Facilitate the potential cooperation between Vietnamese enterprises and Sichuan Province.

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Vietnamese enterprises and Sichuan Province (China) need to further tighten their cooperation, thereby positively contributing to promoting stable and balanced economic and trade relations between the two countries.

Vice President of VCCI Nguyen Quang Vinh and Ms. Loi Tuyet Kiet, Vice Charwoman of the Trade Promotion Committee of Sichuan Province

During the discussion with Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) Nguyen Quang Vinh, Ms. Loi Tuyet Kiet, Vice Chairwoman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) noted that Vietnamese enterprises and Sichuan Province still have many opportunities for exchange, connection, and enhanced cooperation to promote bilateral import and export of key agricultural, aquatic, and medicinal products between Vietnam and China.

The Sichuan enterprises visiting Vietnam this time are strong entities, especially in the traditional medicine sector. Recognizing Vietnam's rapid economic development, Ms. Loi stated that more and more enterprises from Sichuan Province are interested in coming to Vietnam to explore the market as well as opportunities for investment cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of traditional medicine.

According to Ms. Loi, the cooperative relationship between VCCI and CCPIT has a long-standing and sustainable foundation. VCCI is also a nationally recognized organization with a strong voice and influence, hence the Vice Chairwoman of CCPIT hopes that in the future, VCCI will strengthen cooperation with CCPIT and lead Vietnamese business delegations to Sichuan Province to enhance exchanges and promote robust trade.

The Chairman of CCPIT Sichuan affirmed that CCPIT is always ready to exchange and enhance the provision of cooperative information in new areas, thereby promoting cooperation between enterprises from both sides. The Chairman of CCPIT Sichuan also extended an invitation to Vice Chairman of VCCI and Vietnamese enterprises to visit Sichuan Province to better understand the province's potential.

Listening to the suggestions from Vice Chairwoman of CCPIT Sichuan, Vice Chairman of VCCI Nguyen Quang Vinh also remarked that in recent years, under the direct guidance and direction of the top leaders of Vietnam and China, especially after the visit of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to China and the visit of General Secretary and President Xi Jinping to Vietnam, the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between Vietnam and China continues to be consolidated, strengthened, and contributes to promoting cooperation between the business communities of both sides.


Vice Chairman of VCCI takes a photo with the CCPIT delegation from Sichuan Province, China.

The Vice Chairman of VCCI evaluates that Sichuan has many potentials and room for exploitation and development of economic and trade cooperation with localities and enterprises of Vietnam in areas where Sichuan enterprises excel, such as traditional medicine, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing industries, etc. This creates favorable conditions to promote the export of Vietnam's strong products to the Chinese market and vice versa, helping Sichuan's products penetrate deeper into the ASEAN market through Vietnam.

Based on the close cooperation between the two sides, the Vice Chairman of VCCI affirmed that VCCI is ready to exchange information and cooperate with CCPIT Sichuan to promote trade relations between the business communities of both sides. Especially in fields such as industry, clean technology, high technology, agriculture, and tourism...

Furthermore, the Vice Chairman t of VCCI also hopes that CCPIT will continue to exchange cooperation and investment information from Sichuan to disseminate to Vietnamese enterprises, thereby enabling the business communities of both countries to better understand each other's import and export needs, identify potential partners, and thereby develop suitable and effective production and business plans.

According to CAM ANH (Business Forum Magazine)




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