Is there a provision for half-day sick leave?

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Mr. Hoang Sang (Binh Duong) was sick, when he went to the hospital, he was given 2 days off by the doctor to enjoy social insurance. However, there was an urgent job to do at the company without a replacement, Mr. Sang only took 1.5 days off and then went back to work. Will Mr. Sang be able to make a dossier to request the social insurance agency to pay the social insurance premium for 1 day or 2 days?

Regarding this issue, Binh Duong Social Insurance replied as follows:

According to the provisions of Clause 1, Article 25 of the Law on Social Insurance No. 58/2014/QH13 stipulating the conditions for enjoying the sickness regime “Sickness or accident that is not an occupational accident must leave work and be certified by the competent medical examination and treatment establishments according to regulations of the Ministry of Health”.

The 2014 Law on Social Insurance has not yet provided for the settlement of sickness and maternity benefits for employees to take half a day off. Therefore, in his case, the social insurance agency will handle the sickness benefits for 1 day.



By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic/According to Mai Chi (Government Newspaper)


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