HCM City disseminates information about anti-smuggling and trade fraud

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The Department of Information and Communications of HCM City has issued a plan for implementing communication activities to prevent smuggling, trade fraud and fake goods in the city.

Drugs hidden inside postal parcels were seized by HCMC Customs.
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According to the Department of Information and Communications of HCM City, dissemination of communication in 2021 will focus on prevention of smuggling, trade fraud, fake goods for medical equipment and supplies for prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic; solutions to strengthen management in fighting and handling acts of producing and trading fake goods, goods infringing intellectual property rights, and poor quality goods; anti-smuggling, trade fraud for petroleum products, cigarettes, fertilisers, and goods affecting public health such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, supplemental foods and herbal medicine.

Giving publicity for the current situation and the State management in combat against the evasion of trade remedies and origin fraud, illicit transshipment of goods; trends in e-commerce transactions and issues raised in the fight against smuggling, trade fraud and fake goods in e-commerce activities as well as solutions to improve the State management in this field.

The department requires the forces of departments, branches, agencies, people and press agencies to closely coordinate in disseminating the law to raise the awareness and responsibility of cadres, civil servants and people about this work. Dissemination needs to be conducted in a diversified and appropriate manner so each citizen can see their rights and obligations, and actively participate in this work; the results of investigation and handling need to be publicised on the mass media for deterrence and prevention.

Dissemination should be performed in a unified manner, ensuring the initiative and topicality in the direction of public opinion. The work must be renovated effectively so society can recognise the harmful effects of smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit goods.

In 2020, 25,538 cases of smuggling, trade fraud and fake goods were seized, a year-on-year decrease of 45%; 24,750 cases were imposed fines worth VND5,765 billion by the competent force. A total of 113 cases with 123 suspects were criminally prosecuted, HCM City Steering Committee reported.

By: Thu Diu/ Ngoc Loan/Customsnews

Source: https://english.haiquanonline.com.vn/hcm-city-disseminates-information-about-anti-smuggling-and-trade-fraud-18137.html


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