Enterprises propose to remove problems of plant protection drugs

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Through the receiving and responding system to business’s recommendations, the Thuy Kim Sinh Co., Ltd. (in Ho Chi Minh City) reflects problems related to testing the active ingredients in plant protection drugs of the Company and would like to request authorities to have measures to solve and remove difficulties for businesses.

The Thuy Kim Sinh Co., Ltd operates in the field of manufacturing and trading biological pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture.

The company has registered and was granted the certificate of plant protection drug No. 6561 / CNĐKT-BVTV for the TKS-Anti phytop WP product issued by the Plant Protection Department on March 28, 2018. To register this product, the Company has gone through a long process of testing and submitting the registration file as prescribed.

However, after receiving the registration certificate, the company has not been able to announce the regulation and put the product on the market because no laboratory has been appointed by the Plant Protection Department to test the active ingredient Pseudomonas fluorescens. in Company's products.

The company has made an official letter asking for guidance from the Plant Protection Department and being instructed to coordinate with Plant Protection and Testing Center of Plant Protection Department to develop a method of checking the quality of Pseudomonas fluorescens.

However, the Center for Testing and Testing of Plant Protection Products in the North said that the Center has developed a method to test the quality of the active ingredient Pseudomonas fluorescens but it has to wait for the Center to plan for the appointment of the Department of Protection. plant protection.

To register TKS - Anti phytop WP product, The huy Kim Sinh Co., Ltd took a lot of time, effort and cost; The product has also been tested to prove its effectiveness; The certificate of registration of plant protection drugs of the Company is only valid for 5 years from March 28, 2018 but currently, even though there are products that the Company has not yet been able to conform and bring products to market, affecting production and business development plans.

In addition, at present, the Company has a number of products of microorganism fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, and microorganic organic fertilizer which has been issued a decision of recognition by the Plant Protection Department to recognize circulating fertilizers containing micro ingredients. organism (Azotobacter spp., Trichoderma sp., Bacillus sp.), growth regulators (Gibberellic Acid (GA3), Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA), amino acids (Leucine, Phenylalanine, Histidine, Tryptophan, Isoleucine, Tyrosine, Valine and Arginine) that do not have any testing labs appointed by the Plant Protection Department, so the Company has not been able to publish these products.

Through the system of receiving and responding to businesses’ recommendations, the Thuy Kim Sinh Co., Ltd. proposes that, in the meantime, the Plant Protection Department appoints a testing laboratory of the quality criteria contained in the products and requests the competent authority allows the Company to circulate, produce and trade in products that have been licensed for circulation by the Plant Protection Department. The Company is committed to conduct the declaration of conformity as soon as there is a laboratory designated by the Plant Protection Department to test the criteria contained in the Company's products.

Regarding this issue, The Plant Protection Department - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has the following opinion:

For the plant protection drugs contains Pseudomanas fluorecens, the Plant Protection Department has issued Establishment Standard No. 440/20 - BVTV on "Plant protection drugs containing Pseudomanas fluorecens - test method" (TCCS 440 / 2016-BVTV). This is a test method that requires specific equipment, takes a lot of time and the number of registration forms for testing is not much (only 2 types of plant protection drugs of 2 registration units of Hop Tri Investment JSC. and Thuy Kim Sinh Company Limited). Therefore, the laboratories have not considered the registration of appointments due to the economic inefficiency. This problem is similar to some of the fertilizer indicators.

At present, the Plant Protection Department has requested and encouraged laboratories to develop testing methods and complete the designated registration dossiers according to the above-mentioned criteria. For Pseudomanas fluorecens, the Plant Protection Department has requested the Agency's technical unit, the Northern Plant Protection and Testing Center for Plant Protection, to immediately complete the registration dossier for appointment to serve the needs of conformity of the business.

By: Online Newspaper of the Government / Translator: HaiYen-Bizic


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