authorities to consider expanding the scope of those eligible to purchase social housing in order to meet the housing needs of workers and low-income individuals. They also suggest implementing supportive policies to boost the development of social housing in the near future.

According to the voters, the government has introduced several policies to develop social housing to provide housing for low-income citizens. However, these policies have encountered various issues during implementation, such as challenges in investment and construction policies, limited eligibility, and high housing prices.

The voters recommend finding solutions to address these difficulties and shortcomings, aiming to improve housing conditions for eligible individuals.

The Ministry of Construction responds to the Dong Nai province voters as follows:

Regarding the proposal to expand the scope of those eligible to purchase social housing: The Housing Law of 2014 has already defined the eligible groups and conditions to receive social housing benefits.

In line with the provisions of the 2014 Housing Law, the draft Law on Housing (amended) has been submitted to the National Assembly during the 5th session and is expected to be passed during the 6th session. Under this draft, in addition to the groups specified in the 2014 Housing Law, new groups, including enterprises and production cooperatives inside and outside industrial zones that rent accommodations for workers, will be added to those eligible for social housing support. Additionally, the draft suggests reducing and relaxing conditions for social housing benefits, eliminating requirements for permanent residency and the need for owned housing or a certain income for tenants.

These amendments and additions in the draft Law will enable various groups to access different forms of social housing support, contributing to social welfare and ensuring livelihoods for vulnerable individuals.

Regarding the proposal to address difficulties in investing in and developing social housing in the near future: Currently, the government is considering and revising the draft Law on Housing (amended) after obtaining opinions during the first session of the 5th National Assembly. This process aims to refine policies related to land reserves for social housing development, selection of project investors, incentives for investors building social housing for sale or rent, and determination of housing prices and rental rates. The draft also outlines procedures for selling, renting, and leasing-to-own social housing, emphasizing accurate and comprehensive cost calculations in pricing and a profit margin, which will only apply to the construction area of social housing to ensure fair pricing for beneficiaries. Additionally, rental prices will be negotiated between the property owner and the tenant.

The proposed amendments and additions in the draft Law on Housing (amended) are intended to address various challenges, stimulate investment, and promote the development of social housing. This, in turn, will reduce housing costs for beneficiaries, improving access to various forms of social housing support and contributing to stability and welfare for individuals.


By: /Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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