Land Law 2024 - Significant Impact on Business Environment

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This is the sharing of Mr. Hoàng Quang Phòng - Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) at the Workshop "Land Law 2024 - Important Contents That Businesses Need to Know".

Accordingly, to disseminate the Land Law 2024 to the business community, on March 21, VCCI organized a workshop "Land Law 2024 - Important Contents That Businesses Need to Know". The workshop was attended by hundreds of businesses, along with experts, speakers, and representatives from specialized agencies.

Vice Chaiman of VCCI - Hoang Quang Phong

In his opening remarks at the workshop, Mr. Hoàng Quang Phong - Vice Chairman of VCCI, stated that the Land Law is a major legislation with wide-ranging impacts on all aspects of life, socio-economic activities, and especially Vietnam's business environment.

According to Mr. Phong, in order to implement the Land Law 2024, the specialized agencies of the Government are expected to issue 9 decrees guiding the implementation of the law. Therefore, the business community needs to study carefully, understand thoroughly, provide advice, and contribute effectively.

"During the drafting process of the Law, the drafting agencies and the National Assembly worked meticulously, approaching from various angles. VCCI, together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and other relevant agencies, organized consultations with the business community in various fields, along with experts, scientists, FDI enterprises, and various economic stakeholders, to ensure that the opinions and aspirations of the business community are faithfully conveyed to the National Assembly and relevant agencies," shared Mr. Phong.


The workshop received great attention from the business community, experts, speakers and representatives of ministries and branches

According to Mr. Phong, the specialized agencies of the National Assembly have also worked diligently and responsibly to produce the current Land Law. Many issues requiring in-depth research and common understanding related to land, such as transfers, reclamation, have been addressed in the legislation.

"With the participation of representatives from specialized agencies, experts, speakers, the seminar hopes to faithfully convey the 'essence' of the Land Law, what needs to be known, must be known, and should be known for the effective implementation of the Land Law by the business community..." expressed Mr. Phong.

During the workshop, representatives from specialized agencies, experts, and speakers shared evaluations and new points of the Land Law 2024 with the business community, thereby providing notes and application orientations when the law comes into effect.

Alongside input from representatives of specialized agencies, experts, and speakers, the seminar also listened to the opinions of businesses on related issues, with the expectation of integrating these into future guidance documents for law enforcement.

It is noted that following the seminar held in Hanoi, to timely inform businesses about new contents and significant provisions of interest in the Land Law 2024, VCCI will organize a workshop titled "Land Law 2024: Important Contents That Businesses Need to Know" on Friday, April 12, 2024, at Conference Hall 1, 1st Floor, Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Conference Center, 272 Vo Thi Sau Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.



By: According to Gia Nguyen (Business Forum Magazine)/ Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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