If you have a serious illness, you can retire early

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The Power Project Management Board (in Hanoi) has a male employee who was born in December 1969, the time of participating in social insurance as of May 31, 2019 is 24 years. This worker has intermediate stage cancer and wishes to retire before the age. 

The Power Project Management Board would like to ask, is this male worker eligible to retire before age? What procedures do employees and employers need to do?

Due to the incomplete question, based on the Law on Social Insurance, the unit should compare with the regulations on the conditions for pension entitlement as follows:

Employees participating in social insurance have at least 20 years of social insurance payment and fall into one of the following cases:

- Male from full 60 years old, female from full 55 years old;

- Male from full 55 years old, female from full 50 years old, having 15 years doing heavy and hazardous occupations, regional allowance 0.7;

- Male and female, from full 50 years old, have 15 years working as coal mining in pits;

- The employee is infected with HIV / AIDS due to occupational accidents while performing assigned tasks or the employee has 15 years of experience in the profession or the job is extremely heavy, hazardous or dangerous: Not regulated about age

For the employees with 20 years or more of social insurance payment and the loss of working capacity is:

- From January 1, /2018, full 53 years old for men, 48 years old for women; in 2019, men will be full 54 years old, women will be 49 years old; From 2020 onwards, men who are full 55 years old, women who are full 50 years old and suffer a working capacity decrease of 61% or more are eligible to enjoy a lower pension due to their retirement before the prescribed age.

- Men are full 50 years old, women are full 45 years old and be suffered a working capacity decrease from 81%

The dossier for pension entitlement to employees who are participating in compulsory social insurance includes:

- Social insurance book;

- Decision to resign to enjoy the retirement regime or a written termination of the labor contract to enjoy the retirement regime

- The medical assessment council's assessment of the working capacity decrease, for cases of retirement when the working capacity is reduced or a certificate of HIV / AIDS infection due to occupational accidents, for eligible for retirement due to HIV / AIDS infection.

By: Online Newspaper of the Government / Translator: HaiYen-Bizic


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