In which cases do not need to re-study for the specialist rank?

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Mr. Nguyen Minh Chien (Binh Phuoc) graduated from University and obtained a degree in administrative studies in 2009, was recruited as a civil servant in 2010. At the time of recruitment until now, he did not have to study for a certificate of state management training for the specialist rank.

Mr. Chien asked, according to Circular No. 02/2021/TT-BNV, do you have to study for a certificate of state management training for professionals?

In this regard, the Ministry of Home Affairs responded as follows:

According to the provisions of Article 17 of Circular 02/2021/TT-BNV dated June 11, 2021 of the Ministry of Home Affairs, stipulating codes, professional and professional standards and salary classification for administrative ranks of civil servants. and civil servants specializing in clerical work:

Civil servants who have been appointed to the rank of administrative-specialized civil servant or clerical-specialized civil servant as prescribed by law before the effective date of this Circular shall be determined to satisfy the regulations on civil servants. the professional and professional standards of the rank of administrative civil servant and the rank of clerical civil servant specified in this Circular correspond to the rank of appointed civil servant.

Therefore, in the case of Mr. Nguyen Minh Chien, he does not have to re-study the certificate of state management training for the specialist rank if he has been appointed to the rank.


By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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