Is there an extension of the implementation time for public investment projects?

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The medium-term public investment plan for the period 2021-2025 in Mr. Le Dinh Le's locality has been approved by the district People's Council. During the implementation process, there are many projects in Group C, with a project approval time of 3 years, and the capital structure for implementation is land use rights auction capital.

However, the situation of land use rights auctions is facing many difficulties, not ensuring revenue sources according to the plan to allocate for approved projects with implementation time from 2020-2022 and extended until 2023 but still not completed.

Mr. Le asked whether the above-mentioned project cases can be further extended in implementation time. If so, what is the maximum extension period? And how many times can the implementation time be extended? What authority allows for extending the implementation time for Group C projects? If it is not allowed to extend the implementation time, then how to end the project when the stated objectives have not been completed?

Regarding this issue, the Ministry of Planning and Investment responds to this issue as follows:

The Public Investment Law does not specify the time, progress of implementing public investment projects, this is a content in the feasibility study report (for important national projects, Group A projects), investment policy proposal report (for Group B, C projects), and feasibility study report of the project (Article 30, Article 31, Clause 2 Article 44 of the Public Investment Law).

Under Article 67 of the Construction Law (amended, supplemented at Point a, Clause 64, Article 1 of Law No. 62/2020/QH14), it is stipulated: The investor decides the time, progress of implementation when approving the project.

Based on the above regulations, it is proposed that Mr. Le implement, in case there are obstacles related to the time, progress of project implementation, to submit opinions to the Ministry of Construction (the state management agency for construction) for specific guidance.



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