Livespace Vietnam creates new platform for young Vietnamese artists

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The LiveSpace Vietnam programme has been launched in Hanoi with the aim of discovering talented local singers and music bands.

The event has been co-organised by the French Cultural Centre-L’Espace, Monsoon Music Festival, and French music distributor Believe.

According to Thierry Vergon, director of L’Espace, young artists will have to apply to participate in the preliminary round, which will conclude on February 28. They will then have the opportunity to be professionally trained on their craft, as well as performing on the professional stage of L’Espace and having their musical products recorded.

The first concert for the upcoming series of LiveSpace Vietnam is scheduled to take place on the stage of L’Espace on January 16 and will feature the participation of three talented bands, including Limebócx, Chu Ca Lo, and Nhung Dua Tre.

The organising board have expressed their hope that following its launch in the nation, the programme will be duplicated throughout Southeast Asia, thereby creating a playground for other award-winning artists of each country to exchange and share their passion for music.





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