MB crowned among Vietnam's best places to work in 2023

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Thanks to its commitment to sustainable human resource strategies and fostering a joyful, fulfilling workplace, Military Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (MB) has earned prestigious recognition as one of Vietnam's Top 3 Best Places to Work in the banking sector and among large corporations. Additionally, the bank has also been ranked among the 50 Most Attractive Employer Brands for Vietnamese students in 2023, showcasing its appeal to the future workforce.

MB crowned among Vietnam's best places to work in 2023

This accolade, announced on November 23, is part of the esteemed annual rankings organised by Anphabe and endorsed by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The rankings, noted for their rigorous methodology and impartiality, are derived from a comprehensive survey conducted by Intage Vietnam, a leading market research company.

The survey encompasses the perspectives of over 63,000 professionals from various industries and nearly 10,000 students from 113 universities, providing a broad-based and diverse view of employer attractiveness in Vietnam.

Fostering a workplace of joy, happiness, and human values

MB's progressive vision of evolving into a digital and financial leader is anchored in its commitment to sustainable development and strong sense of corporate social responsibility.

This vision, coupled with a focus on continuous learning and innovation, has previously earned MB recognition as a leading workplace in Asia.

The current accolade further underscores MB's consistent, effective, and sustainable approach to managing operations, developing human resources, and fostering a working environment that is characterised by joy, happiness, and humanity.

MB crowned among Vietnam's best places to work in 2023

MB's strategy prominently features employee engagement in social responsibility projects, notably through the HiGreen – Green Dawn Marathon. This initiative, backed by MB, highlights the bank's dedication to promoting sustainable living and environmental awareness.

In terms of employee benefits, MB distinguishes itself with a bespoke and comprehensive compensation system.

The bank's policies aim to boost employee engagement and performance, incorporating elements like long-service awards, performance-linked bonuses, and support for sports and childcare initiatives.

A pioneering effort by MB is the An Thinh voluntary retirement plan, designed to secure a comfortable retirement for its staff. Extending beyond direct compensation, MB also invests in the wellbeing of employees' families, fostering a strong sense of community. This is reflected in family-oriented initiatives, including health support and gift-giving programmes.

A senior official at MB articulated the bank's philosophy by stating, “At MB, we prioritise creating an environment that fosters productivity, joy, happiness, and human values. Our comprehensive and thoughtful policies are aimed at nurturing loyalty and belonging, recognising the deep connection between employee wellbeing and family welfare. This approach is foundational to our sustainable human resource development strategy.”

MB's recent accolades underscore the success of its human-centric approach, setting a standard in Vietnam's banking sector by aligning employee satisfaction with strategic business goals.

Harnessing young talent and technological innovation

MB is also setting new benchmarks with its innovative approach to talent development, aligning perfectly with its strategic vision for 2022-2026.

Dang Minh Huyen, director of the Human Resources Department at MB, underscored the bank's commitment to building a digitally adept workforce and becoming a regional leader in digital finance.

She described the bank's work culture as a dynamic amalgamation of technology and banking expertise.

“At MB, we foster a culture of rapid learning, continual innovation, and openness to new ideas and solutions. This approach not only enhances customer value but also creates a high-trust, happy, and collaborative workplace,” Huyen explained.

“This philosophy is central to MB's strategy, harmoniously blending employee welfare with technological progress,” she continued.

MB’s strategic focus on youthful dynamism shows its commitment to nurturing high-achieving young professionals, particularly those who have excelled in competitive programmes or demonstrated innovative initiatives.

The bank's talent development strategy, centred on a practical, experience-based approach, aims to cultivate a versatile workforce that is equipped to assume critical roles within the MB Group, adapting seamlessly to the dynamic market landscape.

Establishing a compelling employer brand among university graduates

Recognised as one of Vietnam's premier workplaces, MB has also been named among the 50 Most Attractive Employer Brands for Vietnamese students, reflecting its strong appeal to the emerging generation of financial professionals.

This recognition is a testament to MB's dedication to cultivating young talent, underscored by its sponsorship of over 100 student-focused events in the last two years.

MB's investment in future professionals includes initiatives like the MB Let’s Talk Talent talkshow series, which provides students with direct access to industry insights, and the MB Company Tour, offering an inside view of the banking sector, particularly digital banking.

MB crowned among Vietnam's best places to work in 2023

Additionally, the MB Chasing initiative delivers an immersive retail banking experience.

For budding young talent, MB has crafted pathways such as the MB Career Tour and MB Young Talent, designed to facilitate career entry for individuals with minimal experience.

These accolades, including the Best Place to Work in Vietnam and the Attractive Employer Brand for Students, highlight the bank’s unwavering commitment to fostering an environment that is conducive to both learning and career advancement.

They signify the leadership’s dedication to business growth and creating a workplace environment that balances enjoyment, humanity, and opportunities for personal and professional development.

MB’s initiatives mark a significant stride in setting industry standards for talent development and employee welfare in Vietnam’s financial sector.

By: Hien Nguyen/ Vietnam Investment Review

Source: https://vir.com.vn/mb-crowned-among-vietnams-best-places-to-work-in-2023-107189.html


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