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Mrs. Nguyen Thi My L. (Tay Ninh) has just logged into the Public Service Portal to convert her hard copy driver's license (GPLX) to a PET material one, but she couldn't find her GPLX information on the system. Mrs. L. asked what she should do to be able to convert her GPLX or which authority to contact for assistance in this matter?

Regarding this issue, the Department of Transportation in Tây Ninh province responds as follows:

Currently, the Ministry of Transportation only implements online conversion of PET material driver's licenses for automobile drivers through the national public service portal. The online conversion for driver's licenses with paper covers (old format) has not been implemented yet because, in the past, provinces and cities manually managed this type of driver's license, and the data for these licenses has not been synchronized on the system.

The Department of Transportation has contacted and guided Mrs. L. on the procedure for converting her paper cover driver's license (old format) to a PET material driver's license (new format) through direct submission of the application.

Regarding the synchronization of driver's license data on the VneID system, in some cases where there is no information about the driver's license when updating personal data on the VNeID system, it is because at the time of issuance or conversion of the driver's license, citizens used the old Identity Card (with 9-digit numbers). When updating the information on the VNeID system, the new 12-digit Citizen Identification Card is used, and as a result, the driver's license data cannot be found. In such cases, citizens should apply for a new driver's license and provide their personal information according to the new 12-digit Citizen Identification Card, and then update their driver's license information on the VneID system.

According to (Government News).


By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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