How to determine the source of waste of in-progress projects?

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Ms. Bui Thi Hien's company (Dong Nai) is a foreign contractor working on an environmental treatment project funded by a foreign organization. The project owner is a state agency of Vietnam. Hazardous waste has arisen during the construction process.

Ms. Hien inquires whether, in the aforementioned case, the contracting party can proceed to document hazardous waste (according to Circular No. 02/2022/TT-BTNMT) as the waste source owner to hand it over to the licensed waste treatment unit for disposal, in accordance with legal regulations?

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment responds to this issue as follows:

As stipulated in Clause 1, Article 3 of Circular No. 02/2022/TT-BTNMT dated January 10, 2022, by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, which provides detailed regulations on certain provisions of the Environmental Protection Law, the waste source owner is the organization or individual that owns or is assigned to operate the facility generating waste.

Therefore, in cases where the contract with the project owner explicitly specifies responsibility for managing hazardous waste generated during the construction contract execution, your organization can be named as the waste source owner for the hazardous waste generated.

According to (Government News).


By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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