F0, F1 who have decision on isolation dated before December 31, 2021 will benefit support policy

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Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhuan (Hanoi) is the recovered F0, after returning home, the ward has completed the support package from July 24, but until now she has not received it. Mrs. Nhuan went to the ward to ask, she was answered again, there was no support package. Ms. Nhuan asked the authorities to answer her case.

Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs of Hanoi answered this issue as follows:

Currently the Hanoi City People's Committee is implementing a number of policies to support the subjects affected and difficult due to the Covid-19 epidemic, in which:

Decision No. 3642/QD-UBND dated July 21, 2021 of the City People's Committee. Hanoi stipulates support for employees who has been terminated labor contracts but are not eligible for unemployment benefits, employees stop working, temporarily postpone the performance of labor contracts, leave their jobs without paying salaries, people who does not have a labor contract had lost their employment (free labor) ...

Decision No. 5073/QD-UBND dated December 2, 2021 of the City People's Committee. Hanoi amended and supplemented a number of articles in Decision No. 3642/QD-UBND dated July 21, 2021 of the Hanoi city People's Committee on the implementation of a number of policies to support workers and employers facing difficulties due to the COVI-19 pandemic in the Hanoi city.

Please contact the ward People's Committee or ward health station for guidance and settlement according to regulations (for the cases which have isolation decision before December 31, 2021 F0 and F1 are solved according to the law).

By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic

Source: https://baochinhphu.vn/f0-f1-co-quyet-dinh-cach-ly-truoc-31-12-2021-duoc-chinh-sach-ho-tro-102220303215826153.htm


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