Procedures for changing foreign driving licenses

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( – The company of Mr. Dinh Hoa (in Ha Nam Province) has employees who are foreigners and have licenses to drive cars issued in Korea. Mr. Hoa would like to ask authorities to answer about the procedure to change the driver's license in this case.

Regarding this issueThe Ha Nam Department of Transport responds as follows:

Pursuant to Article 41 of Circular 12/2017 / TT-BGTVT dated April 15, 2017 regulating training and examination for driving licenses, in case of changing driver's license or driver's certificate of foreign countries, drivers makes a set of documents and send directly to the Vietnam Road Administration or Department of Transport (where he/she registers residence, , temporary or permanent residence). Documents include:

Application for changing driver's license in the form.

- The translation of the foreign driving license in Vietnamese is guaranteed the translation quality of the Notary Public or the Embassy, ​​Consulate in Vietnam where the translator works, sealed with the copy of the license driver.

- Copy of passport (part of passport number, full name and photo of applicant, expiry date and entry visa to Vietnam), copy of residence card, residence card, temporary residence card, permanent resident card , permanent identification papers in Vietnam for foreigners.

When arriving at the procedure of changing driver's license, the driver may take photos directly at the driving license-issuing agency and must produce the originals of the above-mentioned dossiers (except for the originals already submitted) for comparison. .

Fee for issuing a driving license is VND 135,000 / vehicle. Time of reception: From Monday to Friday days of the week.

By: Online Newspaper of the Government / Translator: HaiYen-Bizic


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